Quick Facts Real Name Alja Kamillion. In Headlines for Rap Sh!t (2022). Profession Actress. Singer. Age 33. Birth Date June 26, 1989. Birth Place Jacksonville, Florida, America. Gender Male. Nationality American. Zodiac Cancer. Ethnicities African-American. Family Parents Father: –. Mother: –. Siblings Brother: Four. Sister: Two. Follow on Facebook Click Here Instagram Click Here Love … Read more

Jennifer Nierva

Jennifer Nierva, a well-known athlete, volleyball player, media personality, and social media celebrity from Manila, Philippines, was born on November 8, 1999, when she was 22 years old. She is well-known around the nation for her incredible gaming abilities. She has been playing volleyball for many years and is well-known for it. Quick Facts Full … Read more

Chaka Zulu

Chaka Zulu is a well-known American businesswoman, media personality, celebrity manager, music producer, and online personality (born between 1973 and 1976; age: 46 to 49). He is well-known around the nation for managing the well-known American rapper and artist Ludacris. He has been managing him for the past 20 years and has also aided in … Read more

Ivy Lacsina

Ivy Lacsina, a well-known volleyball player, sportsperson, media personality, and online personality from the Philippines, was born on October 21, 1999, when she was 22 years old. She gained national recognition for her incredible gaming prowess during multiple matches. She always makes an effort to compete fiercely against her rivals. Quick Facts Full Real Name … Read more

Dakota Taylor

Dakota Taylor, a well-known actor, media personality, model, social media star, and online influencer from Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, was born on July 19, 2000, at the age of 21. He became well-known in the nation thanks to his roles in a number of well-known films and television shows. To master the fundamentals and benefits of … Read more

DJ D Baby

DJ D Baby, real name Darian Lewis, was a well-known DJ musician, media personality, business owner, and social media star from Houston, Texas, in the United States. He was 23 years old when he passed away on July 13, 2022. As the youngest DJ artist from Houston in history, she was well-known around the nation. … Read more

Ripudaman Singh Malik

Ripudaman Singh Malik was a prominent businessman, Sikh religious figure, accused terrorist, and media personality from Punjab, India. He was born in 1947 and passed away on July 14, 2022, at the age of 75. After being linked to the 1985 Air India bombs, he gained notoriety. He was not imprisoned, however, since Inderjit Singh … Read more

Chase Ryan

Chase Ryan, a well-known singer, music producer, musician, celebrity sibling, and media personality from Huntsville, Alabama, is 31 years old and was born on January 30, 1991. He is well-known as a singer in the nation who has published a number of songs and shared them on social media. People usually adore his songs since … Read more

Connor Gosatti

Quick Facts Real Name Connor Gosatti. Talent Manager Actors Management International. In Limelight Resident Evil (2022). Profession Actor. Age 20 years old. Birth Date January 12, 2002. Birth Place Canberra, Australia. Gender Male. Nationality Australian. Zodiac Capricorn. Ethnicities Caucasian. Family Parents Mother: Mia Barbagallo. Father: –. Siblings Brother: Logan Gosatti. Follow on Instagram Click Here … Read more

Sean Kaufman

Quick Facts Real Name Sean Kaufman. Agent Tsu Tsu Stanton. In Limelight The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022). Profession Actor. Age 22 years old. Birth Date 2000. Birth Place New York, NY, America. Lives in NYC. Gender Male. Nationality American. Ethnicities Asian. Family Parents Father: –. Mother: –. Follow on Instagram Click Here Love Life … Read more