Alicia Hannah-Kim

Alicia Hannah-Kim is a talented Australian actress famous for Minx Wendy/Wendy Mah. She is a very talented and well-known actress in Australia. The talented actress’s Kim looks make her appear like a bold Asian woman. Alone Together Vivian and Crash Shin are her other famous work of her.

Alicia Hannah-Kim was born on July 28, 1987, in Sydney, Australia, and is also known as the wife of famous French Actor Sebastian Roché. Her birth sign is Leo and follows the Christianity religion.

Quick Facts

Full Name Alicia Hannah-Kim
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth 1987/7/28
Birth Country Australia
Birth Place Sydney
Horoscope Leo
Father Name Gail Steward
Mother Name Phillipe Roché
Sexual Orientation Straight

How was Hannah Childhood?

Kim finished her primary education at a nearby Australian school. She belonged to every family that supported her career goals. There isn’t much information about her mother, despite the fact that her father was of Korean origin.

The entire details haven’t been updated, although the gifted Australian actress studied karate in school. Although she was born and reared in Australia, her parents were Korean.

Who is the Husband of Hannah-Kim ?

Famous French actor Sebastian Roché is best known for playing Kurt Mendel in Odyssey 5. In the French film industry, Roché has developed a very prestigious reputation. Roché even recounts his life’s journey to becoming an actor.

Sebastian and Hannah are vacationing together (source: Instagram)

Roché, who stands 1.8 meters tall and has a great body, was born on August 4, 1964, in Paris, France. Gail Steward and Phillipe Roché gave birth to him, and he comes from a typical French household.

Roché spent his early years exploring the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean while living aboard a sailboat that his parents owned. He was previously married to American actress Vera Farmiga before Hannah.

What is Hannah Education Levle?

In Paris, France, Roché graduated from Lycée International de St Germain en Laye. During his time in school, he participated in various extracurricular activities. He used to take part in various debating and acting competitions, etc.

He enrolled at the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique after finishing primary school in order to pursue additional education and research and earned a degree in acting. Roche enrolled at the exclusive Cours Florent French Drama School in Pairs, France.

Parents’ Background

Roché, whose mother is Scottish and whose father is French, was born to Gail Steward and Phillipe Roché. The information regarding Roché’s parents has not yet been updated, and there isn’t much else known about their lives and careers.

Career & Professional Life

French, English, Spanish, Italian, and other languages are all spoken proficiently by multilingual actor Roché. In 1986, he made his acting debut as Henri in the television film The Murder in the Rue Morgue.

The most popular works by Roché include General Hospital, Beowulf, and The Adventure Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn. He portrayed Pedri in the 2011 Tintin adventure, Jerry Jack in the General Hospital, and Wulfgar in Beowulf.

Roché gives his all during performances in order to produce unforgettable ones. He has performed in numerous foreign movies. His first ever worldwide picture was The Last Of Mohicans, a 1992 Hollywood production. Later, he worked on other English movies, including The Peacemaker and Fifteen Minutes.

How much is Hannah Net Worth?

Sebastian Roché has amassed a net worth of almost $1.7 million via his film work. Roché spends money on comfort because he enjoys living a lavish lifestyle.

Roché has a fleet of pricey cars, which adds to his other expenses. He and his wife Alicia reside in a lavish mansion in Paris. The accomplished actor enjoys dining at upscale establishments around the globe.

Is Hannah active on social media?

Roché is a well-known individual who has a large following on Twitter and Instagram. More than 369k people follow him on Instagram at @sebastianroche. where Roché shared various images and movies related to his way of life.

Roché manages more than 468,600 followers on his sebroche Twitter account. Many of his posts resemble those on Instagram. Additionally, he advertises Hannah-films, Kim’s television shows, etc.

Who is Hannah Ex-Husband?

Before she married him, Kim’s spouse was married to Vera Farmiga. Famed American actress Vera Farmiga is one of them. In The Conjuring and The Conjuring2, she is best recognized for playing Lorraine Warren.

Vera Farmiga, ex-wife of Sebastian Roche Source: Instagram)

She married Renn Hawkey after Roché and they have two children together, Gytta Lubov and Fynn. She is not the mother of any of Roché’s children.

Roché and Farmiga wed in 1997, getting divorced in 2003. She has a $10 million net worth, which is five times that of Roché. She enjoys her current marriage and her life with her family.

Career & Professional Life

Cobra’s Kim Da-Eun Kai Hannah- In the 2003 television series White Collar Blue, Kim made her professional debut as Sherry. She has worked in numerous television series but was initially given a relatively modest role.

Da-Eun has recently been acting as Kim Da-Eun for Cobra Kai, which is very popular on Netflix. She enjoys her job, but she hasn’t yet shared her problem. She’ll likely continue to provide hits in the near future.

How much is Hannah-Kims Net Worth?

Hannah-kim, a well-known Australian actress, has a net worth of $4 million, which she acquires through various movies and television programs. She is quite particular about what she wears, and at various award ceremonies, she can be seen in a variety of pricey clothes.

Hannah-kims has an opulent lifestyle with her hubby and enjoys traveling to new areas. She takes pricey flights and vehicles to get everywhere. She has property registered in the US, Australia, France, and Korea.

Is Hannah active on Social media?

The popularity of Hannah-Kim is significantly lower than that of Roché. Kim is a frequent Twitter and Instagram user. She has about 5,000 followers on Twitter (@AliciaHannah) and more than 21.2k followers on Instagram (@thealiciahannah).

Alicia Hannah-Kim. She is dressed in dark clothing. She’s grinning(Source: Instagram)

The topics of Kim’s posts are her personal life and activities. Through her posts, she urges people to adopt healthy behaviors.

Kim Hannah and Alicia Hannah Kim also blogs about her sets and her free time activities. Hannah-Kim has a few pictures of herself with her friends and her hubby. She even publishes postings about Korean acquaintances and food in an effort to demonstrate her familiarity with the country.

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