Arienne Mandi

Quick Facts

Birth Date January 2,1986
Full Name Arienne Mandi
Birth Name Arienne Mandi
Profession Actress, social Media star
Nationality American
Birth City Loss Angeles California
Birth Country United States of America.
Father Name Ali Reza Mandighomi
Mother Name Luz CEcillia Saenz
Sexual Orientation heterosexuals’
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital Status Single
No Of Children no
Weight 57 kg
Siblings Nazanin Mandi
Instagram Click Here

Born on January 2, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, Arienne Mandi is a well-known social media artist. She enjoys considerable acclaim as an actress.

Arienne Mandi first gained attention for her role as Dani Nez in the television series “The L Word: Generation Q” right after that. This series debuted on December 8 of 2019.

Due to the heritage of their family, Mandi is able to speak more than five languages, including English, Spanish, Farsi, and French. She has been successful in establishing herself into a cherished reality star.


Actress Arienne from the Vault is the offspring of ancient Iran-born father Ali Reza Mandighomi and Chile-born mother Luz CEcillia Saenz.

Childhood Image of Arienne Mandi with her father(Source: Instagram)

She hasn’t revealed any more private information about her parents other from this. Arienne is seen as a multiethnic personality who emphasizes her familial roots. She posts pictures from her early years on social media for her relatives to see.

The only sister of Mandi is Nazanin

Nazanin Mandi, the only sister of Arienne Mandi, is well-known for having a beautiful body and a pleasant voice. She was the person Arienne spent her entire childhood with.

On November 24, 2018, Nazanin and her fiancé Miguel Jontel Pimentel got married. She received invitations to the wedding ceremony from her close friend and her family.

Only two days had passed since their marriage was announced, but they still haven’t disclosed anything about having kids.

On November 29, 2018, Arienne Mandi also shared a snapshot of her sister’s wedding on Instagram and wished her luck on her new path; the sisters got along well.

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Education Background

Mandi finished her elementary schooling in Los Angeles, California. Arienne has participated in various theatre productions since she was a young child.

She finished her elementary schooling at Santa Monica College before enrolling at the University of California, Los Angeles and also majored in communication and received her degree in that area.

Height & Weight

The L Word: actress from Generation Q Mandi is around 1.68 meters (5 feet and 6 inches) tall and weighs 57 kg on average. She is voluptuous, with dark brown eyes, rosy lips, and a full physique. Her ear is pierced, and she has a round face with a pointed chin. Mandi’s body is not covered in tattoos.

Arienne Mandi is she gay?

As was previously noted, Mandi is a straight woman who also played a bisexual character in the immensely successful television series The L Word: Generation Q. As a result, some people began to think Mandi was gay. After all, she responded when others questioned her about her sexual orientation. Anything that even came near to how she felt would be derided. I offer and receive love in all of its forms. It’s just all love, she said, making it plain that she accepts love in all forms.

Relationship Status

Arienne Mandii is still single and unmarried and also even has no rumors or previous partnerships.

She embraces her heterosexual identity and is not hesitant to declare it in public. She is honored to present to the LGBTQIA community, in fact.

Exercise and Hobbies

As evidenced by the numerous gym photographs posted on Instagram, Mandi prefers to work out at the gym and go running.

Arienne Mandi in her Gym(Source: Instagram)

In addition to this, she enjoys seeing new places, taking pictures, and browsing the internet in her free time. In 2018, she also learnt how to box.

Professional Life

Mandi, an actress best known for her portrayal as Mimi in the 2014 short film The Interns, began her acting career. Her role and acting in the movie received a lot of positive feedback and admiration.

She was given the opportunity to star in Matador, a 2015 film that received a positive reception from audiences. Like another well-known American actress, Leah-Remini, Mandi is a well-known actress who in a short period of her career captivated the hearts of millions of people. The audience adored her characters a lot.

Movies And Television Programs

Mandi, an actress, has portrayed herself in a variety of films and television shows. She has also been played by other characters, who have captured the hearts of many.

S.N  Movies  Release Date  Role  Genre
1 Matado 2014 Nicaraguan Girl Thriller
2 Between the Lines 2015 Madeline,   Romance
3 NCIS: Los Angeles 2015 Catalina Diaz Drama, Suspense
4 Agent X 2015 Afshan Comedy Series

The films she has starred in and their release dates are given here, along with some of her more well-known roles. Mandi was primarily featured in The L Word: Generation Q (2019–present), where she portrayed Dani Nunez, among many TV shows.

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The L Word: Generation Q on television

One of the projects that helped her get attention was The L Word: Generation Q, in which she portrayed a character named Dani Nunez. She was the type of girl who wasn’t overly devoted to her father and always attempted to solve her own problems and forge her own path by working hard.

Release day for this series was December 8, 2018. Her co-stars in the series, in which Mandi was the primary character of the film, were Jenifer Beals, Katherine Moening, Leisha Hailey, Leo Sheng, Lex Scott Davies, and many others.

Gross Value & Source of Income

An American singer named Bedrnadatted Moley has a net worth of $9 million, and so does Arienne Mandi.

Other than acting, Mandi has not mentioned anything about her other source of income. She has earned a very respectable living as a result, and she is currently enjoying a lovely life with her parents.

On Social Media

Actress Mandi from the Vault is highly active on social media, posting movies and sharing various images.

She has gained celebrity in addition to performing through social media; most people know her as the queen of social media. More than 219k people follow Mandi on Instagram as @arienne mandion, where she is active.

Her Instagram feed features images of her family and from her work life. Additionally active on Twitter, Mandi has 9K followers under the handle @AriMandi.

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