Bob Woodward

Facts of Robert Upshur Woodward:

Full Name Robert Upshur Woodward
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1943/3/23
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Geneva, Illinois, United States
Horoscope Aries
Ethnicity White
Father Name Alfred E. Woodward
Mother Name Jane Upshur
Sexual Orientation Straight

Bob Woodward is one of those strong personalities who dedicated his life to the field of journalism. Interestingly, he is an investigative journalist who worked for ‘The Washington Post.’ In fact, he rose to global fame during the investigation of the Watergate scandal alongside colleague Carl Bernstein. The case was so big that it led to numerous government investigations and the resignation of President Richard Nixon. So, grab all the details about the net worth, early life and married life of Bob Woodward in this article.

Bob Woodward: Who Is He?

The Washington Post has employed renowned non-fiction author and journalist Bob Woodward since 1971. When Woodward received a tip about a break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C., he was working as a reporter for a newspaper. In the end, Woodward and colleague Carl Bernstein were able to link the break-in to the highest echelons of the Nixon government.

One of two Post Pulitzers earned through Woodward’s efforts was given to The Washington Post in 1973 for its reporting, and Woodward and Berstein came to be associated with investigative journalism. You may also like to know about Deyjah Imani Harris.

Early Years

Robert Upshur Woodward was born to Jane and Alfred Woodward in Geneva, Illinois, on March 26, 1943. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1965 after getting his undergraduate degree from Yale University and completed a five-year tour of duty there. Woodward obtained a reporting work at the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland after receiving his discharge from the Navy.

The next year, he quit the paper to work for The Washington Post. The young journalist’s career transition will soon prove to be a sensible one.

Coverage of Watergate

In 1972, Woodward discovered one of the most significant tales of his career just a few months into his new post. He and colleague Post reporter Carl Bernstein were asked to look into a break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. In the end, Woodward made a connection between the intrusion and the highest echelons of President Richard Nixon’s government.

Several Post articles that were written by the Woodward-Bernstein duo as part of their investigation into the issue were first criticized but then corroborated by Ron Ziegler, the White House press secretary. In May 1973, Ziegler apologized to the Washington Post as well as to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, noting that they “have relentlessly pursued this subject and they deserve the credit and are receiving the credit.” You may also like to  know about Ian Kessner.

What is the Net Worth of Bob Woodward as a journalist?

Bob Woodward never had to worry about his wealth because he spent decades working in the media. He currently has the position of associate editor at The Washington Post, which greatly boosts his wealth. He is thought to make about $91,737 year, which also happens to be The Washington Post’s average editor salary. In particular, as of August 2022, he had accumulated a startling net worth of $20 million.

Bob Woodward amasses a net worth of $15 million as of 2020. Source: Twitter

When he and Carl Bernstein were given the assignment to cover the Watergate Scandal in June 1972, Woodward gained notoriety. Unexpectedly, he and his partner were successful in exposing a number of unethical tactics used by President Nixon’s reelection organization, which ultimately contributed to his demise

Deep Throat, Woodward’s covert informant, assisted him throughout the inquiry. They published a book on the burglary case after the incident called “All the President’s Men,” which shot to the top of the bestseller list.

Woodward began his career in The Washington Post in 1971, and despite being in his late 70s, he is still employed today. He received honors like the Heywood Broun Award, George Polk Award, and Sigma Delta Chi Award as a result of his contributions to journalism.

Marriage in Bob Woodward’s Life

Bob Woodward is well renowned for his journalism successes, but sadly, his personal life wasn’t as successful. He has split from Frances Kuper and Katheleen Middlekauff twice. In 1966, he initially got married to Katheleen Middlekauff, the director of the Simpson Centre and his high school sweetheart, but the union was short-lived. As a result, they divorced in 1969 and split up.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein led the investigation of Watergate scandal. Source: Biography

In an effort to move on, Woodward married Frances Kuper in 1974, but that relationship also didn’t work out. As a result, the couple separated in 1979. He wed Elsa Walsh, a journalist for The New Yorker, in the hopes of getting lucky a third time. As they both worked in the same field, the two became a powerful team. The couple is blissfully still dating and have two kids together.

The Childhood of Bob Woodward

Robert Upshur Woodward, sometimes known as Bob Woodwark, was born in Geneva on March 26, 1943, and grew up in Wheaton, Illinois. He was born to Jane Woodward and her lawyer father Alfred Eno Woodward II, the top judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court, in a middle-class household. Unfortunately, while he was only twelve years old, his parents got divorced. He has a common ancestry with his brother and sister, just like his other siblings.

Bob Woodward is a associate editor in The Washington Post. Source: The Magazine

Regarding his education, he received a scholarship from the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps to attend Yale College. After receiving his B.A. in 1965, he started a five-year tour of duty in the US Navy. In addition, he attended Harvard Law School after receiving his lieutenant’s release from the Navy in August 1970. The rest is history since that time when he applied for a job at The Washington Post.