Alexandre De Meyer

Alexandre De Meyer: Quick Facts

Full Name Alexander De Meyer
Net Worth $2 Million
Nickname Alexander
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace Viron, France
Profession graphic designer
Nationality French
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Light Brown

Alexandre De Meyer is an artist and a graphic designer. With consequent effort and decades of experience, Alexandre established his own printing shop based in Chicago, Illinois. He sells designed t-shirts, stickers, poster cover artwork and postcards. Most notably, Meyer has found someone special who could help him in expanding business and artwork. But are they still together?

Alexandre De Meyer’s earnings and net worth

As of 2020, Alexandre De Meyer’s estimated net worth was $2 million. Actually, Alexandre’s career in the arts was where he made the majority of his wealth. De Meyer also leads a luxury lifestyle, which indicates that he has calculated a sizable sum.

Alexandre and Danielle Coly are no more together.
Source: Instagram

In a similar vein, Danielle Colbys, Alexandre’s ex-wife, is thought to be worth $2 million as of 2022.

So, it is safe to say that De Meyer is leading a luxurious existence.

Career of Alexandre De Meyer

Since the beginning of his career, Meyers has worked as a graphic designer. He also established his printing business in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. He began printing different designs on t-shirts, posters, and album covers. And he launched his website and expanded his online business.

Thus, the manual, niche market for Meyer’s work expanded to the global market. As a result, Alexandre has amassed a sizable following through his work.

Most importantly, this gifted individual built his own traditional and digital technology over time after being influenced by vintage American tattoos.

Additionally, the Michelin Museum, where Alexandre created the blueprint for the magnificent edifice, is where you can see some of his best work. Above all, Alexandre is a Chicago-based printer.

Not to mention, Meyer worked for Going Blind, a screenprint workshop, and designed the logo for his wife’s retro clothes store, “4 Miles 2 Memphis.”

The French artist is mainly known for being the former husband of actress Danielle Colby aside from this. The TV show Amerian Pickers is where the actress is best known for her performance.

Wiki-Bio for Alexandre De Meyer

French city of Viron is where Alexandre De Meyer was born. However, neither his birthday nor the date of his birth are known. He was born to middle-class French parents, it is also mentioned.

However, their parents’ names and whereabouts are unknown. Additionally, Alexandre has always been interested in the arts.

Meyer also has a sibling, though he hasn’t disclosed much about them because it seems he doesn’t like to discuss his personal life much. Additionally, he is of Caucasian ethnicity and has French nationality.

Meyer attended college to pursue graphic design, speaking of Alexandre’s educational background. However, there are no specifics about his academic background. You may also like to know about Tammy Brawner.

Personal and marital life

Despite having been married in the past, Alexandre De Meyers is currently content being single. Meyers was previously wed to American reality TV star Danielle Colby. The couple exchanged vows in 2015.

Similar to how Danielle and the gifted artist met, it was in 2011. What began as a business partnership gradually evolved into a romantic one.

Danielle Colby with her children from previous marriage

Meyer and Colby did not have any children together, although his ex-wife does have two children from a previous union with Kevin Colby.

Unfortunately, the marriage quickly ended in divorce. We are all currently unsure of Meyer’s present relationship. Colby, on the other hand, is romantically involved with artist Jeremy Scheuch. The two are currently residing together.

Meyers may be dating someone right now, but that is a mystery right now.

Age, height, and physical characteristics

When it comes to his personal life, Meyers prefers to be mysterious, even when discussing his physique proportions. The lack of information regarding his height and weight may be due to this.

However, we are aware of Alexandre’s light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Additionally, Meyer is a body-art enthusiast who has numerous tattoos.

Colby, Danielle American Pickers

2010 saw the debut of American Pickers on History, and the 18th season of the program premiered in 2017. Colby has previously played for the Big Mouth Mickies, a female roller derby squad. But owing to injuries, she decides to leave. She was also the owner of the Chicago-based Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Burlesque Academy.