Amy Hollyfield

Amy Hollyfield is a famous American personality who is mostly known as a professional reporter for ABC7. She is seen on the television network, especially during the weekdays, for the same ABC7 Morning News from 4:30 am to 7:30 am.

Further, Amy Hollyfield was born in the year 1983 in the United States, and currently, she is living a happy and healthy life.

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1983
Full Name Amy Hollyfield
Profession Reporter
Nationality American
Birth Country America


Amy is a well-known journalist that has a very recognizable name in the industry. Her parents brought her up in their native nation where she was born. Amy had a typical upbringing like all other kids.

She also had a very clear vision from a very young age and was a youngster who radiated confidence and boldness. She had always envisioned herself as the best in her field.

And she hasn’t disclosed any information about her siblings, though. She might not want her siblings to be revealed in the media if she was her parents’ sole child.

Parents Information

Amy is very private when it comes to her parents and other family members. Not even their names, she has withheld any knowledge about her parents. She doesn’t appear to want to reveal too much about her family to the media.

Additionally, based on her good nature, it may be inferred that she has a proven nature. She frequently cited her parents as the main force behind her achievement. At the moment, she is doing well and enjoying her life.

Is Amy Married?

Amy Hollyfield is a contentedly married woman who enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. Although she has been married for a very long time, she has not spoken much about her personal life.

Amy Hollyfield and her spouse are seen in the photo posing for the camera (Image source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Amy frequently shares adorable photos of her family on social media. Additionally, Amy has not publicly discussed her marriage, but based on their wonderful chemistry, it is clear that they are deeply in love.

In addition, the time and place of her wedding are yet unknown.

What is Amy Education Level?

Amy is an extremely clever and intelligent student who has always worked incredibly hard and been passionate about her study. Kaylee is constantly eager to learn new things and is concerned about the future.

She also always desired to have a great reporting profession while simultaneously contributing to society. Amy also began attending Texas Tech University in 1991.

She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from the same university in 1995. Amy was particularly engaged in extracurricular activities including dancing, singing, and many more in addition to her work as a teacher.

How many children’s does she have?

When it comes to Amy’s kids, she is fortunate to have two adorable kids. Her kids are right now learning and having the time of their lives with their family. Amy has shared a number of images of her kids on Instagram.

Picture of Amy Hollyfield sitting during a photo shoot beside her husband and kids (Image source: Instagram)

Additionally, Amy and her kids are quite close and she like to spend her leisure time with them. She has not, however, provided much information about her kids, not even their names.

Additionally, Amy and her husband are wonderful parents who constantly wish the best for their kids.

What is Amy Height and Weight?

Beautiful Amy Hollyfield is unknown in terms of height and weight. She hasn’t disclosed anything about how she looks physically.

However, based on her photographs, it can be inferred that she is of pretty ordinary height and weight. She is much more stunning and alluring because of her blond hair and black eyes.

Furthermore, her physical measurement is still a mystery as of this writing.

Career and Professional Life

Amy is currently employed with ABC7 News, where she serves as the correspondent. She worked in Austin for another ABC affiliate before joining ABC7 News in 2001 as a correspondent. Amy covered numerous stories while working as a Morning News General Assignment Correspondent.

Amy has also received an Emmy Award nomination for her coverage of the Napa Earthquake. She has covered a number of crimes, including Sandra Cantu’s murder and the identification of Jaycee Dugard, which was the pinnacle of her media career.

In addition, she made the long trip to Cleveland to cover the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Go Giants! She has also covered both World Series victories.

How much is Amy Net Worth?

Amy Hollyfield is a well-known professional in the journalism field and one of its successful figures. Because of her diligence and commitment to her work, she has succeeded up to this point.

She also thinks that the secret to success is perseverance. She has accomplished a lot and is still working hard to increase her riches and frame.

Additionally, Amy has a solid net worth of $1 million, which takes into account all of her possessions and income. She currently makes millions and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in the United States with her family. Amy is quite happy with her career.

She also works as a journalist, which is another significant source of money. Her compensation ranges from $33,774 to $112,519. She has not engaged in any other commercial ventures aside from that.

Does Amy loves animals?

When it comes to animals, especially dogs, the journalist Amy is an extremely kind and loving person. She has a beautiful golden retriever as a pet.

Amy Hollyfield photographed posing during a photo shoot (Image source: Instagram)

Additionally, she has shared numerous images of her dog on social media. She has always seen her dog as a member of the family and has a strong emotional bond with it.

What are Amy Hobbies and Interests?

Amy enjoys being outside and is an energetic person. Spending time with her friends and family is something she appreciates. She frequently enjoys traveling and swimming. One of her favorite hobbies is reading in her spare time.

She also enjoys meeting new people and traveling to different areas. She has a strong sense of curiosity and enjoys learning about the customs and cultures of others.


Amy has always been a private person who prefers to keep her private information to herself rather than post it online. Her warm disposition, though, keeps her out of disputes.

Furthermore, she has never engaged in contentious activity that could get her into trouble.

Is Amy active on Social Media?

Amy Hollyfield enjoys being active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She has a sizable fan base on her social media platforms, and she frequently uses them to communicate with them.

Additionally, she frequently spends her leisure time on social media. Only 577 people follow her Instagram account, @tvnewsgal, which has 179 postings.

She has a verified Twitter account @amyhollyfield with a respectable 10.4k followers and 18.7k tweets overall. The majority of people are drawn to her due of her politeness and kindness, even though her Twitter tweets are quite intriguing.

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