Archie Donald

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is where Archie Donald was born and reared. It is also where he was married and later brought up his three kids. He was born on December 9, 1965. Archie was close to Anthony Donald and spent his formative years with him when his father abandoned the family when he was still a little child.

Archie Donald | Quick Facts

Full Name Archie Donald
Birth Date December 9, 1965
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States
Nick Name Archie
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Education Norfolk State University
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings Anthony Donald (brother)
Age 56
Height 6’1″/185 cm
Weight Not Known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Retired
Marital Status Divorced
Wife  Anita Goggins
Kids Archie Donald Jr., Aaron Donald, and Akita Donald
Net Worth Not Known
Social Media Not Active
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Last Update July, 2022

Archie Donald | Children and Marriage

The happy marriage between Archie Donald and Anita Goggins produced Aaron Donald. They have three kids altogether—two sons and a daughter.

The two older players are Archie Jr. Donald and Akita Donald, while Aaron, the well-known athlete, is the youngest.

Unfortunately, in 1999, Archie and Anita divorced. Since then, the family has begun to live apart.

Aaron-Donald with his parents

A member of the National Football League is Aaron Donald. He now plays defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams.

He also won the title of “NFL defensive player of the year” three times, in 2017 and 2018, as well as in 2020. It appears that he and his beloved Erica Sherman are engaged.

Jaeda Donald, a daughter, and Archie Jr. Donald are his children with her. You may read about Justin Jackson

III Archie Donald

Archie, Aaron’s oldest son, played football while attending the University of Toledo. He did not, however, pursue it professionally like his younger brother did.

Also he has a close relationship with his younger brother Aaron. He obviously takes great pride in his younger brother’s accomplishments.

Akita Donald

The older daughter, Akita, works as a mental health professional. She is also a proud sister, an accomplished woman, and a devoted mother.

Additionally, she assists in managing the philanthropic foundation established by Pittsburgh’s underprivileged youngsters with the help of the best-damn player, Aaron Donald.

Anita Goggins, ex-wife of Archie Donald

Anita, a divorced mother of three, relocated to Duquesne, Pennsylvania. It appears that she is content living alone and has not yet remarried.

She worked as a homemaker prior to the divorce. She then used her time to look after her house and family.

Archie Donald with his wife

She now has a job though. She also has a job as a transportation expert.

How did Aaron Donald’s father Archie Donald change him?

Aaron was a pretty lethargic kid. He used to consume all of his food at home and spend a lot of time running short distances.

Archie, his father, on the other hand, was a very vivacious individual who was really interested in fitness. However, as time went on, Archie grew to dislike the person his son was becoming.

As a result, the elderly man one day woke Aaron up, took him to the basement gym, and began working out with him. Soon, getting up at 4:30 in the morning to work out for two hours before heading out to school, became a tradition.

Likewise, Aaron picked up the pace fast, and before he knew it, the roles had switched, with the fourteen-year-old now waking up his father early in the morning for workouts.

Although the habit was tiny at first, it quickly expanded. Without a doubt, that is what shaped Aaron into the person and athlete he is today.

What is the identity of Archie Donald?

Since he was a small child, Archie Donald’s body was in good shape. Similarly, Donald used to lift weights and compete in sports while in college.

He also participated in college football teams. He allegedly even dreamed of joining the NFL.

Sadly, things went wrong when he shattered his patella during a game. He first had to give up football against his will. He was then forced to accept a job in the working class.

The main tax investigator was the unrequited player. In addition, he tried his hand at a few odd jobs. Then he owned and operated a commercial cleaning business.

He is currently retired. He now enjoys the happy, opulent life he deserves thanks to the huge business success of his sons.

Aaron, a macho player, once claimed in an interview that telling his parents to retire and turning everything over to him was the nicest feeling.

Archie Donald | Gifts From His Son


The well-known footballer showed his appreciation by giving his father a brand-new truck. Furthermore, a Dodge Ram vehicle, not just any truck.

Fortunately, he was able to record his father’s priceless reaction on camera, and he has shared it on Instagram. You can view it on his Instagram account as a result.

This proud father’s expression of joy and delight is priceless. He undoubtedly exudes joy.


Aaron and his brother spent close to $1 million purchasing a home for their father.

The father is currently content in the home that his son has given him.

 Rolex Watches

Additionally, the mighty lovely athlete gave his father a Rolex watch for his birthday that was worth $40,000.

Congratulations on your success in becoming a fan of a father-son team if you have made it this far.

Before we part ways, we must point out that it is clear how much this good-hearted player values his father.

Everything his father, Archie Donald, could possibly want has been given to him, including a never-ending stream of presents, adoration, and mentions in the media.

Instagram presence

Archie Donald, father of Aaron Donald, is not currently active on any social media platforms.