Birkan Sokullu

Have you ever seen Turkish dramas or films? If so, you may be familiar with Birkan Sokullu, a highly attractive and skilled Turkish actor. When the film “Little Secrets” was released, he came to the attention of the media. In the film Conqueror, Birkan also played the role of Prince Mustafa.

However, the 35-year-old Turkish man Birkan Sokullu has been living a respectable lifestyle and has been dating the stunning model Eda Gurkaynak for some time. Visit this page to learn everything there is to know about your favorite actor, Sokullu.

Quick Facts

Who is Birkan Sokullu?

Birkan Sokullu was born on October 6, 1985, in Istanbul, a stunning city in Turkey. His grandfather immigrated from Bosnia to Turkey, where he was born. As a result, Sokullu is of mixed ethnicity while having Turkish nationality. The actor informed them about his early hobbies and schooling, but he withheld information about his parents.

Birkan Sokullu. Source: Instagram

Birkan attended a nearby high school where he became interested in basketball and participated in a number of games with his classmates. He also attended Maltepe University, where he honed another programming skill for radio and television.

He also used to model for regional brands, but he eventually joined Dolunay Soysert and finished his acting training.

How did Birkan Sokullu start her career?

Birkan began working in various commercials and advertising after graduating from acting classes. Birkan’s diligence and hard work helped him secure his first film appearance in 2008. Levent was the character he played in the movie Melekler Korusun.

The crowd responded quite favorably to the film and appreciated Birkan’s performance. As a result, in the year that followed, he was cast in another movie, Elif, as Mustafa. The movie had a big influence on the Turkish box office, which was Birkan Sokullu’s biggest break through.

Furthermore, after a lengthy absence from Kucuk Sircar, he made another huge reappearance in 2010. He brought the character of Demir to life in the movies. Birkan even had an appearance in the movie Hayat Sarkis.

What is the relationship status of Birkan Sokullu?

Birkan Sokullu girlfriend, 2021 Source :

The dashing Turk has promised Eda Gurkaynak that they would live together starting in 2021. She had earned an IB diploma and was also an Istanbul native. There isn’t any other information available than this. The couple used to exchange a lot of images, showing that they were content to be together.

Former Partnerships of Birkan Sokullu

Birkan Sokullu has a lengthy history of affairs and dating, despite the fact that he is devoted to a sincere partnership right now. Burcu Biricik, an actress who starred alongside Sokullu in the movie Hayat Sarkis, and Birkin were romantically involved. They had a daughter after being together for a while. They split up soon after, and nothing more was heard of them. Similar to this, Birkan wed Asli Enver on July 13, 2012, a stunning actress. Nevertheless, on August 26, 2015, they also divorced after three years of marriage.

Birkan Sokullu and Ex-girlfriend Burcu Biricik Source :

He never had kids with the actress Asli Enver. Following the separation from Asli, Birkan began dating another well-known model, Berrak Tuzunatac. But sadly, things did not work out, and the relationship quickly ended. Since that time, Birkan and Berrak have not been together at any occasions or locations.

What is the net worth of Birkan Sokullu?

Birkan Sokullu, the most diverse and gifted actor in Turkey, has amassed a sizable wealth via his work and occupation. In various movies and TV shows, he played a number of well-known parts. The specifics of Birkan’s income and net worth are unknown, though. However, other web sites claim that as of 2023, his net worth was over $2 Million.

Is Birkan Sokullu socially active?

With significant fan bases on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Birkan Sokullu is active on these platforms. He has roughly 8K followers on one Instagram account with the name “@Officialbirkinsokullu” and 879K followers on two Instagram accounts with the name “@birkansokullu1.” Similar to how he also has 15.7K followers on Twitter under the handle @Birkan Sokullu and 179K followers on Facebook with the identity @Birkan Sokullu.

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