Best Point Guards

Point guards are the floor generals for their teams because they have the offensive and defensive talents to dictate the tempo and direction of the game. Due to the fact that so many legendary and outstanding basketball players have filled this position, the argument over the best point guards to ever play in the NBA is tricky and difficult.

10. Issac Thomas

  • Detroit Pistons
  • 2x NBA Championship

Thomas is primarily recognized as Michael Jordan’s biggest rival in the NBA playoffs, but his induction into the Hall of Fame demonstrates why he is unquestionably more than that. Despite having lower statistics than any of the other players on the list, Thomas’s leadership and deficit rank among the NBA’s best players.

In addition, Thomas’s desire to share the spotlight with others made Bad Boys Pistons outstanding. Issac’s outstanding playoff performance helped the Pistons win two NBA championships. Only a few players in the NBA have career averages of 20.4 PPG, 8.9 APG, and 2.1 SPG.

In addition, he made history by becoming the shortest player to ever earn the MVP of the 1990 NBA Finals. Thomas is still the Pistons’ all-time leader in minutes played, points scored, steals made, and assists with 9,061—ranking ninth on the all-time list. You may also like D’Angelo Russell

9. Jason Kidd

  • Dals Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks
  • 1x NBA Champion

Jason Kidd, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018, is arguably the game’s most adaptable guard. He is one of the best point guards and strengthened everyone around him. ten All-Stars, five times The fact that Kidd was named to the All-NBA First Team four times, the All-NBA Defensive First Team, and the Hall of Fame speaks much about his talent.

Jason Kidd dribble past Nick Young

Kidd always had an impact on games with precise passing that led to goals for teammates. He is also regarded by many observers as the finest rebounder among guards. He became a sniper in the latter years of his career. Initially criticized for his 3-point attempts, Kidd is currently 11th in 3-point goals made.

In the NBA’s history, Kidd is second only to John Stockton in terms of assists and steals. Kidd was a triple-double threat on the move. Kidd was able to record triple-doubles thanks to his ability to score, pass, and rebound. He finished his career with 107 regular-season triple-doubles and 11 postseason ones, which put him fourth all-time. Jason Kidd also added to his reputation in 2011 by being a key component of the Mavericks’ victory in the NBA championship.

8. Russell Westbrook

  • Oklahoma City Thunders, Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards
  • 1x NBA MVP

Russell Westbrook, the first active player on our list, is rated as the eighth-best guard.

On the field, Westbrook is unmatched in the NBA for his athleticism, intensity, and competitiveness. The unquestioned king of the triple-double is Westbrook. It was formerly thought difficult to achieve Oscar Robertson’s record of averaging a triple-double in a season.

Russell Westbrook (Source: Instagram)

But since his first MVP campaign in 2017, Westbrook has had four seasons with a triple-double. While he is still only 33 years old, his 184 triple-doubles are the most in NBA history, and the number will undoubtedly rise in the future. With nine All-Star appearances, two scoring titles, three assist records, and nine selections to the All-NBA team, Westbrook is unquestionably on the path to the Hall of Fame.

Westbrook won the 2012 Olympics and 2014 World Cup while representing the USA, despite the fact that he has yet to win the NBA championship.

7. Chris Paul

  • New Orleans Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunders, Phoenix Suns

“CP3” Chris Paul exemplifies the role of a point guard by establishing the offense and making shots when necessary.

Paul is recognized as the best small-ball two-way player in NBA history. Paul is a skilled passer and dribbler. Additionally, he is a proficient shooter who can score from both inside and outside the arc. Similar to how his incredible court vision helped him win 4 assists titles, his incredible defense helped him earn 6 thefts.

Chris Paul (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, his defense, which he uses to lock out opponents with strong effort, is one of the best features of his game. Paul’s talent is highlighted by his selection to the 9 All-NBA team, 9 All-NBA defense team, and 11 All-Star teams. He will still be regarded as one of the best point guards of all time, despite criticism that he didn’t win any championships in the latter part of his career.

6. John Stockton

  • Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz’s longtime floor general, John Stockton, has guided them to two NBA championship games. But Jordan Bulls defeated him in both contests. Similarly, Stockton is among the NBA’s most underrated players, mostly as a result of Karl Malone’s fame. However, Stockton is renowned for managing the game’s tempo and pace.

With an NBA record 15,806 assists, the guy is recognized as one of the league’s top passers. He also topped the NBA in assists for 9 straight seasons. With 3,265 career steals, Stockton also holds the record for most NBA steals. He wasn’t just bad for the defense of the opposition; he was also a great perimeter defender.

John Stockton playing for Jazz

A similar undiscovered fact about Stockton is his tenacity and loyalty. He only missed 22 games in his 19 seasons in the NBA. He played his entire career for Jazz despite other clubs trying to entice him with more salaries. By the end of his career, he had been selected for 10 All-Star games and two NBA First Team teams. John Stockton was later inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

5. Steve Nash

  • Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2x NBA MVP

Despite what some may claim, there are primarily two reasons why Steve Nash is ranked fifth. First of all, Nash earned his two NBA MVP honors back-to-back without the assistance of teammates who were on the verge of being elected into the Hall of Fame.

Additionally, for nine consecutive years, he guided his team to the greatest offensive rating in the NBA. As the team’s captain, Nash elevated his colleagues to the level of all-star players. Nash was one of the most lethal floor generals, finding his teammates with precise passes and making his signature layups and three-pointers.

Steve Nash (Source: Wikipedia)

Full offensive arsenal Nash is the first player in NBA history to average 10 APG while recording 50-40-90 three times. He also five times topped the NBA in assists during his career. On his resume, he also lists 3 First Team All NBA selections and 8 All-Star NBA appearances. Steve Nash was later admitted to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

4. Jerry West

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1x NBA champion

Jerry West comes next on our list of the greatest point guards ever. Of course, the fact that West is the NBA logo alone is sufficient evidence of his greatness. West had strong offensive and defensive play. His nomination to 10 First Team All-NBA teams and 14 All-Star appearances attest to his greatness during his playing career.

He was able to make plays like a point guard and shoot like a shooting guard. He was also a standout shot blocker, rebounder, and man-to-man defender. West made the choice every year up until his retirement after the NBA’s introduction of the All-Defensive team.

Jerry West (Source: Wikipedia)

He was the league’s top scorer in 1969–70, averaging 31.2 PPG, and later in 1972, he took over as the league’s top assister. West has legendary postseason numbers despite losing 8 NBA finals. For instance, the Lakers’ West averaged 40.6 PPG in the 1965 playoffs, compared to 32.9 PPG from 1965 through 1967.

In 1972, the year he won his first NBA championship, West was also awarded Finals MVP. He was later admitted to the NBA Hall of Fame in 1979. West established a new legacy after retiring, this time as a general manager. The “Show Time Lakers” and another “Millennium Team” that West put together helped the Lakers win eight titles.

3. Oscar Robertson

  • Cincinnati Royals, Milwaukee Bucks
  • 1x NBA champion, 1x NBA MVP

Oscar Robertson was the NBA’s top point guard prior to 1980. Robertson, who stood 6 feet 5 inches tall, was considerably larger than most guards of the era. He is the creator of the Michael Jordan-famous head fake and fadeaway jumper.

Only Robertson came close to averaging a triple-double in his rookie season, tallying 30.5 PPG, 9.7 RPG, and 10.1 RPG. Robertson is also the first NBA player to have a triple-double season. He tallied 31 PPG, 13 RP, and 11 APPG during the 1961–62 campaign.

Oscar Robertson congratulating Russell Westbrook after surpassing his triple-double record

In addition, his 181 triple-doubles are second all-time. Robertson joined Bucks as his career came to a close. Later, in 1971, he captured his one and only championship. Not to mention, Robertson was named to the All-NBA First Team nine times and was an All-Star 12 times. Robertson was twice inducted into the Hall of Fame: in 1980 for his individual career and in 2010 for his participation in the 1960 USA Olympic team.

2. Stephen Curry

  • Golden State Warriors
  • 3x NBA champion/ 2x NBA MVP

Stephen Curry, who is only in his 12th year of playing, is already one of the best players in NBA history. Curry, however, will be able to claim the top place after his career is up. Curry is the NBA’s most innovative player. Curry’s three-pointer used to be a backup shot.

Stephen Curry (Source: Instagram)

Later, he made the most of his 3-pointers and demonstrated to teams and guards how devastating 3-point shooting could be. The best shooter of all time is thought to be Steph. Curry trails Ray Allen in 3-point field goals made by by 141. With his rapid release and ball handling, Curry can score from any position and against any defender.

Curry has won the MVP award twice, and in 2016, he made history by being the first MVP to receive a unanimous vote. Curry, a future Hall of Famer, has already made the NBA All-Star squad seven times and made the First Team of the All-NBA three times. Additionally, he has won the world cup twice.

1. Magic Johnson

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • 5x NBA champion/ 3x NBA MVP

The greatest point guard in NBA history is Magic Johnson. Curry is reducing the gap, but Magic maintains his lead for the time being. He gains a little advantage in the discussion. He was a magician with the ball, true to his moniker. Johnson was a versatile player who was capable at passing, scoring, and regaining the ball.

Jhonson, the Lakers’ passing guru, elevated transitional basketball to a new level. His tenacity and leadership also helped Showtime Lakers win 5 titles. The records for the most assists in a playoff game (21), the NBA Finals (21), and the total number of assists (2,346) are all still standing for Johnson.

Magic Johnson posting up Michael Jordan.

With 138 to his name, he also holds the third-most triple-doubles in NBA history. Johnson not only captured the hearts of NBA fans with his smile and fire, but also won five MVP awards. He was selected for 12 All-Star games and 12 All-NBA First Teams by the end of his career.

At the young age of 32, he was forced to retire but made a stunning comeback to play for the “Dream Team” in the 1992 Olympics. Magic Johnson has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame twice: once in 2002 for his individual career and again in 2010 as a part of the “Dream Team.”