25 Famous Roger Staubach Quotes

Roger the Dodger is the nickname of an American former professional football player, Roger Staubach. He was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). Once, he had attended the US Naval Academy and won the 1963 Heisman Trophy, and served in the US Navy after his graduation. Along with US Navy, he served on a tour f duty in Vietnam.

Moreover, starting in 1969, he plays for the Dallas team for all 11 of his professional seasons. Additionally, he has the opportunity to start at quarterback four times and lead the team to the Super Bowl five times. He was regarded as the Super Bowl VI Most Valuable Player after guiding the Cowboys to victory. Throughout his 11-year NFL career, his dedication helped him earn six Pro Bowl berths.

His current position at Jones Lang LaSalle is executive chairman. His writings serve as motivation for his followers to be successful. Here are a few quotes by Roger Staubach.

“Confidence is not something that just appears. It’s the outcome of something… hours, days, weeks, and years worth of nonstop effort.” Rod Staubach

“The top teams in any team sport have consistency and synergy.”

Rod Staubach

“Football instills a work ethic in you. In both business and football, it takes a lot of mundane preparation to achieve remarkable outcomes. Rod Staubach

The sickness of discrimination.

Rod Staubach

“The additional mile has no traffic bottlenecks.”

Rod Staubach

“Beating other competitors is not winning. You’re moving too quickly. Rod Staubach

“I might not be able to handle it if NASCAR racing gets any more thrilling.”

Rod Staubach

Everyone needs to feel valued, despite the fact that they are compensated differently.

Rod Staubach

9th out of 25 quotes by Roger Staubach

“At a car dealership, the salesperson is hailed as the hero and is compensated with a commission. However, the consumer won’t come back if the mechanics don’t properly service that vehicle. Rod Staubach

Nothing worthwhile happens in life or sports unless a lot of hard work has gone into preparation. By adopting shortcuts, success is only momentary. Rod Staubach

Brokers manage significant accounts in the commercial real estate industry. But without the individuals who manage construction, they would have no clients. Rod Staubach

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“It was not a friendly game, and Jerry’s eyes were not one of kindness. He was really nasty that day. He was out of control and ought to have been evicted, probably. Rod Staubach

“Many persons come in contact with the customer.”

Rod Staubach

“Having own goals is fine, but you have to go with someone.”

Rod Staubach

“I’m going to be a worried wreck as a part owner, in addition to being an admirer.”

Rod Staubach

“When the service academies compete against one another, there is always something unique that is not present in any other game. Everyone involved is aware that this is not a typical game. Rod Staubach

17th out of 25 quotes by Roger Staubach

“Being an owner excites me and stokes my competitive instincts. I’m both nervous and eager. Rod Staubach

“I’m sorry to say that. I would like to win every race, but I am aware it is not realistic. If we’re lucky this year, we could finish in the top 25. However, trying to be in the hunt or something similar is completely ridiculous. Rod Staubach

“In racing, we have a higher chance of it happening faster since we have drawn good people to come work for us,” said the person. We are eager to embark on this fantastic experience, which is just getting started. Rod Staubach

I still need to learn a lot about NASCAR. But I’ve discovered that you can succeed in anything you do if you have the right people in the right locations doing the right things. Rod Staubach

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“At our company, the Design and Construction Consulting Service Team not only assists in reducing the risks associated with the construction process, but they also frequently save our clients between 5 and 10 percent on overall construction expenses. Additionally, they support timely completion of tasks. Rod Staubach

22nd out of 25 quotes by Roger Staubach

“My sport didn’t pay me enough to retire,”

Rod Staubach

“Service football is incredibly competitive and respectable. They have achieved notable victories. Rod Staubach

“It was advantageous for me to grow up alone. I got off to a terrific start because I had two parents who I really cared about and who also cared about me. Rod Staubach

I’ve always tried to strike a balance in my life between what is best for myself and what is also considerate of how it might affect someone else.

Rod Staubach

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