Ariel Elias

Quick Facts

Real Name Ariel Elias.
Profession Standup Comedian.
Age 33.
Birth Date July 29, 1989.
Birth Place Lexington, Kentucky, America.
Lives in New York, USA.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Leo.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: Name Unavailable.
Mother: Name not Found.
Siblings Brother: Adam Elias.
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Love Life
Marital Status Married.
Husband Dan Shaki.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 65.2.
Pounds: 143.7 lbs.
Height feet: 5′ 6.2″.
centimeters: 168 cm.
meters: 1.68 m.
Eyes Blue.
Hair Ginger.
Series Comedy Rising (2016).
Blissful Thinking (2017).
Ujokes (2021).
Movies 2 Ushers Walk Into a Play (2019).
Net worth $457k.

Ariel Elias, a 33-year-old comedian from New York who was born on July 29, 1989, is well-liked by fans of stand-up comedy. She is smart and humorous and has a gift for making people laugh.

Who is Ariel Elias, a comedian, chugged the beer can that was thrown at her?

The realm of standup comedy can frequently be harsh and merciless, with vociferous crowds jeering if the jokes don’t land. Ariel recently experienced a similar event when a spectator threw a beer can at her. It all began during a political discussion that led to an assault on stage.

Elias responded, “It was anarchy in the room,” when a CTV News reporter questioned her about the state of the room. Everyone was seeing what was taking place. Nothing on stage was being watched by anyone.

The audience member who yelled at Ariel was removed from the performance, but the man sitting next to her threw a beer can at her. But instead of wrapping up her performance, she downed the beer and eased the stress.

Ariel Elias drinking beer(Source: YouTube)

Comedy stages have recently been unanticipated. The comedy industry is not amusing, with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle launching assaults and stirring up polarizing politics. Ariel Elias, a comedian, has previously dealt with hecklers, but not on this scale.

Several well-known people, including Patton Oswalt, Whitney Cummings, George Takei, and Jim Gaffigan, tweeted their appreciation for Elias’ handling of the matter. Elias received appreciation from Jimmy Kimmel as well, and judging by his Tweet, he will likely contact the woman to come on his show shortly.

What is Ariel Elias’ age?

Ariel Elias (age 33) was born on July 29, 1989, into a Jewish family in Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States. She has a younger brother named Adam Elias and is the oldest child at home. She admitted on her website that she used to make everyone around her laugh as a child. The woman used to perform at birthday celebrations and bar mitzvahs.

Picture of Ariel Elias’s parents(Source: Instagram)

She developed a passion for joke-telling from her habit. Later, she joined a comedy club and began performing. When the woman became well-known in her community, she joined the New York Comedy Club, where performing stand-up became her regular routine.

What is the height & weight of Ariel Elias?

Elias stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight is 65.2 kg. This beautiful comedian have blue eyes and ginger hair.

Who is the husband of Ariel Elias?

Elias is a charming comedian who is married to Dan Shaki, who is also a comic. According to sources, Ariel and Shaki were married for more than 4 years. Dan is occasionally alluded to by Elias in her jokes.

Ariel Elias with her husband(Source: Instagram)

Follow her social media accounts if you want daily information about Elias. She is active on TikTok as well as Twitter, Instagram, and TikToe. If you are a fan of hers, you should go subscribe to her YT channel and give her some support. She has a few thousand fans.

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What makes Ariel Elias so popular?

Ariel is a talented writer and actor in addition to having a knack for the perfect comedy timing. She made an appearance in Paul Punzo’s 2016 short film with a documentary concept. She has produced a few television series, including “Ujokes” and “Blissful Thinking.”

Elias is a Stand up Comedian(Source: Instagram)

Ariel’s stand-up comedy events were organized in public spaces like parks after COVID-19, and The New York Times wrote a piece about it and referred to Elias as a “sly young comic from Kentucky.” People began leaving their homes after that. The schedule of Elias’ upcoming performances may be seen on her website, “,” if you want to attend one of her performances.

What is the net worth of Ariel Elias?

Elias has an estimated net worth of $457kHer main source of income is her successful career as a comedian.


How old is Ariel Elias?

33 (as of 2022).

When was Ariel Elias born?

On July 29, 1989.

Where does Ariel Elias live?

New York.

Does Ariel Elias have a YouTube account?

Yes, she does have a YT channel.

Who is Ariel Elias’ husband?

Dan Shaki.

Who had thrown the beer can on Ariel Elias?

The name of the man is not out yet.