April Osteen Simons

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1967
Full Name April Osteen Simons
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Birth Country United States Of America
Gender Identity Female
Networth 500000
Insta Link Insta Link

April Osteen Simons is an author, motivational speaker and hope coach who travels the globe sharing her inspiring, humorous, faith-based teachings.

April presents the Better weekly podcast and the House of Hope YouTube series. She’s also a regular on Joni Table Talk on the Daystar Television Network.


April was born in 1967 to John and Dodie Osteen. Her parents were the founders of Lakewood Church which they pastored for over four decades before handing over to her brother, Joel Osteen. She is the sister of popular America pastor, Joel Osteen.

Today, April is the senior pastor of High Point Church. A Church she co-pastors with her husband, Gary Simons.

Family Life

Pastor Gary Simons is the husband of April Osteen Simons. The duo have been married for about 25 years. Together they founded the High Point Church in Arlington, Texas.

The couple is blessed with five children and two grandchildren. Ariella, Christiana, Elliana, Savannah, and Garrison are their five children. Christiana, their oldest child, has a son named Dean Levi, and Garrison, their son, has a daughter named Penelope


Pastor April is a highly sought-after motivational speaker who travels extensively. She shares her uplifting, humorous, and spiritually centered lectures with audiences all over the world. Better is a weekly podcast hosted by April, and also House of Hope is her YouTube series. She also frequently appears on the Joni Table Talk program on the Daystar Television Network.

To promote her book, Better Than Ever, April also went on a Motivation and Success tour across Canada.

April and her husband Gary also founded the Siete Pilares para Las Naciones establishment, which shows church pioneers and pastors in Latin America the seven pillars of life.


April is a author of a bestseller Better Than Ever: Get Your Happy Back, Stress Less, and Enjoy Every Day.

In the book, April Osteen Simons reminds us that we have a choice every day to embrace the positive and turn away from the negative. By appreciating what we have, focusing on where we want to be, and remembering that God is with us and wants the best for us, we can take the necessary steps to live a happier, healthier, more hopeful life.


  • Getting Back In The Game
  • The In-Between Times
  • Better Than Ever
  • Make Your Life Better Than Ever
  • Things You Will Never Hear God Say
  • Good Medicine
  • Make Today Better

Is April Osteen Simons Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Pastor Gary Simons and April Osteen Simons, who leads worship at Triumphant Church, get married. About 25 years have passed since Gary and April got married.


Photo courtesy of Twitter

Since 1990, April has been wed to worship. They have been married for about 30 years and have five kids: Ariella, Christiana, Elliana, Savannah, and Garrison. Their son Garrison has a daughter named Penelope, and their oldest child Christiana is the mother of a boy named Dean Levi.

The Simmons family adopted two cats, Frankie and Toby, a puppy, and Miley from a nearby animal shelter. When she is not working, Simmons likes to go shoe shopping and spend time outside with her family.

What is the net worth of  April Osteen Simons?

April Osteen Simons is an extremely active woman who traverses the entire country evangelizing. She also paid a visit to Canada to advertise a Motivation and Success tour and her book, Better Than Ever. The estimated value of April’s net worth is $500,000.

Both April’s podcast Better and her YouTube series House of Hope are active. Along with fellow televangelist, musician, and author Joni Lamb, she co-hosts Daystar TV’s Joni Table Talk. Speaking in front of live audiences is what April loves doing the most.

Son and daughter of April Osteen Simons.
Instagram account of April Osteen Simons, @aprilosimons.

As a public speaker, April Osteen makes extensive trips across the country, giving talks at anything from churches to conferences to seminars. In Arlington, Texas, April and her husband founded the High Point Church.

When the couple founded the church, there were just 16 participants. Even the initial sermons were given in their living room. Ed Mylett has amassed a sizeable fortune through his work as an author, businessman, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Additionally, Ed’s anticipated net worth for the year 2020 is $450 million. comparable to the net worth of motivational speaker Steve Craig.

They have now gained notoriety and raised enough money to build a 107-acre property close to Arlington, Texas. In addition, April and Gary established the Siete Pilares para Las Naciones foundation, which instructs pastors and church leaders in Latin America in the Seven Pillar Principles of Life.

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The entertainment business employs writer April Osteen Simons. Her birth year was 1967. April Osteen is the daughter of John and Dodie Osteen. She lost her father in January 1999. Father of April, John, served as the Lakewood Church’s first pastor.

Father and mother of April Osteen Simons.
Instagram account of April Osteen Simons, @aprilosimons.

John pastored Lakewood with her mother, Dodie, for more than 40 years until her brother Joel Osteen took over. In addition to being a pastor, Joel Osteen, April’s brother, is also an author and televangelist who promoted the book Your Best Life Now: Seven Stages to Living at Your Full Potential.

April is the granddaughter of Ellen Mae Leigh Brawner and Willis Jackson Osteen. She is also the niece of Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen. The Simmons family resides in the Texas city of Euless. The pastors of Lakewood Church, Joel and April’s family, also reside there.

Social Media

You can find and follow Pastor April on any of the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @aprilosimons

Twitter: @AprilOSimons