Alex Cowper-Smith

Quick Facts:

Name Alex Cowper-Smith
Date of birth January 1, 1970
Birthplace United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Financer
Married No
Nationality British
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth million

Alex Cowper-Smith gained fame in showbiz due to his past relationship as the British actress Alice Eve’s ex-spouse. Besides his previous relationship with a celebrity, he is famous as a British financier as of now.

Data Personal to Cowper-Smith

In the UK, Alex Cowper-Smith was born on January 1st, 1982. There isn’t much information available about the banker and investor’s early years, family, and siblings because he likes to keep his information close to his chest.

Alex is 40 years old as of 2022.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Alex received his secondary education from Westminster School, where he also attended. Later, he studied in the University of Nottingham, where, according to Biography Tribune, he earned a degree in business and finance in 2003. Since becoming the conglomerate’s financier in 2015, Alex has volunteered for a website that raises money for the “British Red Cross Society” in the present. You may also like to know about Thomas Jefferson Byrd.

Personal & Family Life

Alice Eve, an English actor, and Alex were married. They initially connected at the “Westminster School” and afterwards started dating. After graduation, though, their romance was put on hold as Alice moved on to focus on her work. She traveled to “Oxford” in the meantime and had a relationship with poet Adam O’Riodan there.

2012 saw the breakup of Adam and Alice. After the two were seen having fun together on a dinner date in New York City in December 2013, there were rumors that Chris Evans and Alice were dating. But none of them ever discussed their alleged relationship.

Once more running into each other, Alex and Alice reignited their high school relationship. In July 2014, Alex proposed marriage to Alice. While they were on a family vacation in Ibiza, he asked her father’s permission first, like a gentleman, before he proposed to Alice. Alex and Alice appeared in public for the first time as a pair at a Virgin Atlantic event held at London’s Village Underground.

Alex and Alice made their engagement public in August 2014. The day before Christmas 2014, they exchanged vows. They got married in a straightforward ceremony at London’s “Brompton Oratory.”

Since his breakup with Alice, Alex has been unmarried. However, Alice was observed in Los Angeles in October 2018 at a café with an unidentified male, which led to speculation about a possible new romance.

Where was Alex Cowper-Smith? – Education

Alex was born in the UK, where he also spent the most of his youth and the first few years of his adolescence. His precise birthplace and date are not well known. Alex, though, grew up in England and went to boarding school, according to sources.
Attended the “Westminster School” was Alex. He enrolled at the “University of Nottingham” in 2000. In 2003, he earned a degree in business and finance.

Alex started working as an associate with “Goldman Sachs,” a global investment bank and provider of financial services, not long after receiving his undergraduate degree.

He joined the conglomerate’s finance department in 2015. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave his position due to family matters. Alex contributes his time to a website that raises money for the “British Red Cross Society.”

What is the Net Worth of Alex Cowper-Smith?

As the ex-husband of well-known British actress Alice Eve, Alex Cowper-Smith keeps his personal and professional lives hidden. Even though he chooses to remain anonymous, we made the most of our limited resources to conduct extensive investigation and provide you with some information about his net worth. Therefore, as The Washington Note observed, his projected net worth is anticipated to be $500,000.

Alex with his ex-wife Alice Eve.
Photo Source: The Washington Note

In contrast, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his ex-wife Alice Eve is worth $6 million. She’s Out of Me League, Star Trek Into Darkness, Men in Black III, Entourage, and Black Mirror are among the roles she has played. She collaborated alongside Karl Urban, the husband of Natalie Wihongi, and Nazneen Contractor on Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Marriage of Alex Cowper-Smith and Alice Eve

As a result of his relationship with the well-known British actress Alice Eve, Alex Cowper-Smith made waves in the media. The fact that he was married to her has been made clear.

When discussing Alex and Alice’s relationship, it was mentioned that they met and fell in love while attending Westminster School. However, they went their separate ways as Alice continued on in her career. The actress had been the subject of some dating rumors in the interim. However, by chance, Alex and Alice reconnected and kept up their romantic relationship.

Alex had a deep love affair with Alice. In order to be a gentleman, he therefore first requested Alice’s father’s consent to marry her when they were on a family holiday in Ibiza. In August 2014, Alex and Alice declared their engagement after receiving her father’s blessing.

Alex and his ex-wife took their vows back in 2014.
Photo Source: Superb Hub

The couple exchanged vows at London’s Brompton Oratory a few months later, on December 31, 2014, in front of their close family and friends.

The couple made the decision to file for divorce in 2017 as a result of the ups and downs they experienced during their marriage. Their dedication to their individual careers was the primary factor in their divorce. Despite Alex’s best efforts to maintain the relationship by quitting his work, they eventually split up. You may also like to know about Amy Gardner.