28 Motivating Walter Payton Quotes

Legendary American football player Walter Payton was born in 1954 and passed away in 1999. His career rushing total of 16,726 yards has given him an outstanding place in history.

He is recognized as one of the greatest players in NFL history. He played for the Chicago Bears for the duration of his entire 13-year career. Walter enjoys competition and has always wanted to prevail.

He is also renowned today for being a productive runner who set numerous records throughout his career, including career rushing yards, touchdowns, all-purpose yards, and more.

Walter  acquired the reputation and followers he does today thanks to his adaptability. He was chosen for the College Football Hall of Fame in 1993. He was hailed as the best player on the field by his teammates and coach Mike Ditka.

As well as being well known, he is also known for his sayings and statements, some of which are given below.

“Never take the easy way out. Why risk going too far and dying quickly? Punish that linebacker. It permeates every aspect of your life. Losing or dying is acceptable, but don’t pass away without trying or giving it your all. Walt Payton

You’ll let everyone know when you’re good at something, says. When you excel at anything, others will let you know. Walt Payton

“If you ask how I want to be remembered, I want to be known as a winner… A winner is someone who gave it their all and made the finest effort they could. who has achieved something by exerting every ounce of strength and energy they possess. It just implies they gave it their best effort, not that they succeeded or failed. That’s a success. Walt Payton

“Harsh individuals never go gone, but tough times do.”

Walt Payton

The most crucial advice is to tell the person you love them because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Walt Payton

6th of 28 Quotes by Walter Payton

“I want to be known as the player who always gave it his all on the field,” he said.

Walt Payton

“I am delighted to report that everyone I have encountered in my life has taught me something; whether it was positive or unpleasant, it has reaffirmed and enforced some aspect of my life,” she said.

Walt Payton

We are more powerful as a group than we are separately.

Walt Payton

“If you lose sight of your roots, all is gone to you.”

Walt Payton

“As a winner,” is how I want to be remembered, if you ask me.

Walt Payton

Children have always given me a great deal of joy, and if you can catch them when they’re little, you can truly transform a life. Numerous studies have shown that a single act of kindness performed for one of these kids has a 40% probability of radically changing the course of that kid’s life. The goal is to instill a child with self-confidence and a belief in something. Walt Payton

“Either work hard or not at all.”

Walt Payton

“Everyone is a role model, everyone, just as you look to a Michael Jordan to be the amazing athlete he is,” we say to our children when discussing role models.

Walt Payton

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Why give the man who’s going to hit me the simplest and greatest shot if I’m going to get hit? I punch the person attempting to tackle me. Walt Payton

“I want to be remembered as Charlie Hustle, Pete Rose’s hit song. I want people to remember him for always giving it his all, no matter where he was. Walt Payton

“I wanted to be a drummer for a living.”

Walt Payton

Football principles were taught to me by high school coaches like Charles Boston, who took me under his wing. Robert Hill drove me to college, and while there, he inspired me by demonstrating the power of perseverance and hard work if you put the time and effort into it. Walt Payton

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“You look at a Pete Rose as the fantastic athlete he is, and then he falls on hard times, but when he played the game, I learned something from the way he played the game because he hustled every play. And just because he made one mistake in his life, am I supposed to throw back everything that I learned from him?”

Walt Payton

God has been incredibly generous to me. I’m quite fortunate. Walt Payton

“Remember, nobody can promise you tomorrow.”

Walt Payton

I don’t have to get up and smile just because the television commands me to.

Walt Payton

“Because it’s hardest then, I try to run on the hottest days, at the hottest time. And occasionally I fear that I may perish. Walt Payton

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“Everyone, whether an athlete or not, should treat others how they would like to be treated.”

Walt Payton

24th of 28 quotes by Walter Payton

“You might not be the person you are right now if you could go back and change things.”

Walt Payton

“Running by yourself is the hardest. You reach a point where you must continue to push yourself. Walt Payton

“As I entered my senior year at Jackson State, I established my workout regimen. Near my hometown of Columbia, Mississippi, by the Pearl River, I discovered this sandbank. I set up a about 65-yard course. Although 65 yards on sand are equivalent to 120 on turf, running on sand allows you to make your cuts quickly. Walt Payton

“Things are not just about money. Do you marry for financial reasons? Are your children a result of your wealth? Walt Payton

“A lot of people were drawn to me because they knew I would run as hard as I could on every play, regardless of the score. You have men waiting for next week or perhaps next year, so you don’t have that right now. Walt Payton

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