Amadeus Serafini

In the television series Scream, Amadeus Serafini played the part of Kieran Wilcox, who is well-known. American actor Amadeus Serafini gained notoriety as Kieran Wilcox in the television series Scream.

Quick Facts

Full Name Amadeus Serafini
Height 182cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1990/7/7
Birth Country United States
Sexual Orientation Straight


Serafini is a model as well as an actor, and she has performed for numerous photographers and companies.

Serafini was born in the United States on July 7, 1990. But because his parents moved there in search of better possibilities, he spent the majority of his youth there. Since there are certain images that corroborate the idea, the majority of people are perplexed about his sexual orientation.

Relationship Status: Is Amadeus Serafini Currently Dating Someone?

Amadeus Serafini is a reserved individual who enjoys leading a quiet life. He hasn’t said anything that would indicate his present romantic status. He dated Carmen Nicole Tonarelli in 2015. They frequently made public appearances as a couple at gatherings and events.

However, the couple decided to cease sharing their photos of one another. It’s unclear if they split up or if they’re still together but keeping it quiet.

Carmen Nicole Tonarelli: Who Is She?

American actress Carmen Nicole Tonarelli is best known for playing Reporter Jill in the television series Commander in Chief. She does producing in addition to acting.

Amadeus Serafini love partner Carmen Nicole Tonarelli.
Source: IMDb

Tonarelli has 2 credits as a producer and 11 credits as an actress overall in her career. The last rites of romance, Borrasca, Frostbite, Angel, and other projects are a few of hers.

Carmen is a person of beauty who enjoys life to the fullest. Her Instagram profile, which has the username @carmen_nicolle_tonarelli., showcases her lifestyle.

Serafini has kids, right?

On Mother’s Day, Carmen, Serafini’s rumored girlfriend, shared photos of herself with her two children—a son and a daughter—on Instagram.

It is unclear whether the pair has broken up. The image has sparked debate about whether they are Serafini’s children or whether Carmen is actually married to someone else.

Amadeus Serafini: Is he gay?

No, Amadeus Serafini is not gay, and he has a straight sexual orientation. Many people began to think that he is gay after seeing his shirtless photo with long hair that was styled to look like a girl’s hair.

A shirtless picture of Amadeus Serafini.
Source: Famewatcher

Serafini’s appearances in the Skingraft Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook gave people even more evidence that he is gay.

Amadeus is not gay, despite the fact that this is not the case.

Willa Fitzgerald and Amadeus Serafini

Willa and Amadeus are co-stars in the television program Scream. They had a brief false romance and did some dating on the television. Their romance went through many highs and lows, and it came to an end when Willa’s character, Emma, received a bizarre call that named Kieran as the murderer and informed her that he had fabricated their connection.

Amadeus Serafini And Willa Fitzgerald.
Source: Pinterest

Amadeus and Willa get along well in real life. They were frequently spotted together and are good friends.

His Manager Introduced Him To The Modeling Industry

Serafini had previously performed well in his position at a Hollywood nightclub. His manager noticed a potential for modeling while he was working there and introduced him to the industry.

He has posed for a lot of companies and photographers up to this point. Additionally, he served as the face of the Skingraft Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook.

Professional life

Serafini developed an interest in acting after being involved in modeling. He then pursued professional theater courses after studying film. With the 2013 release of the short Smoke, he made his acting debut. In the short, he portrayed Vernon.

After that, he appeared in and received praise for his work in the television series Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French! in 2014. He has made numerous film and television appearances during his life, including summer days, summer nights, Impulse, smiley face killer, and others.

He rose to fame, though, when he played Kieran Wilcox in the television series Scream. On his IMDb page, he has 8 acting credits.

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Amadeus Serafini in Scream: The TV Series as Kieran Wilcox

In the action-thriller series Scream, a group of teens are being stalked by a killer in a mask. It was released in 2015 and received positive reviews from the public.

Amadeus portrayed the lead character and primary antagonist of the second season of the show, Kieran Wilcox. He last showed up in a Halloween episode.

The audience loved how he performed in the show, and he gained fame all over the world.

Net Worth & Source of Income

Based on his career, Amadeus Serafini is thought to have a net worth of $1.4 million. This wealth has been accumulated by him via his professional activity.

After being introduced to the modeling industry by his management, Serafini began his modeling career professionally. He has posed for numerous photographers and lookup magazines and is doing well in his modeling career. One of Skingraft’s many modeling projects is the Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook.

Additionally, Serafini was successful in his acting career. He has appeared in numerous more projects and had the recurring role of Kieran Wilcox in Scream.

Recognition And Nominations

Actor Serafini from the TV show Scream has yet to win any prizes. For the actor to gain praise, there are still a few requirements that must be met.

But for his work on Scream, he received two TV Guide Award nominations in 2016: for Favorite Villain and Favorite Ensemble.

Height & Weight

Amadeus, an actor and model, is as heavenly as his name. His appealing features and physique have aided in his modeling career. Sharp green eyes and light brown hair that is his natural color.

Amadeus Serafini with long hair.
Source: Pinterest

His height of 6 feet and 1 inch, or 185 cm, makes him appear tall. He has a similar athletic build and has kept his weight at about 80 kg, or 176 cm.

The distinguishing characteristic of his face is his rounded chin. Amadeus does not appear to have any tattoos or piercings.

On Social Media

Serafini, who starred in the film Scream, is active on popular social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. He rarely posts anything on them, though, and he is not very active there.

He may be found on Instagram at @amadeusserafini, where he has amassed more than 115k followers. His Instagram contains just four posts.

Similar to this, Serafini started using Twitter in June 2009 and now has over 46k followers. So far, he has posted 19 tweets using the handle @AsmadiusSerafini.. He doesn’t seem to use Facebook, either.

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