Amy Cimorelli

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 1,1995
Full Name Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli
Birth Name Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli
Profession Singer & Guitarist
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Sacramento, California
Birth Country USA
Father Name Michael Cimorelli
Mother Name Lynne Cimorelli
Mother Profession Classical Pianist
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Single
Height 147 cm
Networth 1000000
Sibilings 10 (Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Dani, Lauren. Mike Jr., Alex, Christian, Nick, and Joey)
Education Homeschooled
Religion Christian
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Amy Cimorelli is a singer, guitarist, and YouTuber from the United States. Also, she is best known as a member of “Cimorelli,” a group of singing siblings. Amy and her five sisters are all part of the musical group. Also, the group became very popular very quickly, and many of the cover songs they posted on their YouTube channel became hits. Aside from that, she had Turner Syndrome when she was 9 years old.

Amy Cimorelli was born Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli on July 1, 1995, in Sacramento, California, USA. She is the guitarist for the Cimorelli group singing band. And She was also the fifth of 11 children born to Lynne (mother) and Michael (father) Cimorelli (father). She was born in the United States and is of white heritage.

Besides, she has five sisters; Christina Cimorelli, Katherine Cimorelli, Lisa Cimorelli, Lauren Cimorelli, and Dani Cimorelli, and five brothers; Mike Cimorelli Jr., Christian Cimorelli, Nick Cimorelli, Alex Cimorelli, and Joey Cimorelli. She also finished high school in 2013 after being taught at home by her parents.


Amy Cimorelli, an American alto pop singer, and guitarist is best known for singing in the acapella trio Cimorelli with her four sisters. In addition, after becoming famous, she went on tour to play in places like the Philippines, Canada, Europe, and South America.

Amy Elizabeth Comorelli was given the name Amy at birth on July 1st, 1995 in Sacramento, California. She was born under the Cancer birth sign and is currently 25 years old. She is a white American who belongs to that country’s nationality.

Diagnosed With Turner Syndrome

Amy Cimorelli has brachydactyly, as do her six siblings. the illness that results in their fingers being unusually short and twisted. However, Amy’s growth stopped when she was just five years old. The subsequent four years were extremely frustrating for Amy and her family as it was unclear why Amy’s growth stopped.

After a protracted struggle with Turner Syndrome, Amy Cimorelli is now enjoying a joyful life. Photo courtesy of Pinterest

However, Turner Syndrome, which affects one of a female child’s X chromosomes, was discovered in Amy when she was 9 years old. Amy was required to take growth hormones every day even though her syndrome was fairly mild.

After a protracted struggle with her physical and emotional state, Amy made the decision to accept the situation and fight it off with the support of her sisters and parents. Amy is currently 4 feet and 10 inches tall as a result.

Is Amy Cimorelli Dating? 

Amy, 27, isn’t engaged or dating anyone right now. Additionally, she currently lives alone with her parents, siblings, and other family members. Because we are currently unaware of her boyfriend or previous relationships. Additionally, rather than spending time in this regard, she is currently concentrating on the advancement of her career.

Amy lives happily with her five sisters and extended relatives. Photo courtesy of Pinterest

In addition, we might infer that she might be looking forward to meeting her prince charming, who will be there for her no matter what. She enjoys spending her free time with her sisters dishing out and doing trips apart. Additionally, she enjoys writing and has created a vlog about her battle with Turner Syndrome. She is currently content to live a peaceful single life with her family.

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 Professional Career of Amy Cimorelli

Amy and her sisters started their careers as professional musicians by recording cover songs and putting them on YouTube. After their video got a good number of views, they put out their first extended play. It has six songs, including the hit “Singing My Song.”

They moved to California in 2010 to further their careers as musicians. There, they signed a contract with Universal, and on December 6, 2011, they put out their second extended single, CimFam, which had five different versions of the original song, Million Bucks.

Two years later, the band decided to put out their next extended play. They called it Made in America, and it had the four well-known original songs. This album got as high as number 179 on the Billboard 200.

Due to how popular they were, they were asked to play live in front of hundreds of fans at DigiFest in 2014. At first, the band was asked to play in London, New York, and Toronto. In 2014, when the web series Summer with Cimorelli came out, they were at their most successful and important. Also, all three of their singles were released in the same year.

Then, in 2016, they put out Alive, which had 10 songs and was their second full-length album. Sad Girls Club, their third full-length album, was also put out. Right now, more than 4.2 million people follow their band on YouTube.

What is the Net Worth of Amy Cimorelli ?

Amy, who stands at four feet ten inches (1.47 meters) tall, might make a respectable living from her vocation. Her actual net worth has not yet been determined, though. However, based on our predictions, she may have a net worth of $1 million, similar to Kathryn Newton and Carson Lueders.

In the USA, Cimorelli and her family are leading opulent lives. Instagram username: @amycimxo

On the other hand, she also blogs and records videos about her experiences in her protracted fight against Turner syndrome. In addition, she and her four sisters make up the Cimorelli band, which has 5.47 million subscribers. According to SocialBlade, the channel earns between $2.3K and $37.5K per month and between $28.1K and $450K per year.

Social Media

In addition, she has 283K followers and is highly popular on Instagram under the username “amycimxo.” She currently resides in the United States of America with her parents and siblings, leading a lavish and affluent life.

What is Amy Height, Weight and Hair Color?

Amy is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 52 kg. She is lucky to have a good body shape. She has beautiful eyes that look like emeralds and brown hair.

Rumors and Controversies

She has not been involved in any issues, and we have not heard any rumors about her up to this point.