Andrea Hissom

Facts of Andrea Hissom

Full Name Andrea Hissom
Nationality British-American
Date of Birth 1970//
Birth Country UK
Father Name Victor Danenza

A British socialite, Andrea Hissom grabbed media attention after her marriage to an American business magnate, Steve Wynn in 2011. To know more about her personal and professional life details, please scroll down.


In 2022, Andrea Hissom, alias Andrea Danenza Hissom, will be 52 years old. She was born in the UK in 1970. She hasn’t shared many facts about her early years or birth. Hissom has also withheld information regarding her schooling, ethnicity, and religion.

A great-niece of Ben Novack, the architect of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, is the celebrity spouse. She is also Ben Novack Jr.’s cousin. In terms of her parents, her mother passed away when she was a teenager, and her father, Victor Danenza, has always been in the news for his deceptive practices. According to sources, Hissom’s father was being investigated by the federal government for securities fraud in 1976. You may also like to know about Jazmyn Simon.

 Education And Appearances

The famous wife has not made any mention of her educational background. She might have attended one of the reputable institutions because she appears knowledgeable and educated. Her better half, Steve Wynn, on the other hand, has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania.

Regarding her outward looks, the socialite is a stunning woman with brown eyes and dark hair. Even in her sixties, she maintains a gorgeous and fit physique. Hissom certainly pays attention to keeping up her appearance and active lifestyle. She also appears to be about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 60 kilograms in weight.

What is the Net Worth of Andrea Hissom?

The socialite Andrea Hissom is involved in numerous businesses. Her net worth is believed to be $5 million. Additionally, several tabloids have said that Hissom also received her father’s property. She also appears to be wealthy enough to lead a lavish lifestyle as a billionaire’s wife.

Andrea Hissom and Steve Wynn celebrating birthday of their friend

The American business billionaire, Mr. Wynn, is thought to be valued roughly $3.1 billion. Wynn worked diligently in numerous businesses beginning in 1967, where he made the most of his fortune. He works in the American luxury casino and hotel industry as a real estate developer and art collector.

In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Wynn frequently appear in news articles for their multimillion-dollar real estate transactions. They sold a lavish home they owned in Las Vegas for $17.5 million. They also offered their mansion in Beverly Hills for $110 Million. The business tycoon currently lives in a lavish home in the middle of Los Angeles with his wife and children.

Andrea Hissom Is Currently Married To Steve Wynn

Hissom is currently wed to Steve Wynn, an American businessman. The couple’s first encounter and dating background haven’t been made public. Additionally, they exchanged wedding vows at the Wynn Las Vegas on April 30, 2011. After being married for more than ten years, the couple is still together. The Wynn couple’s relationship is not known to be trashy, and they are frequently photographed having a good time together on various occasions.

Andrea Hissom is married to an American businessman, Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn, her spouse, is a well-known American public personality who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1942. His mother Zelma and father Michael welcomed him into the world. Likewise, he attended The Manlius School while growing up in Utica, New York. Wynn began his professional life in 1967 after his family relocated to Las Vegas. With the purchase of a modest part in the Frontier Hotel and Casino, he began the process of becoming a business magnet.

How is the Relationship Status of Andrea Hissom?

She married Robert David Hissom as her first husband, referring to Hissom’s prior partnerships. David Hissom, her ex-husband, was a banker from the United States who worked at Aspen Capital Partners Ltd. His reputation as an investment broker is better. However, they were unable to keep their marriage going for too long, and they eventually got a divorce.

Similar to the earlier couple, Alex and Nick Hissom were born as sons. Popular British model and musician Nick Hissom was born in 1992. Additionally, the model is a University of Pennsylvania alumnus best known by his stage name Hizzy. The outstanding young musician debuted his first song, If I Die Young, on July 1, 2013.

Andrea Hissom’s son, Nick Hissom is a popular singer and model

On the other side, Steve Wynn, the spouse of Hissom, wed Elaine Farrell Pascal as his first wife in 1963. Kevin and Gillian, two lovely daughters, were born to the couple. But in 1986, they got divorced. In addition, they made the decision to get married once more. They spoke their vows in 1991 and again parted ways in 2010. There was a commotion at the moment due to their abrupt split.  You may also like to know about  Renee Graziano.