Ashvin Luximon

 Quick Facts

Full Real Name Ashvin Luximon
Nickname Ashvin
Popular for Appearing in the TV series EastEnders (1999-2003)
Language English, Hindi
School Name Bowden’s Theatre School
Chase Community School
Education Undergraduate
Profession Actor
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality British
Ethnicity/Caste South Indian/ British-Indian
Net worth $450K USD (approx)
Age (as of 2022) 38 years old.
Date of Birth 13th August 1984.
Place of Birth Enfield, North London, UK
Current Residence Enfield, North London, UK
Height In Feet Inches: 5′ 6″
Weight In Kilograms: 80 kg
Social Media InstagramFacebook

Ashvin Luximon, a well-known actor from the United Kingdom, was born on August 13, 1984, making him 38 years old. He gained notoriety in 2003 for his performance in the TV show “EastEnders.” For his performance as Asif in EastEnders, he received a lot of positive fan feedback. After 2003, he stopped communicating with his TV show viewers.

After that, Ashvin Luximon continued to be active in his personal life and even began working for a private company. But as of 2022, the heartbreaking news of his passing has left everyone in mourning, especially his loved ones and supporters.

What caused Ashvin Luximon’s death, and why?

Ashvin Luximon‘s death was suddenly covered by numerous news media companies on August 27, 2022. Many believed he passed away on August 27, 2022. But we must inform you that he passed away on July 23, 2022. His family has identified aneurysm as the primary cause of death.

An aneurysm is a condition in which a blood vessel in the body bursts. He was a young, gifted man, and his funeral was held on August 11, 2022.

Following his passing, his family created a fundraising campaign to gather money for the NSPCC and Andy’s Man Club.

Can you guess the Ashvin Luximon’s age, a fascinating personality?

Ashvin Luximono’s childhood Image(Source: Instagram)

Actor Ashvin Luximon maintained his career success by allowing people to enjoy his work. He was born on June 30, 1984, in Enfield, North London, UK (age: 38 as of 2022). Since he was a young child, he had lived there. Ashvin was of Indian descent thanks to his parents, who are also from India. He attended Enfield’s Bowden’s Theatre School and also attended Chase Community School in Enfield as well. He dropped out of school to focus on a successful acting career.

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Family & Parents

We have provided a lovely image of Ashvin Luximon having fun with his family. He was quite close to his aging parents. Alvin Luximon, his brother, existed. He got along well with Alvin.

Ashvin Luximon’s mother and brother(Source: Instagram)

Anshika Luximon, Rowin Luximon, David Luximon-Herbert, and Manishka Luximon are further members of his family. We can confirm that Alvin was his biological brother, but we haven’t yet determined whether his other shared siblings with us are really his biological siblings or not.

Like him, his brother Alvin Luximon has maintained the privacy of his profession and other details.

After his passing, his brother wrote a heartbreaking birthday message for Ashvin on Instagram, wishing him a happy 38th birthday. Aside from this, Ashvin was an individual of Indian and British origin who was born in the UK after his parents immigrated there earlier in the 1980s.

Who is the wife of Ashvin Luximon?

Picture of Ashvin Luximono’s parernts(Source: Instagram)

We surmise that Ashvin Luximon passed away alone. He hadn’t yet found love. He had shown a picture of himself to his friend, but not to a stunning woman. We believe he was never romantically involved with any British or Indian woman. If someone from his family later speaks about it, we will update our knowledge about his children and wife

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Do you know the performing career of Ashvin luximono?

Despite having a very brief acting career, Ashvin had a memorable one. He began working as a child actor in the TV show “Grange Hill” when he was 14 years old. In the Grange Hill TV series, he portrayed the character of Gang Member.

Then, as Ashvin’s connections in the business grew, he was cast as Asif Malik in the hit TV show “EastEnders.” Along the while, he continued to make appearances in documentaries and several Interview TV series.

In the 2000 television documentary “This is Your Life,” he portrayed himself.

After 2003 we assume Ashvin withdrew himself from the performing world. The major cause of his disconnect is unknown to us. However, he started his career in 2021 at Office Vision as the Information Technology Sales Manager. Before his passing, he held this position.

Would you like to know how much the renowned An Actor makes?

The estimated value of Ashvin Luximon’s net worth is less than $1 million. because he started working independently after leaving the performing industry in 2003. Before his passing, he was working a private employment for which he typically receives a set pay. And as of right now, if we had to estimate his net worth, we’d say it was around $450,000 USD.

Some Interesting Facts

  • He enjoyed watching cartoons and movies.
  • Ashvin was a talented chef.
  • He occasionally prepared Indian meals for his family.
  • He also enjoyed drinking whiskey and beer.
  • Ashvin loved eating meat and dairy products.
  • He enjoys dressing up as superheroes like Batman and Superman.
  • Ashvin loved music, and he had a tattoo that read “Sky is the limit” on his right forearm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Ashvin Luximon married?

    No, according to our research he died single.

  2. Who is Ashvin Luximon?

    Ashvin was an actor in the EastEnders TV series from 1999-2003.

  3. How tall is Ashvin Luximon?

    Ashvin was only 5 feet 6 inches tall.

  4. When did Ashvin Luximon die?

    He died on 23rd July 2022.