Anthony Ingruber

Anthony Ingruber has grabbed the fame of being a famous Dutch-Australian actor and impressionist through his outstanding acting skills. He is also known as the reel character William Jones in the movie The Age of Adaline.

Anthony Ingruber has starred in famous movies like The Age of Adaline, Indiana Jones, Avalon High, Halo: Faith, The People vs. George Lucas, and many others

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 5,1990
Full Name Anthony Ingruber
Birth Name Anthony
Profession Actor
Nationality Fillipino


Actor Ingruber, who starred in The Age of Adaline, was born in the Philippines, formally the Republic of the Philippines, on February 5, 1990. It is a Southeast Asian archipelago nation. He was born in the Philippines but reared abroad, including in Cyprus, Canada, and many other places.

His early enrollment in an acting program sparked a passion in performing. After that, he began to professionalize his passion for acting into a job via hard work and dedication. He then considered starting an acting career.

Family Information

Ingruber has not given the media any information about his parents. But Alicia Ingruber, his only sister, is a blessing. She is a health and wellness enthusiast, certified international yoga teacher, and ardent traveler who respects yoga’s transformative potential.

Anthony Ingruber was photographed from his side, dressed in a black coat and white shirt. Source of the image: Star War News Net

When it comes to his family and close friends, he tries to keep things low key. Given that they helped him achieve his objective, his parents must be loving and devoted.

What is Anthony Relationship Status?

There has been a relationship between Anthony Ingruber and Talitha Jacobs. She works as an art and elementary school teacher. In the year 2018, they started dating and made a commitment to one another.

Image of Talitha Jacobs and Anthony Ingruber, who are dating. Source of the image: The Age of Adeline

Since they first met, the charming couple has been savoring their relationship as a girlfriend and a boyfriend. They have not, however, made the decision to be hitched.

What is Anthony Height and Weight?

The charisma of Anthony Ingruber is quite endearing and seductive. He is a nice height as well. He is roughly 70 kilograms and 6 feet tall (183 cm).

In addition, he has brown eyes and short brown hair, which has improved his appearance in his late fifties. He has put a lot of effort into keeping his athletic body in good shape.

Professional Life

Since his debut as an actor in 2006’s The People vs. George Lucas, the People vs. George Lucas actor has been steadily moving up the ranks of the American film business.

Her incredible acting abilities have contributed to a number of well-known films, including The Monster, The Force, Last Minute, Eyes Open Nevermore, and many others.

As Admiral In Halo: Faith

Ingruber played the fictional Admiral in the upcoming fan-made feature film Halo: Faith, which is situated in the Halo universe. Jared Pelletier was the film’s director, and it was released in 2011.

The plot of the film centers on the defense of a Covenant offensive by three Spartans during the Fall of Reach. However, the movie tried to improve upon the usual level of work produced on a limited budget.

What are Antony famous TV program?

Through his extraordinary acting abilities and talents, The Force actor Ingruber has been in several well-known TV series and shows.

One of his well-known television programs is Avalon High. The American premiere of this Fantasy and Family program took place on November 12, 2010.

The drama centers on the journey of adolescent girl named Allie as she transfers to Avalon High. She gradually understands that the individuals in her class are all reincarnations from the fabled city of Camelot who are battling a traitor.

How much is Anthony Net Worth?

Anthony Ingruber has a $2 million total net worth. His excellent acting and impressionist career has given him access to a lot of resources.

He doesn’t operate a business of his own or do anything else that might make him money in addition to his job. He, his girlfriend, and his family are leading a wealthy and opulent lifestyle. His wife Talitha Jacobs has also made a respectable income from her work as a primary school teacher and artist.

Is Antony an animal lover?

Ingruber, an American actress, is totally devoted to animals, especially dogs. He enjoys spending time with his dogs and taking pictures of them for social media, such as Instagram. He poses it for photos while dressing it up in various amusing outfits.

On the beach, Anthony Ingruber was seen cuddling up to his dog. Instagram user @anthony ingruber, source of image

In a similar vein, he enjoys exploring the wonders of nature while traveling to new locations. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Anthony In The Age of Adeline

Ingruber, an Avalon High alum, played William Jones in the romance and fantasy film The Age of Adeline. On April 24, 2015, it was made available in Canada. The movie’s star was William Jones, who played the title role.

The main character of the film is Adaline, who has been Ellis’s love interest for eight decades despite being 29 years old. A visit with his parents threatens to reveal her secret, forcing her to make a decision that will drastically alter her life.

YouTube channel

On his Youtube account, Ingruber posts vlogs about eating, traveling, and dancing with his sister Niana. He also records vlogs in which he tries on various outfits and talks about his travels to various new locations. And he frequently publishes funny and unexpected videos with his girlfriend. He continues to film his girlfriend in cars for new recordings.

Along with his buddies, he often creates challenge films and Mukbang videos in which he tries various foods. Her vlogs are posted on his official @Anthony Ingruber YouTube account, which has more than 23.8k subscribers.

Is Anthony Active on Social Media?

Actor Ingruber from The Monster is more active on Facebook and Twitter than Instagram. More than 125k people follow him on his official @AnthonyIngruber Twitter account. On his Twitter account, he tweets his movie poster, his photographs, and advertisements.

He doesn’t use Facebook and doesn’t have a personal account. He is a highly well-known actor who has a sizable fan base on Twitter and Instagram.

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