Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Quick Facts

Birth Date April 3,2007
Full Name Angel Iris Murphy Brown
Profession celebrity children
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Birth City California
Birth Country America
Father Name Eddie Murphy
Father Profession comedian
Mother Name Melanie Brown
Mother Profession Singer
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aries
Height 149 cm
Weight 50 kg

Not all of them can achieve enough fame right after their birth unless you are a celebrity kid. Angel Iris Murphy Brown is one of them who came to prominence because of her celebrity parents.

Born in California, Iris, Angel is the daughter of famous American singer Melanie Brown a.k.a Mel B. and biological father Eddie Murphy, a renowned comedian.

Angel Murphy’s Personal life

Murphy, who is only twelve years old, is dedicated to her studies. Because of the fame of her parents, she became the center of attention. Additionally, she was one of the celebrity kids whom paparazzi loved to photograph.

Angel Murphy Brown’s family
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Additionally, Angel enjoys spending time with her half-siblings, including her four sisters, Bria Murphy, Zola Ivy Murphy, Bella Zahra Murphy, and Shayne Audra Murphy, as well as her three brothers, Miles Mitchell Murphy, Christian Murphy, and Eric Murphy. She currently resides with Mel B, her mother, and Stephen Belafonte, Mel B’s second husband.

Angel’s Parents Marital Affairs

The celebrity child’s parents are well-known individuals in every country. Her father Eddie Murphy is a comedian, producer, and actor, and her mother Mel B is a well-known American singer who was formerly a member of the girl group Spice Girls.

The biological parents of Angel are listed on

In 2006, Eddie and Melaine first began dating. Brown’s parents, however, made the decision to divorce before she was even born. Melaine was married to her second lover Stephen Belafonte by the time Angel was born in 2007.

Mel B, on the other hand, was unable to keep Stephen in her life for more than ten years.


When she asserted that Eddie is the child’s biological father, Mel B’s daughter sparked a discussion. Eddie, however, refuted Melanie’s assertions.

Eddie told the journalist of the Dutch TV program RTL Boulevard that the child would not be verified to be his child until her paternity test because the couple had divorced in December of 2006.

After a DNA test on June 22, 2007, it was determined that Eddie was Angel’s biological father, and he was required to pay $35k a month in child support until she turned 18.

In addition, Mel B added that Murphy is succeeding in his role as Angel’s father. Eddie shows his youngest daughter that he cares and loves her.

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Ex-Father Demands Visitation Rights over Angel Brown

To meet his stepdaughter Angel Brown, Stephen made a big deal out of it. He added that Mel B avoided him in order to speak with Angel.

Melanie with her second partner Stephen and her children
source: Zimbo

Additionally, he stated that Eddie is the biological father, but unlike Stephen, for whom he had previously assumed the role of a responsible parent, he paid less attention to Angel. Additionally, Eddie encouraged his ex-wife Mel B to meet Angel without Stephen.

Later, Melaine let Stephen to travel to Madison, but she forbade him from meeting his stepdaughter.

What is the Net Worth of Angel Murphy?

When it comes to their income and fortune, Angel’s parents are incredibly affluent. As of 2019, Brown’s mother Mel B has a net worth of $33 million, and her father Eddie has enormous assets at $120 million.

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