Alyssa Ellman

Alyssa Ellman is a dog rescuer who has devoted her life to the protection of animals. Ellman became a public personality after joining the 14th season of Married at The First Sight 2022.

For one decade Alyssa Ellman has been involved in those fields that help save dogs and now she has established her own business whose main purpose is also rescuing dogs. Her dog rescue company is Jet Wag Animal Rescue.  

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 28,1991
Full Name Alyssa Ellman
Birth Name Alyssa Ellman
Profession Dog Rescuer
Nationality American


Elliman was born on September 28, 1991, in Needham, Massachusetts, in the United States. She received her early schooling at a local school in her hometown.

In addition, she and her parents and siblings grew raised in a pleasant and serene environment. From a young age, she had a strong affinity towards animals, particularly dogs.

Parents’ Information

Elliman’s father, Alan Ellman, is a windsurfer, according to her parents’ Facebook accounts. Josie Frankel Ellman, her mother, went to Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Emerson College.

Josie’s mother also revealed on Facebook that her daughter appeared to be married at first sight, and Josie celebrated her birthday on April 14th.

Concerning Alyssa’s Elder Brother

When it comes to Elliman’s siblings, she has a married older brother named Silas Elliman. With his wife and two sons, he lives in Los Angeles. His first son was born in May 2010, but there are no data about the second son’s birth date. He enjoys sketching and traveling, and he, like his younger sister, is a pet owner.

What is Elliman Education Level?

Elliman, a MAFS contestant, earned her high school education at a private institution in her hometown. She hasn’t, however, mentioned his school in the media.

She received her diploma from Massachusetts Bay Community College, where she studied. The Brookings Institution classified it as the best community institution in Massachusetts for graduates’ value-added income outcomes. In 2012, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies, and Humanities.

Career and Professional Life

Alyssa is a volunteer dog rescuer. She has devoted her life to the cause of animal preservation. She has been rescuing dogs for almost ten years and now runs her own company, Jet Wag Animal Rescue. Also, she founded the business in April 2021 with Alex Woodsum with the goal of transporting adoptable dogs and cats from high-risk places to loving homes.

Photo of Alyssa Ellman in the middle of the show MAFS. Image Source-BubbleHeaded

Alyssa’s company’s purpose, which has already rescued thousands of animals, is to make veterinary care, transportation, and adoptions easier to organize so that stray and abandoned animals can find loving homes. The MAFS star also volunteered with Second Chance Rescue NYC, which helps abandoned and neglected dogs find new homes.

What is Elliman Relationship Status?

Alyssa Ellman is not currently involved in any romantic relationships. However, there have been rumors that she is dating Ryan Ignasiak, another MAFS cast member. The rumor was widely circulated on the internet. Regardless, it is only a rumor because neither party has verified that they are dating.

Married Relation With Chris Collette

Alyssa Ellman became the most well-known of the cast members after her relationship with Chris Collette on the previous season of MAFS. Some thought theirs was the world’s shortest marriage.

Alyssa Ellman with her ex-husband Chris Collette Image Source- Daily Nation Today

Ellman and Collette were married during the 14th season, however the couple did not spend their first night together. Collette revealed the circumstances of their relationship after some time had passed, including the fact that Ellman had no intention of marrying him.

Chris filed for divorce as the tensions in the relationship grew. Ellysa eventually admitted that she had never been attracted to Chris and that she was sorry for the wrongs she had committed against him.

Relationship in the Past

She was in a relationship before joining MAFS and marrying Chris Collette, but she hasn’t revealed the name of her former partner on the internet.

The couple stayed together for a while before eventually breaking up. She realized how unhappy she had been when she was dating her ex after the relationship ended. As a result, she decided to join MAFS in order to discover true love and a spouse of his kind.

Chris Collete’s bio

Chris Collette is a real estate agent who rose to fame as a result of his appearance on the reality show Married At First Sight. He grew up in Massachusetts, the son of a finish carpenter and a home flipper. He learned the value of paying attention to small details at a young age. In the fields of service, construction, and real estate, he had been assisting people.

Photo of Chris Collete during the reality show MAFS Image Source- Reality Tv World

He attended the University of Massachusetts, which is a five-campus public university system and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ only public research system. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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What is Alyssa Height and Weight?

Alyssa Ellman has a pleasant and seductive demeanor. She is also of good stature. She stands 5’8″ (172 cm) tall and weighs 57 kg.

Her black eyes and sharp nose give her a more attractive and attractive appearance. Because she works in the glamour industry, she has an athletic body type and has worked hard to keep it in shape since she was a child.

How much is Alyssa Net Worth?

Alyssa Ellman’s net worth is $200 thousand dollars. Because of his successful job as a dog rescuer and reality TV star, she has access to a large sum of money. She also runs her own company, Jet Wag Animal Rescue. Because it is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue. It’s possible she won’t make any money from it.

Moving on, Collette, her ex-husband, is a millionaire with a net worth of $1.5 million. During his employment as a real estate agent, he was able to amass such a large fortune.

Is Elliman active on Internet and Social Media?

Alyssa Ellman is a social media savvy individual. She is active on her social media accounts. She has 504 posts on her Instagram account @alyssa elman, which has over 4000 followers.

And she has, however, kept her Instagram account private and only allows certain people to access her pictures.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Alyssa Ellman is a dog rescuer who has devoted her life to the welfare of animals.
  • After the break-up with Chris Collette, Alyssa joined the non-scripted reality show Marriage At First Sight (MAFS).
  • According to Alyssa Ellman’s LinkedIn, she is currently employed as a Social Media Marketing Specialist at C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.
  • Talking about Ellman’s love life, she was previously married to Chris Collette.

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