Avrey Ovard

An American YouTuber with a following for her videos on fashion and beauty is Avrey Ovard. She is one of the most brilliant bloggers and a voracious reader of all things connected to beauty. Her films demonstrate her many abilities and talents. She became a popular YouTuber since so many people liked and admired her videos and her work.

Avrey Ovard stands out due to her attitude and assurance. She films her vlogs and enjoys traveling in addition to fashion and beauty videos. Ovard is a highly self-assured and fashionable woman. Her many traits are the reason why she is so successful online. Some of these include her attractiveness, her ability to create viral videos, and her capacity for online fan interaction.

Quick Facts

Who is Avrey Ovard?

Her parents are Sascha and Parker Ovard, and Avrey Ovard was born in Utah on May 16, 2002. Additionally, Aspyn Ovard, her sister, has over 2.3 million Instagram followers. The younger sister of Tav and Trey Ovard is Avrey. However, there is no concrete information on her schooling or the name of her institution.

Avrey Ovard was born on May 16, 2002 Image Source : Instagram

When Avrey Ovard was eight years old, she began cheerleading. Avrey met Moira Sings, a well-known YouTuber. She resides in the United States. She is also white in ethnicity.

What are the physical qualites of Avrey Ovard?

At the age of 19, Avrey Ovard is 5 feet 7 inches tall. 53 kg is Avrey Ovard’s weight. She has lustrous blonde hair and lovely hazel green eyes. Additionally, right now there is no information accessible about her physical measurements.

What are the details on Avrey Ovard’s Personal Life?

Cooper Davis and Avrey Ovard began dating in 2018. Until she uploaded the video BOYFRIEND VS SISTER: Who knows me best? on YouTube, Avrey kept her relationship a secret. The relationship did not continue long, though, as she began dating Jens Johnson. When Ovard and Jens announced their relationship to the world, Jens uploaded a photo of them together. The date of this was February 15, 2019. These boys frequently shared adorable photos of themselves online. Additionally, the couple attended prom together in April 2019.

Avrey with Jens on a mirror selfie Image Source : Instagram

The admirers were completely enamored with the couple. Once more, this romance ended far too quickly. Additionally, there are rumors that Avrey started dating another Instagram personality. Alex Gowon is who he is. They used to be close friends and have since developed a romantic relationship. They also uploaded several photos of themselves.

How did Avrey Ovard start her career?

In 2014, Avrey Ovard launched her own YouTube channel. Since then, she has been posting beauty and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel. The channel provides everything you need, whether you want to watch an eye makeup tutorial or learn how to wear a current fashion statement. The most watched videos on the channel were “School Clothing Haul,” “GRWM/School Morning Routine,” and “8 Fun Instagram Hacks That Actually Work.” Although the first video is a fashion haul, the second and third movies are, respectively, my morning routine and a compilation of widely used Instagram tricks.

Image Source : Instagram

In addition to videos on beauty and lifestyle, Ovard’s channel also features a ton of back-to-school videos that young women would find interesting. The YouTuber’s personal life is also included in a lot of the channel’s vlogs.

What is the net worth of Avrey Ovard?

The range of Avrey Ovard’s estimated net worth is $1 million to $5 million. Her YouTube channel itself is worth $240,000. With around 200 videos and over 75 million views overall, she maintains a YouTube channel. Additionally, Avrey Ovard posts two new videos each month, generating an average of 962k subscribers and 556.78K views.


In addition to these movies, the American YouTuber’s joint productions, especially those she did with her sister, are highly entertaining. Ovard is very active on other social media platforms, and as of June 2018, he has over 242k followers on Instagram.

Is Avrey Ovard Socially Active?

Image Source : Instagram

Avrey is active on social media, with a following of 50.1k on her Twitter account (@AVREYOVARD), which she opened in June 2013. When she wrote her biography, her Instagram account (@avreyovard) had 661k followers and 240 posts. She is well known for her Youtube channel Avrey Ovard, which has over 75 million views and 955k subscribers.

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