Alexey Voyevoda

Quick Facts

Name Alexey Voyevoda
Full name Alexey Ivanovich Voyevoda
Native name Алексей Иванович Воевода
Birthdate 9 May 1980
Age 42 years old
Birthplace Kalibovitsa, Chernihiv Oblast, SSR
Country Russia
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Religion Christianity
Body type Athletic
Eye color Dark
Hair color Dark blue
Skin Fair
Height 6’5″ (1.95 m)
Weight 116 kg (256 lb)
Ex-Profession Arm-wrestler & Bobsledder
Current Profession Deputy of the State Duma
Education Sochi State University of Tourism and Recreation
Residence Sochi
Honors and Achievements
  • Silver Medal (2006 Turin-Olympics)
  • Bronze Medal (2010 Vancouver-Olympics)
  • Gold Medal (2011 Konigssee-World Championships)
  • Bronze Medal (2008 Altenberg-World Championships)
Rivals Devon Larratt
John Brzenk
Lifestyle Vegan
Relationship status Single
Girlfriend Aurora
Documentary Pulling John
Hobby Gym and hiking
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $10 million
Armwrestling Merch Blaster ExerciserGrip for handle
Last Update September, 2022

Former Russian professional arm wrestler Alexey Voyevoda won two gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Throughout the competition, he celebrated winning the two- and four-person bobsleigh races.

Additionally, he has been competing in bobsledding since 2002. Alexey also took home a silver medal from the 2000 Winter Olympics.

In addition, the Russian athlete placed third at the 2008 FIBT World Championships, taking home a bronze medal.

Additionally, Alexey gained fame following the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. He even took home a bronze in the two-person competition.

His professional athletic career has also established a strong reputation in Russia. The “Order for Merit to the Fatherland Award, Fourth Class” has been given to him.

Consequently, Alexey enjoys significant recognition in the professional arm-wrestling world. The documentary “Pulling John” also made The Athlete famous.


On May 9, 1980, Alexey was born in Kalibovitsa, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. He goes by Alexey Ivanovich Voyevoda in full.

Unlike most kids of his age, he began to engage in athletics at an early age. From the age of six, Voyevoda spent the most of his childhood training karate.

Additionally, Alexey spent his summer vacations at Kalinovitsa, Ukraine, away from sports. He used to assist his grandparents on the farm there.

Educational background

Alexey Voyevoda also earned a degree from the Sochi State University of Tourism and Recreation. In addition, he had always wanted to enroll in Rostov-on-Higher Don’s Police School.

Alexey at his Teen.(Source=Instagram)

The aforementioned college is one of the most esteemed universities. Alexey was unable to succeed on the physical education exam, though.

He so took a job as a security guard to earn extra money for his family. Sadly, nothing is known about Alexey’s family despite his notoriety.

What is the Physical Measurement of Alexey Voyevoda?

The Russian athlete is 42 years old right now. Alexey has maintained excellent physical condition despite his age.

He is also well-known for eating only vegan food. His physical flexibility and stamina thus continue to be comparable to those of an Olympic athlete.

In addition, Alexey has an astounding height of 6 feet, 5 inches. He eats a lot of calories during the day because he is a big man.

The Russian athlete’s stringent exercise regiment has helped him keep his weight under control, though. At this time, Alexey weighs about 116 kg.

The arm and biceps sizes of Voyevoda are both believed to be around 43 cm and 50 cm, respectively.

However, Alexey, who is now retired, routinely goes to the gym. He has been successful in forcing his presence in the Russian parliament as a result.

How did Alexey Voyevoda Start Wrestler Career?

The Russian arm wrestler allegedly fell into the sport by mistake. Alexey did learn about the Sochi-based Iron Hand competition when he was a teenager, though.

Alexey had never engaged in arm-wrestling before, but he was eager to participate. His friends gave him financial aid so he could pursue a profession in this area.

Additionally, Alexey rose to fame as a result of his involvement in the tournament. Kote Razmadze, the greatest arm wrestling coach ever, helped Alexey hone his skills.

Alexey Voyevoda at a Match.(Source=Instagram)

Kote was consequently struck by the potential of the young Alexey. He consequently became Voyevoda’s first official coach.

In his heyday, Alexey had met the requirements to become an Honored Master of Sports in arm-wrestling. But there was still an odd precedent.

The rules really stipulated that the title was only given out following five years of training.

Nevertheless, Alexey Voyevoda soon attained the title of Honored Master of Sports.

The colossal Russian even triumphed over the great John Brzenk. The documentary “Pulling John” immortalized this specific triumph.

Furthermore, he would triumph over legendary arm-wrestlers throughout his entire life. Brzenk, Bagent, Alexey Semerenko, and Matt Girdner were also on the list.

Break from Arm-wrestling

Alexey retired from competitive arm wrestling in 2005 following a 5-1 loss to Travis Bagent. He also persuades himself to pursue a bobsleigh career. As a result, he trained through the end of 2007.

Nevertheless, Alexey would return to arm wrestling for the first time in 2007. He defeated Michael Todd in a revenge match by a score of 6-0.

After a brief recovery, Alexey would leave arm-wrestling once more. Alexey would continue practicing Olympic Judo and bobsleigh as previously.

Doping in the Olympic games

Despite having a legendary reputation, Alexey Voyevoda was also embroiled in a lot of disputes. The Russian athlete was consequently given a lifetime ban for anti-doping offences.

Sadly, Alexey earned two gold medals at the Sochi games when the event took place. He and Alexander Zubkov were the targets of action by the International Olympic Committee.

As a result, on December 18, 2017, Alexey was given a personal lifetime ban from the Olympics.

Additionally, the choice was made two weeks after Pyeongchang’s Winter Olympics banned Russia.

The “unprecedented systematic manipulation” of the anti-doping system has negative effects on Russia.

However, the IOC left a way open for Russian athletes with a clear doping past. These competitors were given the opportunity to participate in the Pyeongchang competition as neutrals.

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Denies the allegation

Zubkov, Alexey’s partner, was one of 20 Russian athletes who filed an appeal with the CAS. With the assistance of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Russian athlete took matters into his own hands.

The number of Russian athletes who are permanently barred has climbed by 30 as a result of the IOC’s decision. Due to alleged drug infractions at the Sochi Games, these competitors were suspended.

Russia, meanwhile, has refuted these claims of state-sponsored doping. Additionally, they claimed that Alexey was a victim of a politicized dirty tricks operation.

They also said that it was a plan to harm Russia’s standing in sports.

Additionally, it contained Alexey, a United Russia member and member of the Russian parliament.

His comment, “Come over to my nation and try to steal (my medals),” further insulted Denis Oswald, the leader of the IOC disciplinary body.


Throughout his professional arm-wrestling career, Alexey was a successful competitor and received numerous national and international honors. Alexey consequently got the Order for Services to the Fatherland.

But soon after, he made his retirement public via Russian media. After that, in 2016, Alexey Voyevoda was elected as a State Duma deputy. After the 2016 elections, he further represented the ruling party in Russia.

What is the Relationship status of Alexey Voyevoda?

Prior to making a name for himself in arm wrestling, Alexey competed on “The Bachelor.” He competed for the part of the groom on one of the popular programs in Russia.

He was also well-liked due to his charisma and physical presence. In addition, Alexey joined the program following the breakdown of his relationship with Anna.

Alexey with his girlfriend.(Source=instagram)

Alexey added that his loving mother and his fiancée were the only ladies in his heart and mind.

He also mentioned how conventional and conservative his family is. He so acknowledges that he is a modest man who respects all ladies.

Who was Alexey’s alleged girlfriend?

Currently, Alexey and Aurora are a couple. The athlete also said he didn’t want to keep it a secret from the media.

He also mentions how important his girlfriend is to him. According to Alexey, having her in his life gives his life a completely new meaning.

Alexey is also a wonderful gentleman who never overuses his power against anyone else.

In addition, he enjoys spending time with his partner and has no intention of getting married, according to several sources.

Alexey Voyevoda is a Vegan Powerhouse.

Professional athletes who consume only plant-based foods have dominated sports in recent years. Additionally, they have vehemently condemned the daily practice of eating meat and dairy.

One of the athletes that has adopted a vegan lifestyle is Alexey. In addition, he says it has no impact on his professional arm-wrestling career.

The arm-wrestling champion claims that it was crucial to the growth of his muscle strength. Alexey is only one of many who have demonstrated that a vegan diet offers everything required for international competition.

He further adds that he detests eating the meat of helpless creatures. Alexey added that eating a vegan diet had made his physique lighter and more flexible.

Additionally, veganism has grown significantly in Russia during the past few years.

However, athletes like Alexey have contributed to the growth of veganism and improved human nutrition.

Additionally, he has shown that athletes do not need meat in order to compete at the best level in sports.

How was the Networth Value of Alexey Voyevoda?

One of the most well-known arm wrestlers in the world is Alexey. He is presently a member of Russia’s parliament.

Additionally, Alexey made a fortune through arm-wrestling before entering politics. He has so been able to lead a luxurious existence.

However, his political career has also made a sizable financial contribution.

Alexey Voyevoda’s salary is also in the millions of dollars, and as of 2022, he has a net worth of $10 million.

But the sum could differ from one source to another.

Social Media

Instagram has 158k users.

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