Bianca Beets

Quick Facts

Full Name Bianca Beets
Birth Name Bianca
Profession reality TV star
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Birth Country United States
Father Name Tony Beets
Father Profession Gold Prospector And Miner
Mother Name Minnie Beets
Sibilings Kelvin Beets, Michale Beets, and Monica Beets
Religion chirstianity

Bianca Beets is a reality TV star and a miner from Canada. She is most known for being the daughter of Tony Beets, the renowned Canadian gold prospector, and proprietor of the Tamarack Gold Mines.

She’s also been in the Discovery series Gold Rush with her parents and three siblings. Scroll down to get more information about her personal life.


Bianca Beets is of mixed racial and ethnic heritage and is a citizen of Canada. She is thirty years old, to be precise. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She was born in the American continent. Her mother’s name is Minnie Beets, and her father’s name is Tony Beets. Her three siblings are Kevin Beets, Monica Beets, and Mike Beets. Magda and Klaus Beets were her paternal grandparents. Her birthdate has not yet been made public.

Regarding her schooling, Bianca is a smart woman who graduated with honors, but the identity of the university she attended is kept a secret.

Bianca Beets is she married?

Bianca Beets has not yet wed, hence she does not currently have a husband. Even if she is in a relationship, there is no information about her affair. She is a reserved individual who values privacy; as a result, she avoids talking about her romantic relationships. On top of that, she doesn’t appear to be active on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Tony Beets, Bianca Beets’ father, mother, and sister
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However, her mother Minnie Beets and father Tony Beets got hitched in 1984. Almost 36 years into their marriage, they are still going strong.

Although they are neighbors, the siblings didn’t start dating until they were adults. The couple exchanged wedding vows in 1984. The couple then traveled to Canada.

They had five children while they were married, but Jasmine passed away just over two and a half months after her birth. Bianca Beets, Kelvin Beets, Michael Beets, and Monica Beets are their four kids.

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Who is Bianca Beets’ father?

Bianca’s father, Tony Beets, is a Canadian gold prospector and miner. He also owns the Tamarack Gold Mines in Canada’s Yukon Territory’s Klondike region. The renowned Canadian gold prospector is another name for him. He frequently appeared on the Gold Rush television program on the Discovery Channel.

Tony Beets, a gold prospector and miner
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He gained notoriety as a gold prospector, and his adventures turned him into a legend. He started out as a gold miner during the early part of the season. After that, he found employment at a gold mine in the Yukon. He started his mining career after that and hasn’t looked back since.

The rest of the world is aware of him thanks to the Discovery Channel episode Gold Rush. Tony and his family made their television debut in Gold Rush’s second season in 2010, where families collaborated on the Paradise Hill claim.


Canadian reality television actress Bianca Beets started working with her father when she was 12 years old. She has collaborated with her three siblings, Mike Beet, Kevin Beet, and Monica Beet. The Gold Rush program was broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Bianca Beets Photograph
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Bianca served as a Supervisor on Paradise Hill during the program. She was a star on the show, but she no longer cares about the mining business owned by her family. She currently plays the lead in the show, but in the years to come, she doesn’t seem interested in Gold Rush and seems to be following her undetermined route.

What is The income and Net Worth of Bianca Beets?

A television star named Bianca Beets is thought to be worth $500,000 overall. She worked on a reality show and earned this large cash. In contrast, it’s estimated that her father’s net worth is at $15 million.

The well-known television personality also leads a lavish lifestyle. In addition to mining and panning for gold, Tony works and makes about $27,000 per episode. In addition to a floating industrial bucket worth $1 million, Beets owns a red Mercedes Convertible worth $145,000.