Aravis Taylor

Quick Facts

Full Name Aravis Taylor
Birth Name Aravis Taylor
Nationality American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Corey Taylor
Father Profession Singer
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Single
Networth 10000000
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Aravis Taylor is an American celebrity daughter who rose to prominence as the daughter of Corey Taylor. Corey is a multi-talented American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is known as the frontman of the popular heavy metal bands, Stone Sour and Slipknot.

He has released six studio albums with Slipknot and all of them had successful record sales around the globe. Moreover, he has worked with several bands and artists including Soulfly, Anthrax, Korn, Travis BarkerZakk Wylde, and many more. Today let’s discuss his daughter Aravis’ personal life and his other information.

Aravis Taylor: Biography, Age, Parents, and Ethnicity

Aravis is more than simply Corey’s well-known singing daughter, in reality. From a prior marriage, he also has two further children. Before marrying Alicia, he was previously wed to Scarlett Stone, his first wife. On March 11, 2004, the pair tied the knot after over five years of dating.

Because of their relationship, one of their kids, Grifin Parker, developed into a singer like his dad. Corey and Scarlett got divorced in 2007. On November 13, 2009, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, he married Stephanie Luby, his second wife. After eight years of marriage, they chose to divorce, nonetheless.

On December 28, 2017, he announced on his Twitter account that they were divorcing. In addition, Taylor has a daughter from a previous union. Angeline Taylor is who she is, and not much else is known about her.

The father, Corey Taylor, just wed Alicia Dove.

In the fall of 2017, Corey, at 47, started dating Alicia Dove, who is now his wife. The rock dance ensemble Cherry Bombs was started by American dancer Alicia. She is additionally a cheerleader for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.

Image: Corey Taylor with his wife, Alicia Doved During their wedding. Source: Instagram@coreytaylor

At the Stone Sour concert, Dove and Taylor initially ran into each other. The two struck up a lovely connection after a charming first encounter. The couple announced their engagement on social media on December 28, 2017, the day they got engaged.

The two accepted each other as husband and wife on October 6, 2019. The bride donned a stunning strapless white wedding gown, while the groom wore a brown tuxedo with a black shirt for the ceremony.  Also read: Jaguar Wright

Angeline Taylor and Griffin Parker are Aravis Taylor’s siblings.

In actuality, Aravis is more than just Corey’s famous singing daughter. He also has two other kids from a previous marriage. He was previously wed to Scarlett Stone, his first wife, before getting hitched to Alicia. After nearly five years of dating, the couple said “I do” on March 11, 2004.

Image: Corey Taylor with his wife and son, Grifin Parker.
Source: Instagram@coreytaylor

One of their children, Grifin Parker, became a singer like his father as a result of their relationship. Scarlett and Corey divorced in 2007. He wed Stephanie Luby, his second wife, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on November 13, 2009. However, they made the decision to separate after eight years of marriage.

He made a public announcement about their separation on his Twitter account on December 28, 2017. Additionally, Taylor has a daughter from a prior relationship.

How much Net Worth will Aravis Taylor have in 2022?

Neither Aravis’ present relationship nor her occupation are made public. Her actual net worth is thus yet unknown. Speaking of her father, Corey, he makes a ton of money. He had a $10 million net worth as of 2021. One of the most popular heavy metal bands in the world is his group, Slipknot.

Image: Corey Taylor performing live.
Source: Instagram@coreytaylor

Over 30 million albums by Slipknot have been sold globally. They frequently have their fantastic performance on the road, traveling the world. Tayor is thought to earn about $100,000 a year through tours and brand endorsements.