Biagio Venditti

Quick Facts

Real Name Roman Biagio Venditti.
In Limelight Di4ries (2022).
Profession Actor.
Age 15 years old.
Birth Date August 15, 2007.
Birth Place Trasacco, Abruzzo, Italy.
Lives in Rome, Italy.
Gender Male.
Nationality Italian.
Zodiac Leo.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: –.
Mother: –.
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Love Life
Marital Status Not married.
Single | Engaged Single.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 62.
Pounds: 136.6 lbs.
Height feet: 5’8″.
meters: 1.72 m.
centimeters: 172 cm.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.
Television Di4ries (2022).
Don Matteo 11 (2017).
Un passo dal cielo 4 (2016).
Tutti insieme all’improvviso (2015).
Movies Il giardino dei numeri (2016).
Net worth $379k.
Athletics Swimming.

Italian actor Roman Biagio Venditti, 15, was born on August 15, 2007, and despite his youth, he has a wealth of expertise. The boy participated in a Gabriele Mainetti-shot American fast food commercial, beating out more than 100 peers in the tryouts, demonstrating his work in the advertising industry. He gained notoriety in the acting world thanks to his portrayal of Giulio Toffolo in “Don Matteo 11” (2017).

Who is Biagio Venditti, actor in Di4ries?

After being cast as Daniele Parisi in the high school drama “Di4ries” on Netflix, which debuted on July 26, Venditti gained notoriety in 2022. Biagio’s performance in the role is probably one of the most demanding and intense, proving his mastery of it. Young, skilled actors like Liam Nicolosi, Andrea Arru, Flavia Leone, and Sofia Nicolini are all present in the show.

How old is Biagio Venditti?

Roman Biagio Venditti (age 15) was born in Trasacco, Abruzzo, Italy, on August 15, 2007. Biagio was raised in Rome when his family relocated there not long after he was born. He only began learning to dance when he was 4 years old. He currently focuses on freestyle and hip hop.

Venditti stated in an interview that he enjoyed talking and expressing himself in front of a screen when he was six years old. I spoke on the phone while activating the camera, expressing my feelings and what was occurring to me in a very expressive manner. In this way, a passion that I never would have thought would lead me to Netflix was born. He took part in the Thirty Hours for Life campaign in 2013, and three years later, he was given a spot on the Don Matteo set.

Height and Weight

Biagio Venditti is approximately 62 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He has a gifted physique and attractive appearance. His eyes are brown and also hair is brown.

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Is There a Connection Between Sofia Nicolini and Biagio Venditti?

Following his appearance on “Di4ries,” Biagio’s name began to be associated with that of his co-star Sofia Nicolini. The couple can be seen hugging in some of the web photos that have been circulating. Our team decided to look further and uncover the truth because there was so much rumors. We looked at Venditti’s Instagram account, but found nothing odd.

Biagio Venditti with Sofia Nicolini(Source: Celebsweek)

In actuality, all of the young performers grew close during the filming of “Di4ries.” They frequently post pictures of the group having a good time together. There is no interaction between Sofia and Biagio.

How Did the Career of Biagio Venditti Begin?

Biagio only began learning dance when he was 4 years old. He also developed a specialty in freestyle and hip-hop dancing during his artistic career, and at age 6, he participated in the Thirty Hours for Life campaign. He discovered a spot on the Don Matteo set three years later (2017).

Biagio Venditti(Source:

Like many young people his age, he studied acting online. His aim was to appear in a well-known Netflix series. When he was offered the role of Daniele Parisi in Di4ri, his wish was granted. Venditti has also worked on a few more works, such as “Un passo dal cielo 4” (2016) and “Tutti insieme all’improvviso” (2015).

Net worth & Source of Income

Biagio Venditti is now thought to have a net worth of about $379k as of 2022. The majority of this money is the result of his successful acting career.

As of yet, Biagio has not disclosed anything about his yearly compensation. Sadly, the internet does not contain any trustworthy estimations for these numbers.


What year was Biagio Venditti born?

In 2022, the young Italian artist will be 15 years old.

What year was Biagio Venditti born?

August 15, 2007.

In “Di4ries,” who portrayed Daniele Parisi?

Biagio Venditti, that is.

Do Biagio Venditti and Sofia Nicolini date each other?

They are simply pals.

What is the username on Instagram for Biagio Venditti?


How tall is Biagio Venditti?

5’8″ (172 cm) (172 cm).

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