Beth Jordan Mynett

Facts of Beth Jordan Mynett

Full Name Beth Jordan Mynett
Height 5.10cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1965//
Birth Country America
Birth Place United States
Ethnicity white

Beth Jordon Mynett is the estranged ex-wife of Tim Mynett, the current husband of Somali born Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Jordan was recently in the limelight for her divorce case with former husband and the allegations that she placed on him of cheating with the American politician Omar. So, today we get to know the details of her relationship, married life, and many more.

Who Are Tim Mynett and Beth Jordan Mynett?

American doctor Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett serves as the Medical Director for the DC Department of Corrections. She was married to Tim Mynett, a political strategist and adviser. In terms of education, Beth is a University of Arizona College of Medicine alumna. At the University Medical Center and Veterans Administration in Tucson, Arizona, she then finished her residency in medicine.

Beth Jordan Mynett is a successful doctor.
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Tim’s ex-wife has over 20 years of experience working as an administrator and a clinician. Given that she served as the Medical Director for the National Association for Reproductive Health, one of her accomplishments is that she is acknowledged as an authority on women’s reproductive rights.

Mynett studied Political Science at the State University of Albany and received his degree there. He currently works with politicians to provide his high-level expertise in developing strategic plans and services as an active partner at the E Street Group.

Tim Mynett and Beth Jordan’s Married Life

After cohabiting for six years, Beth Jordan Mynett and Tim Mynett got married back in 2012. Before things became official, the couple had a child together and later got married.

Beth Jordan Mynett, her ex-husband Tim Mynett and Ilhan Omar.
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When Beth and Tim welcomed their son home in February 2006, they were each 25 years old. Despite Jordan’s apparent insistence on marriage and threats to have her Mynett evicted from the home, the couple continued to live together as usual. He consented to marry Beth so he could be with his son and stepdaughter. You may also like to know about Shalom Lemel.

Case of Beth Jordan Mynett’s divorce

Following the disclosure of Tim Mynett and Ilhan Omar’s potential love affair, Beth filed for divorce and asked for full custody of their 13-year-old son, as well as child support and complete management of the couple’s D.C. home. She claims that she doesn’t have confidence in her husband’s ability to manage their son’s relationship with the congresswoman.

Tim Mynett and his fiance Ilhan Omar. Photo Source: Daily Mail

Additionally, Beth asserted that her cheating husband had told her about his relationship with Omar back in April. Although she eventually acknowledged in court that she was prepared to fight for the marriage, Tim had already ended it.

What is Beth Jordan Mynett’s net worth?

Net worth has not yet been verified. Tim Mynett’s estimated net worth, however, ranges from $1.5 million to $2 million USD. Mynett graduated from the State University of Albany with a degree in political science. He is currently an active partner with the E Street Group, where he develops strategic ideas and services and offers top-tier counsel to politicians.