Alexis Maas

So, today lets get into the bio of Alexis Maas and get to know her from closer proximity. Here in this article, we have included all the necessary details about Maas such as her wiki, husband, and net worth so without further ado lets get into the article.


Alexis Maas was born in 1952, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Maas holds American nationality yet the details about her ethnicity is not available. Similarly, there are also no details about Alexis’s parents and siblings. Maas’s educational background is also not available. More than her own professional career, Aleix is popular due to her ex-husband.

Alexis pursued her career in investment marketing. Before working in investment marketing she previously worked as a Stock brokerage employee. She is considered as one of the most dedicated and hardworking women of all times.

Alexis’s age is 67 as of 2019. Maas has successfully maintained her body despite being in her late ’60s. The reason behind her fit and well-maintained body might be her nutritious diet and a good amount of exercise. Maas has a blonde hair color and beautiful green eye.

Alexis Maas Career: Before The Life as Johnny Carson’s Wife

There is not much of a job to discuss of this American lady. Most people may be aware of her being the wife of Johnny Carson.  As mentioned above, there are rumors of Maas working as a stockbroker. Apart from all those, there is no information on the career.

The secretive nature has made it tough to get a nut hold of what precisely the lady is doing to meet the daily demands.

Alexis Maas Personal Life: Husband & Children

Maas and Johny have a highly lovely love story, much like in every other fairy tale. While she was at work, the two had their first encounter. Instantly clicking, Alexis and Johnny dated for a bit before Johnny proposed to her in 1987.

Maas accepted the offer with no second thought. Despite Carson’s previous failed marriage and the significant age gap between the new couple, things seemed to go well. When Johnny was in his 61st year of life, Alexis Maas was just 35 years old.

The pair married in Malibu, California in June 1987 in front of a small group of friends and family members. Likewise, they enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in California.

Alexis Maas and Carson

The children from Johnny Carson’s previous marriage moved in with the newlyweds. The fourth wife of the well-known American comedian, 35-year-old Alexis swiftly rose to prominence in the field.

Up to his passing in 2005, their 18-year marriage constituted the longest period of perfect union that Johnny Carson had ever experienced. At the age of 75, Alexis’ husband Carson passed away from Emphysema, a condition linked to heart failure.

Following Carson’s passing, Maas resumed leading a reclusive life. She has not been wed or associated with any relationships as of yet. Although Maas and her companion Carson were childless, she was a wonderful stepmother to Carson’s two sons.

How much is Salary & Net Worth of Alexis Maas?

Johny Alexis took over ownership of properties worth $150 million after the death of her husband. Her late husband left her most of the wealth. The late TV presenter Johny owned a number of homes in Beverly Hills and Oceanfront along with Alexis. Carson had a tremendous net worth, which included her late husband’s foundation, thanks in large part to her successful career.

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What is the Height and Weight of Alexis?

Alexis was born in 1952, which makes her 70 years old as of 2022. Other than this, the details on her birth date and month are still unknown. Not to mention, her sun sign is also absent.

Likewise, the beautiful lady owns shining green eyes and has blonde color hair to go with her fair skin complexion.

The height of Alexis is not accessible, but the height of her husband is 5’10“. She is not much short than her husband, which makes her somewhat 5’7″, as we tend to assume. Along with it, Maas has got a slim figure, which looks stunning with her elegant fashion sense.