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Adam Hagenbuch is a talented actor, writer director Adam hagenbuch was born on january 23, 1991 in texas.

Quick Facts

Full Name Adam Hagenbuch
Aka Hagenboo
Height 183cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1991/1/23
Birth Country USA
Birth Place texas
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity white
Sexual Orientation straight

Who is Adam? Bio and Age

Adam Hagenbuch is a multi-talented actor, writer, and director who rose to prominence after portraying Jimmy Gibbler in the television series Fuller House (2016).

He was born in Addison, Texas, on January 23, 1991. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. He is noted for his versatility as an actor, having played anything from a sweet-looking character to a funny-looking gay one, and for having one of the most attractive casts in his films and plays.

He’s known for all the wonderful things, including having one of the most attractive casts in any of his films or series. He’s also active on a number of social media channels. He also appears to be interested in art, as evidenced by his social media posts of paintings and sketches ( Instagram). He is also well-known for his physique. His friends, family, and fans have given him the adorable nickname Hagenboo.

What is Adam Height and Weight?

Hagenboo has a distinct physical structure and obviously appealing appearance. He is also recognized for bodybuilding, and his physique appears to be incredibly muscular, as well as fit and tall. His upper body appears to be extremely broad, whilst his bottom body appears to be quite slender. Ian Colletti Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & More

Adam Hagenbuch portrait picture source Instagram: @hagenboo

He stands at a perfect 6 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs around 88 kilograms. His eyes are hazel brown, and his hair is dark brown. His remarkable physical looks and charm, on the other hand, have earned him a large following.

Early Childhood And Family

Adam Hagenbuch grew up in Dallas, Texas, where he was born and raised. He hasn’t divulged much about his family, but we can see him on social media talking about his mother without exposing her name, occupation, or any other aspect of her identification. He even appears to be fairly close to his mother, and he hasn’t said anything about his father.

And He did, however, grow up with his older sister and continues to write about her on social media. However, we still lack sufficient information about her. He also has a sibling, although no more information about him is available than there is about the rest of his family. And he doesn’t appear to enjoy discussing details about his personal life with others; he has only revealed information about his girlfriend.

Professional life, Career

Hagenboo attended Trinity Christian Academy for his basic and secondary education, but he has wanted to be an actor since he was a toddler. He enrolled in the Carnegie School of Drama to pursue his passion for performing and drama theater. He also studied visual arts at Carnegie Mellon University, where he took part in numerous dramas and theater productions during his time there, gaining confidence as a result of his extensive experience.

Later, he began his career in the film industry with the film Modern Family (2009), and has since played a number of notable roles, including bob in Emma Watson’s film The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), for which he received a San Diego Film Critics Society Award for his supporting role when he was only 22 years old. Other notable parts he has done include Scott in Modern Family (2014) and Clanton in Trial and Error (2017).

In the Lifetime original film The Brittany Murphy Story, he played Ashton Kutcher. He’s also known for his role as Jimmy Gibbler in the TV show Fuller House. His fans have praised him for his versatility in roles. He also played Greg “Mingo” Shimingo, a character who appears to be amusing but is actually rather sensitive. He hasn’t confined himself to a single genre.

Also, he continues to delight with a variety of roles. He has written several short films, including Processing from 2014, Cruze from 2015, and The Trans-Former from 2016. And he has also worked as a producer and in the camera and electrical departments for various television series.

Is Hagenboo a gay man or a married man?

Due to his spontaneous acting skills, Adam Hagenbuch had performed the role of a hilarious gay character who encouraged others to think about his sexual orientation. He has disputed all assertions made by supporters that he is gay, claiming that he is straight. Who is Riko Shibata? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net worth, Parents, Nationality, Husband, Age, Height & More

Despite his denial, some people still think he’s gay because of his unusual on-screen and off-screen mannerisms. His portrayal of a gay character was well-received by fans. He previously admitted to having a crush on his on-screen co-star Jodie Sweetin.

He hasn’t married yet, but his relationship with Kayla Radomski, a well-known actress and contemporary dancer, has been quite public. After she appeared in season 5 of the dancing competition series So You Can Think Of Dance, he became famous.

Picture of Adam Hagenbuch with his girlfriend Kayla Radomski picture source @hagenboo (Instagram)

She came in fourth place, with Jeanie Mansion winning the competition. She’s starred in a number of notable films, including the miniseries Tomino’s Hell, the TV movie Engaged, and the feature More Beautiful for Having Been Broken. She was most recently seen in two episodes of the TV show Like It Was Yesterday.

They appear to be a pleasant couple who enjoy each other’s company. They appear to be quite happy together and may be planning to make their relationship permanent. And They spent their quarantine together as well.

On his social media pages, he constantly mentions his girlfriend. They haven’t said when they started dating, but it’s safe to presume they’ve been dating since (2019) because they started posting about each other.

How much is Adam Net Worth?

Adam Hagenbuch, a young and brilliant actor, has amassed quite a fortune through his acting career. Since the beginning of his career in entertainment, he has earned a sizable sum from performing, directing, and even creating short films and TV programs. He also made money as a producer in several of the films.

By accumulating all of his possessions and loyalties gained during his life, Adam Hagenbuch’s net worth is slowly approaching $1 million.

What are Adam Hobbies and Interests?

Hagenboo is a big family man who enjoys spending time with his pals’ families and pets. In addition, he enjoys writing and creating art. During his free time, he creates paintings and sketches. Gabriella Giudice, Teresa Giudice Daughter – Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Sisters, Age, Birthday, Dating, Career, Ethnicity, College, Wiki, Facts

Adam Hagenbuch with his pet dog during Halloween party picture source Instagram: @hagenboo

He also enjoys sharing his artwork with his fans by posting it on social media, and he particularly enjoys drawing his pets. On his Instagram account, he has posted a handful of his cat paintings. He enjoys learning new things and participating in different activities.

Is Adam a pet owner?

Hagenbuch is an excellent pet parent. Even on set, he enjoys spending time with dogs. He and his partner have a dog, and they appear to be good pet owners. He spends the majority of his free time with their dogs. And he frequently posts about pets, as well as drawings of his pet cats and dogs.

Is Adam active on Social Media?

Hagenboo appears to be very active on social media, where he communicates with his fans. On his Instagram and Facebook accounts, he also posts some amusing photos. He’s also on Twitter, but his account isn’t verified yet. Every day, his active engagement brings him more followers?

On his Instagram account @hagenboo, he also posts about his pets, family, and art. He also has a Facebook account, which he uses under the name Adam Hagenbuch. Despite being so active on social media, he has managed to keep his personal life private. He appears to be the type of person that prefers to live in the now, keep things to himself, and remain a mystery.

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