64 Motivating Patrick Mahomes Quotes

American football quarterback Patrick Mahomes plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League. Being the son of former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher Pat Mahomes, he comes from a sporting household.

Patrick initially participated in both collegiate football and baseball at Texas Tech University. Later, he gave up baseball to concentrate on football. Additionally, despite his youth, he topped all NCAA Division I FBS players in a number of categories.

Additionally, the Kansas City Chiefs selected him with the tenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. His background demonstrates commitment to and passion in football.

He gained a lot of knowledge throughout his life, which he then presents as quotes. Here are a couple Patrick Mahomes quotes to guide you through life’s challenges.

“Pro players are rarely visible off-camera. They are unaware of how arduous their labor is. They cannot see how you focus on the fundamentals. And They are unable to be aware. Alex Rodriguez has a powerful swing, so you wouldn’t think he needed to use a tee every day. But he managed to remain on top of things in that way. [Patrick Mahomes]

It’s not well known that East Texas produces quarterbacks. I never really followed the football scene. I wasn’t the kind of guy to advertise himself. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Coach Reid is an excellent educator. He is aware of how people learn and how to make them comprehend the meaning of the play and the purpose for which it is being performed. [Patrick Mahomes]

I didn’t begin playing football frequently until my senior year of high school. In seventh and eighth grade, I participated, but I didn’t participate in Pop Warner or anything. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Definitely, you want to get out there and play like a competitor.”


“85 yards was the longest I’ve ever tossed the ball. However, I had some wind at my back, so I can’t take credit on that one. [Patrick Mahomes]

6th of 64 Quotes by Patrick Mahomes

“Even if something goes wrong, I feel certain that my team and I will find a solution,” the author said.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“I was that small kid; I was the one who was idolizing athletes and getting to see them and being a part of it, and I remember those memories,” the speaker said.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“Playing quarterback for the scout team during practice certainly helped me improve my game.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

I really enjoy this game.

[Patrick Mahomes]

When you’re a little child playing football in the backyard, you dream of making your first NFL start, but you never know what to expect until you get there.

Payton Mahomes

I aspire to greatness.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“I did well in school and stuff like that.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

“I’ve loved ketchup for as long as I can remember, and Hunt’s ketchup never fails to please with its thick, rich flavor.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

“When you’re the Kansas City Chiefs and you play the Oakland Raiders, you know they’re going to come out with that winning mentality. They’re going to fight right from the bat. It’s a competitive game. [Patrick Mahomes]

Without some ketchup on the side, a delicious Thanksgiving feast is impossible.

[Patrick Mahomes]

Any dog can be hostile; it simply depends on how they were reared.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“As a receiver, it’s something you feel awful about when you enter a game and something was drawn up the way it was meant to be put up and you missed the throw or the catch. Though you can always look back on the opportunity you missed, as a football player you must always move on to the next play. [Patrick Mahomes]

As a quarterback and football player, you should constantly strive to improve, in my opinion.


“I don’t mean to throw no-look passes, you understand. I believe it largely occurs instinctively. I’m thinking, “Dang, I didn’t even mean to do that,” as I’m doing it. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I always enjoy it. You’re fulfilling your dream while playing football. [Patrick Mahomes]

“You watch Tom Brady, Alex Smith, and the other players in the pocket, and you notice how quick their footwork is and how quickly they release the ball. I must become that way. [Patrick Mahomes]

I know Coach Kingsbury well. He greatly aided both my gaming and my personal development. He is a sincere kind man as well as an intelligent football coach. Payton Mahomes

“You have to be effective in this league if you want to win games.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

“As you grow up, not many people notice that. People don’t often show how hard they have to work to achieve their level of success. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Having a big arm can be beneficial and helpful in games, but it doesn’t necessarily help you win games,”

[Patrick Mahomes]

“Clubs that perform well in this league are good third-down teams.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

Every experience—good or bad—must be used as a learning opportunity.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“You need to handle the ball securely. You cannot misplace it. [Patrick Mahomes]

30th of 64 Quotes by Patrick Mahomes

“In college, I had a lot of stats, but they didn’t translate into victories. Therefore, my objective is to do all it takes to win football games. Payton Mahomes

“You kind of get punished for it coming from college, where they tell you exactly what you have to do and tell you have to be at this at this time. Now that you’re in the NFL, you’re on your own. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I typically keep two hands on the ball in the pocket.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

I enjoy living in Kansas City. People are incredibly kind and devoted to the Chiefs. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I try to just concentrate on following the same schedule every day.”

[Patrick Mahomes]

The difficulty is that every quarterback wants to make the big play and throw a touchdown pass on each and every play. You must understand that it is a process, yet, at the same time. [Patrick Mahomes]

“To stay in this league, you need to put forth daily effort. Even if you have off days, they are typically spent watching movies. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I can run a little and I’m a little swift, but I know I can’t do much.” Therefore, my philosophy has always been, “Why don’t you put it in the hands of the fast players and let them create plays? [Patrick Mahomes]

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I try to look downfield for the playmakers when I scramble and do those things, pass the ball to them, and let them make all the big plays.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“When I was a youngster, I didn’t do any football stuff… All the time, it was mostly basketball and baseball. I stopped there. Beginning in sixth grade, I started playing football. I started playing a little bit more as I grew older. After that, in high school, I really started to appreciate it. [Patrick Mahomes]

I’ve been aware of my lack of speed throughout my entire football career.

[Patrick Mahomes]

“Having arm ability makes such a huge difference. You must possess the strength to toss it far. It must be possible to throw it with just your touch. In this level, you have to be able to do everything, therefore I work every day to improve at each and every throw. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I loved the team aspect of football and just being the quarterback, having the ball in your hands, and having to make the plays. Payton Mahomes

“I categorically oppose haunted houses. To me, they’re all frightful. Payton Mahomes

I’m not a Packers supporter. I merely enjoy football. I have respect for those men. You value excellent football. I support the Cowboys, or I did in the past. You merely respect excellent football. [Patrick Mahomes]

I enjoy being able to practice, watch film, and work out every day with men who are all working toward the same objective.

[Patrick Mahomes]

46th of 64 Quotes by Patrick Mahomes

You want to be selected highly, but for me, getting selected highly into a team like the Kansas City Chiefs is like a dream.

[Patrick Mahomes]

I want everyone to know that I’ll give it my all on the field.

[Patrick Mahomes]

The first round is where you want to be. That is the fantasy. On draft night, you see things like that. [Patrick Mahomes]

Being able to learn from someone with Alex Smith’s level of achievement in the league will be amazing.

[Patrick Mahomes]

When coaches have faith in you, you can tell. [Patrick Mahomes]

As you become older, you want to compete on the largest stages as a professional athlete. [Patrick Mahomes]

“I had the opportunity to speak with some of the best football offensive brains. I got to know Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich, Andy Reid, Ben McAdoo, and Bill O’Brien, and I attempted to learn something from each of them. And I was introduced to a lot of things I had never seen before thanks to Hue Jackson and other guys who are known for training quarterbacks. [Patrick Mahomes]

The quarterbacks that succeed are the ones who are praised for their greatness, according to this proverb. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Kids participating in sports—the lessons you learn have such an impact on your life. Payton Mahomes

“I’d like to bring Tech a Big 12 championship.” [Patrick Mahomes]

I simply try to learn from every error I make in order to avoid repeating it. [Patrick Mahomes]

In college, I did watch Tom Brady quite a bit. Kliff Kingsbury, who was Brady’s backup while he was in college, was my coach. He gave me advice on how to improve my game by demonstrating to me some of the things he loved about Brady’s pocket moves and other pocket-related actions. [Patrick Mahomes]

I have to make those throws into little windows, and my success is a result of my efforts to do so. [Patrick Mahomes]

“You must grow and learn from every situation you encounter on the pitch. I could witness an uninformed blitz. I might observe coverages that aren’t what I’m anticipating. As a result, I must process and adjust as I go. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Coach Reid always just comes up with plays every single week. They always work, I always say. He simply sits down at the board in his room and begins to sketch out plays. There are countless options. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Just to see the support we have is quite wonderful. Kansas City and the Chiefs Kingdom’s support for us is unparalleled. Being in the neighborhood and seeing those people is usually a nice thing for me. [Patrick Mahomes]

“When people talk about me, they just mention my arm and how enormous it is. He’s a fantastic quarterback who also happens to have a great arm, and I want to be able to shift that mentality. [Patrick Mahomes]

Consider athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Although those men have excellent arms, people tend to focus on their abilities as quarterbacks and how well they analyze defenses. Their arms are just one tool that aids in their endeavors. [Patrick Mahomes]

“Nick Foles, he wouldn’t have been able to win the Super Bowl MVP award if he wasn’t prepared like he was the starter,” the commentator said. [Patrick Mahomes]

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