Ben Koldyke

Quick Facts

Birth Date March 27,1968
Full Name Ben Koldyke
Birth Name Benjamin Koldyke
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Chicago, Illinois
Birth Country USA
Father Name Martin J. Koldye
Father Profession Investment Banker
Mother Name Patricia Blunt
Mother Profession Educator
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Divorced
Height 188 cm
Weight 75 kg
Net worth 7000000
Siblings Laird Koldyke, Carl Koldyke, and Elizabeth Koldyke
Education Joseph Sears Elementary School, Dartmouth College, and Choate Rosemary Hall

Ben Koldyke, also known as Benjamin Koldyke, is an American actor who has been on cinema alongside Madonna, the Queen of Pop and a singer and songwriter. In 2000, they had a scene on the hit TV show The Next Best Thing.

After playing the part in The Finest Hours, Work It, Masters of Sex, and The Newsroom, Ben Koldyke rose to prominence. He has since established himself as one of the best and most prosperous actors in America.

Producer and director Koldyeke is also. Given that he was born on March 27, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, he is an American citizen.

Who Are Koldyke’s Parents?

One of the four children of Patricia Blunt and Martin J. Koldye, Koldyke was born (Mike). His parents come from a wealthy background and have advanced degrees. His father, Martin, worked as an investment banker, while Patricia, his mother, is a teacher.

Martin formed Frontenac Company, a Chicago-based private equity firm, and he serves as a lifetime trustee of Northwestern University.

Three siblings are a blessing

Koldyke has three gorgeous siblings, with whom he spent his youth and shares all of his secrets, as was mentioned. They share the same college and university as graduates.

He is the sister of Elizabeth Koldyke and the brother of Laird and Carl Koldyke. Except for Carl, there are a lot less conversations about them. He attended a special needs school since he had cerebral palsy.

Education Background

Koldyke attended Joseph Sears Elementary School to begin his educational path. After that, he attended New Trier High School to finish his high school education.

He headed to Dartmouth College for further study soon after graduating. In 1991, he graduated from there with a bachelor’s in arts. He also completed a year-long post-graduation program at Choate Rosemary Hall.

What Height Has Koldyeke?

Ben Koldyeke is a large man who measures 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall and weighs approximately 75 Kg (165 lbs). He regularly exercises and consumes nutritious foods, which contribute to his amazing physique.

Ben Koldyke height(Source: Briefly news)

He also has blue eyes, which are admired by Americans. He has stunning brown hair and light skin. Due to his height and physique, Koldyeke is very much liked by girls.

Have You Heard?

Throughout his early years, Koldyke showed a strong interest in sports, particularly baseball and football. He consequently participated in quarterback for teams in college and university. He was a third baseman in baseball.

Relationship Status

A divorced guy named Ben Koldyke was previously married to American actress Maggie Lawson. On August 8, 2015, they exchanged vows in New Mexico. Ben’s farmhouse hosted a lavish celebration for the wedding ceremony.

The former couple dated for a long time before getting married. They originally met while watching Back In Game, and ever since then, they’ve been attracted to one another and started dating.

Ben Koldyke with his ex-wife(Source: Zimbio)

On November 14, 2014, after getting to know one another, Ben and her ex-girlfriend Lawson exchanged rings. The world was surprised by the engagement news, which delighted their adoring supporters.

The former spouse’s relationship could not last any longer and ended abruptly, proving that they were not meant to be together. Just two years into their marriage, in 2017, they divorced.

What occurred following divorce?

As previously indicated, after two years of living together and under the same roof, Ben and Lawson parted ways.

What next transpired following the divorce? Where are they?

Let us tell you that both of them are single right now and are concentrating on their jobs. Koldyke began acting in movies after their divorce, and Lawson followed suit by becoming preoccupied with her TV show.

Additionally, several online tabloids contend that the ex-couple chose to be single because they still love and miss their time together and happiness. However, as it hasn’t been proven yet, it is still only a notion.

IMDb Profile

29 acting credits, three directing credits, and three writing credits are included on Koldyke’s IMDb page. In addition, he received two self-, one producer, and one archive footage credit. He has thirty-nine credits in all.

He made his acting debut in 2000 playing Kelly’s boyfriend in The Next Best Thing, and Rutherford Falls is his most recent TV project, according to IMDb and also shares Aries as his astrological sign with Ava Emanuelle Bellows.

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TV shows and movies

Famous American actor Ben Koldyke has worked in the American film industry for more than 20 years. Within those 20 years, he has made numerous film and television appearances.

Jedi Gym, The Finest Hours, Stuck on You, Thirteen Days, Say I Do, and Red Zone are a few well-known motion pictures. The reviews and ratings for each of the films mentioned are positive.

In addition, Koldyke appears in a number of popular TV shows, including Big Love, Mr. Robinson, The Good Place, Rutherford Falls, and The Good Place. He’s employed in Rutherford Falls at the moment.

For Say I Do in 2007, he received the “Special Jury for Acting” award in recognition of his exceptional acting abilities. He has not received any honors after then.

Ben Koldyke: Is He a Millionaire?

Koldyke is unquestionably a billionaire with a staggering $7 million in his bank account, making him one of the richest performers in America. Like Maxim Baldry, he made the most of his income from a lucrative acting career.

His participation in numerous well-known and lucrative films definitely helped him greatly increase his riches. He allegedly earns money by appearing in TV commercials and endorsing products.

Old Mansion of Ben Koldyke(Source: Mansionglobal)

Additionally, he made a substantial profit in 2018 when he sold his Santa Monica mansion for $3.5 million after purchasing it in 2009 for just $1.5 million.

Is Missing From Social Media Sites

Surprisingly, while being extremely well-known and admired by Americans onscreen, Koldyeke does not have a social media profile. He doesn’t appear to enjoy the spotlight.

But we can still uncover a ton of his bogus accounts, undoubtedly made by his sweet fans. His day-to-day activities and personal information are unknown due to his lack of participation on social media.