Best way to fully Block Sponsorship Ads on YouTube and Facebook

There is no exact way to block a specific sponsor on your YouTube account. YouTube’s sponsorship system works by letting users to become channel members or sponsors, with benefits such as unique badges and emojis. However, as a creator, you are unable to block a specific sponsor from your material.

If you’re having problems with a certain sponsor ads or receiving inappropriate comments you can take the following steps:

. Moderate Comments:

Enable comment moderation on your videos to evaluate and approve comments before they are posted publicly. This allows you to filter out improper or unwelcome remarks.

. Community Guidelines:

Establish explicit community norms for your channel. If a sponsor violates these criteria with their remarks or actions, you may warn them or prohibit them from commenting.

. Report Inappropriate Behavior:

If a sponsor’s actions violate YouTube’s community guidelines or terms of service, please report them to YouTube. You can do this by clicking the three dots next to their comment and selecting the “Report” button.

YouTube Community Guidelines, VIa; YouTube

. Disable Sponsorship:

If the problem remains and the sponsor continues to behave irresponsibly, you should consider temporarily suspending your channel’s sponsorship option. Keep in mind that this may affect your income, so use it as a last resort.

YouTube Sponsorship

. Private or Unlisted Videos:

For exceptionally sensitive content or circumstances, consider keeping specific videos private or unlisted, thereby limiting their visibility to your target audience.

. Contact YouTube Support:

If you are having serious troubles with a sponsor, you can contact YouTube’s support team and describe the situation to see if they can help.
It’s crucial to realize that YouTube’s platform and regulations can change over time. So, if you’re having a specific problem with a sponsor, consult YouTube’s support guidelines or contact their support team for the most up-to-date information on how to handle such issues.

There are many ways to stop Facebook and YouTube ads.

Block Facebook ads:

VPN Connection:

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with servers in countries such as Albania, Myanmar, or Moldova, where YouTube does not display advertisements.

YouTube Premium

To enjoy an ad-free experience and other features. Also it provides many features other than just YouTube.

Ad-Blocking Extension:

We can suggest you to use the Ad-Blocking Extension such as: uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, or AdAway) in your browser. However, we are not suggesting privately to use the following extensions, cause you are free to use anyone which suits you or have a better results.

Ad-Blocker Browser:

Use a browser that is specifically built to block ads, such as Brave.


Set up Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi to prevent advertisements across the network.

Use a customized YouTube app:

You can also use the modified YouTube App, which removes ads.


Explore third-party software meant to block YouTube advertisements.

Offline watching:

Save YouTube videos for offline watching to avoid advertising.

Specific Ad Blocking:

Block only the ads that irritate you. For this you have to manually, reports the ads with giving specific cause for block.

Block Facebook ads:

Ad Blocker Extension:

Install a reputable ad blocker extension (such as Total Adblock or others) in your browser.

Ad Preferences:

Using Facebook’s Ad preferences, you can control the types of advertising you see.

Hide Ads:

In Facebook settings, you can hide individual advertising or all ads from particular advertisers.

Use a privacy-focused browser:

There are many private browsers such as Brave, which blocks advertisements by default.

Report Ads:

We can report any intrusive or inappropriate ads that came on your Facebook.

Note: Remember to use legal and ethical means to prevent advertisements while respecting content creators and platform ecosystems. Enjoy ad-free browsing!

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