Amy Wojnarowski

Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife has led the most secretive life in the whole of the NBA.

She probably has one of the least if not the least amount of info on the internet regarding wives of NBA personnel.

Amy Wojnarowski is the wife of Adrian who is an American columnist, sports reporter, and author. He has been working as such since 1986 and currently works for ESPN and NBA.

We know a lot about the sports reporter, but what about his wife? Just how much info do we have on her?

Let’s find out, starting with some quick facts.

Amy Wojnarowski | Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Carr Wojnarowski
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place N/A
Current Residence Glen Rock, New Jersey
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Famous for being Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education St. Bonaventure University
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age Probably in her forties
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim
Hobbies N/A
Profession N/A
Marital Status Married to Adrian Wojnarowski
Kids Two (a son and a daughter)
Net Worth N/A
Merch Books
Last Updated July, 2022

Early Life of Adrian Wojnarowski’s Wife

Adrian’s wife Amy has always kept a quiet profile. She is the NBA wife who keeps the most secrets.

The low-key, under-the-radar game has been elevated to a whole new level by Amy Wojnarowski. She is the privacy empress.

We do not currently have access to her information. Even if we do not even know her precise birthday, we can infer from the way she looks that she is in her forties.

Her parents’ names and place of birth

The wife of Adrian Wojnarowski is comparable to a covert agent who had to conceal her identity since she worked for the secret service.

Education of Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife

The wife of Adrian Wojnarowski has not yet discussed her academic career. Nobody who knows her, whether her friends, family, former classmates, or anyone else, has.

It seems that nobody divulges information about her.

For all we know, she may not have gone to any formal education. This argument is plausible because if she had gone to school, at least one of her classmates would have shared this information.

There are many students there, if not a classmate then someone from the school.

But according to our sources, she went to St. Bonaventure University, a private college in Allegany, New York.

1992 saw her graduate from Bonaventure.

1992 Hellinger Award winner and career of Adrian Wojnarowski’s spouse

Amy Carr Wojnarowski received the status of ideal graduate. She worked hard at several jobs at the institution while maintaining her good GPA.

Amy worked at WSBU, The Bona Venture, and The Bonadieu. Amy also served as an intern for the national alumni board of St. Bonaventure University, Olean Times-Herald, Rochester Telephone Corporation, and the St. Bonaventure public relations office.

Kappa Tau Alpha, Women in Communications Inc., and the Society of Professional Journalists were all organizations that Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife belonged to.

She was a friend of her future husband and lived in Fairport, New York, at the time.

Amy Carr secured a job as a public relations assistant at Wanda Miller and Associates. She also managed to secure a job at Rochester Telephone Corp. as internal communications manager.

She also wrote articles for Revues Magazine, a Rochester-based entertainment publication, as a freelancer.

In addition, 1992 was a special year because it was the first time in the ward’s history that it was presented to two people. The prize was presented to Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife at The Plaza in New York.

Wife of Adrian Wojnarowski’s estimated wealth

Once again, Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife has kept us in the dark. Again, we are at a loss for words. In contrast, Adrian Wojnarowski is a sports insider who has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Personal, family, and marital life

Despite being married for more than 20 years, Adrian and Amy have not made their precise wedding date public.

Amy and Adrian are parents to two beautiful children, a son and a girl. They made the decision to give their children the names Ben and Annie. The birthdates and schools of the couple’s children have not been made public.

When they were both in college, the pair initially got to know one another. At St. Bonaventure, they had their first encounter.

Since they were both studying journalism, Adrian and Amy became further acquainted. Adrian was a sports editor for a living and was in his second year of college at the time. Amy, on the other hand, was a freshman and a year older than him.

After many years of marriage, the couple relocated to Glen Rock in search of a new beginning. When Adrian began writing The Miracle of St. Anthony, a famous book that was published later in 2005.

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Links on social media

Although the spouse of Adrian Wojnarowski is not a frequent user of social media, she does have a private account where she occasionally publishes.

Her spouse Adrian, who is a media celebrity, however, is more active on social media in comparison. Adrian supports her wife’s decision to have the lowest profile possible and does not post many details about her online.

He hasn’t revealed any information or put even a single picture of Amy online.

Amy Wojnarowski

Instagram: 890 followers (Personal Private Account)

Adrian Wojnarowski

Twitter: 5 million followers

Instagram: 2 million followers

Facebook: 280k followers


How is Wojnarowski so connected?

It has been a long time since Wojnarowski has been working in the media, Adrian has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he knows which buttons to push for insider info. He has informers, and he usually breaks the news on his Twitter page.

Where did Adrian Wojnarowski go to college?

Just like his wife, Amy, Adrian Woj attended St. Bonaventure University. He joined the college in 1991, a year before Amy enrolled. Moreover, he went to Bristol Central High School.

What degree does Adrian Wojnarowski have?

Again, just like Amy Carr Wojnarowski, he has a graduate degree in journalism. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1994.

Following his bachelor’s major, he joined the sports media industry and became a prominent sports personality.