46 Inspiring Quotes by David Icke

English writer, public speaker, former football player, and sports presenter David Icke is most known for his opinions on “who and what is truly running the globe,” in his words. He spent his time teaching in more than 24 countries and has written over 20 books.

Additionally, he was a member of the Green Party of England and Wales. He experienced many highs and lows in life, but ultimately found success.

The majority of his supporters were encouraged and inspired to work hard by this main aspect. These David Icke quotations can be used to your advantage.

“People are like a herd,” We have allowed ourselves to devolve into a mindless, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity despite the fact that we are singular, everlasting facets of awareness with an infinite amount of potential. A herd. Once we succumb to the herd mentality, a select few may manipulate and lead us. Also, we are. Icke, David

“What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you recognize the true you, or what you have been led to believe, as the genuine you? They two couldn’t be more dissimilar. The other is an illusion bound by its own imagined and programmed restrictions, whereas the first is an unlimited mind capable of being and creating whatever it chooses. Icke, David

46th of David Icke’s quotations

“Any culture where being different is frowned upon or criminalized is a civilization built on psychological fascism.”

Icke, David

“Life constantly offers the best chance, cunningly camouflaged as the worst scenario.”

Icke, David

The Babylon Brotherhood, a race of alien reptiles that resemble dinosaurs and must suck human blood to keep their human form, is actually in charge of humanity.

Icke, David

We are projections of the universal principles of creation/destruction polarities of the same infinite consciousness that we refer to as God, thus I know that you are part of me and I am part of you.

Icke, David

“The only reality is infinite love. The rest is all fantasy. Icke, David

“Yesterday’s nut that held its ground is only today’s huge oak.”

Icke, David

“Most non-Jews and most Jews are Zionists. Not a race, Zionism is a political movement. Zionism being synonymous with the Jewish people is like to declaring that Americans support the Democratic Party. However, Jews who oppose Zionism have faced a lot of opposition. Icke, David

Humanity is ruled by a group of reptilian humanoids known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.

Icke, David

“And why do we, who claim to oppose tyranny and demand freedom of expression, permit individuals to be imprisoned and defamed, and magazines to be immediately shut down, for putting forth an alternative version of history?”

Icke, David

“What we refer to as the “world” and the “universe” is really one of an unlimited number of frequency ranges that occupy the same physical space. The extraterrestrial beings I talk about have the capacity to transition between various frequencies or realms and control our lives. Icke, David

The average human being is only somewhat more cognizant than a zombie.

Icke, David

Conflict will increase globally in the years following the millennium to the point where the UN will be overrun.

Icke, David

“Are you curious about the structure of your subconscious mind? I’ll be able to demonstrate today. Icke, David

The majority of people are afraid of what their family and friends at the bar will think of them, not what prime ministers or the president of the federal reserve will think of them, which is why they don’t exhibit their individuality and actively deny it.

Icke, David

“Terms like “good” and “bad” are incredibly simplistic in a scenario that is far more complex,”

Icke, David

“A classmate at school endured constant jeers because his father worked emptying trash cans. However, those who laughed revered well-known football players. This is an illustration of our perverted definition of “success.” Which would we miss more if a football player or a garbage collector were off the job for a month? Icke, David

“The families with significant financial clout interbreed with one another compulsively. However, I’m not referring to any particular race on Earth, Jewish or not. I’m referring to a genetic network that spans all racial groups and is composed of a mix of human and reptilian genes. Icke, David

“Laughter and joy are the best antidotes to negativity.”

Icke, David

Therefore, it is said that allegations of my insanity were considerably exaggerated. Not that I care one bit in either case. Icke, David

“When I worked at the BBC, the sports department was located directly to Ghengis Khan’s right. If someone thinks I’m unusual, they should have met some of the production workers I worked with. Many of them used the Queen and Margaret Thatcher as pinup models. Icke, David

The fact that the word “ignorance” is an extension of the word “ignore” is suitable. We become ignore-ants because we overlook so much. Icke, David

“Official history serves only as a mask to conceal the reality of what actually occurred. When the curtain is lifted, we repeatedly discover that the official account is frequently entirely false in addition to being untrue. Icke, David

“People believe that I am a prophet, but I don’t obtain my information from the ether. I now have the location coordinates for everything. Icke, David

“The Christian Bible is a book of symbols, not literal interpretation. Jesus, as he is known to Christians, was really the sun. The winter solstice marked the end of the sun’s life cycle, and according to ancient sun worshippers, December 25 marked the beginning of its next. Icke, David

I adore sports as long as they remain a kind of pleasure and not a way of life.

Icke, David

The Round Table is regarded as one of the most significant secret organizations of the 20th century. It has offices all around the world and is headquartered in Britain. The Round Table is ultimately in charge of coordinating the network that includes the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, and Council on Foreign Relations. Icke, David

Every person is a child of God.

Icke, David

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“The gift of love is a gift of truth.”

Icke, David

“I am a conduit for the spirit of Christ. The Godhead recently bestowed the title upon me. Icke, David

“I think that the human race has created a type of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the police force of this imposed cognitive behavior, but also its slaves,” the author says.

Icke, David

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“In Britain, I could never go along a street without encountering jeers. It felt like a nightmare. My kids were upset because their father was a laughingstock. Icke, David

I am aware that you and I are interconnected because we are all facets of the same infinite consciousness that we refer to as God and Creation.

Icke, David

“Many energy, as well as information and wisdom, were employed during the Atlantean period but were afterwards withheld for specific safety reasons, let’s say to prevent absolute catastrophe and the annihilation of your planet.”

Icke, David

Being mocked in front of others was one of my first concerns. And there it was materializing. I had earned respect as a television presenter. People approach you on the street, shake your hand, and engage in polite conversation. Icke, David

Rebels are needed on Earth!

Icke, David

There are two very distinct categories of individuals who have different perspectives of me: those who believe they know me from reading the news and those who know me for genuine through reading my books.

Icke, David

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“I prefer to use the term “interdimensionals” instead than “extraterrestrials” because the latter conjures up images of “little green men” and other overused clichés. It also doesn’t provide the entire picture. Icke, David

The London Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies are massive satanic rituals that pass for a celebration of Britain and sport. The language of symbols is their medium. Icke, David

God keep us away from religion.

Icke, David

“An incredible encounter I once had with Ted Heath, the former prime minister. His eyes, including the whites of each of them, went completely black, giving the impression that I was staring into two black holes. Icke, David

“I never want to use the word ‘evil,’ yet Guy de Rothschild is utterly awful if ‘evil’ means the opposite of ‘life. He represents the antithesis of life. Icke, David

“If you modify information because of your preconceived notions of the universe. You don’t question your own views when it takes you down a particular path. Icke, David

“I follow information; I don’t modify it.”

Icke, David

“I don’t hate Jews at all! I have a lot of admiration for Jews. Icke, David

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