Brahman Galanti

Quick Facts:

Full Name: Brahman Galanti
Born Date: July 24, 1973
Age: 48 years
Horoscope: Leo
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Stone: Ruby
Lucky Color: Gold
Best Match for Marriage: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Gender: Male
Profession: Celebrity ex-husband
Country: United States
Marital Status: divorce
Divorce Lyssa Chapman
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Place Hawaii
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Kids Two (Madalynn Grace Galanti, Serena Galanti)

Brahman “Bo” Galanti rose to fame from his marital relationship with Lyssa Chapman. He was married to former bail bondswoman and bounty hunter, Lyssa Chapman, aka Baby Lyssa. Although their marriage ship sank way too fast, it was long enough to make Brahman the topic of many headlines. Let’s learn more about the former lover and why they separated on this article?

Bio of Brahman Galanti

Brahaman Galanti, Baby Lyssa’s ex-husband, was born in Oahu, Hawaii, on July 24, 1973. He will turn 48 in July 2021, and as of 2020, he is already 47 years old. He has a mixed racial heritage despite being an American by ethnicity.

Speaking of his parents, Galanti appears to be rather close to them, although he has unluckily given very little information on either of them. There are no specifics about his academic background, but he is unquestionably well-educated.

Lyssa Chapman’s ex-husband is named Brahman Galanti.

In case you weren’t aware, Galanti was married to his ex-wife Lyssa Chapman. On February 20, 2009, they were united in marriage, and the occasion was Oahu, Hawaii.

Brahman Bo Galanti And His Wife Lyssa With Her Parents On The Wedding Day

How, then, did Bo and Lyssa originally get together? The Sun reports that the pair had been together for about four to five years prior to their wedding. When Brahman was attempting to overcome his heroin addiction, they met while he was with her parents. Duan, Lyssa’s father, at the time assisted addicts in becoming clean.

When discussing their first encounter with The Sun, Lyssa said,

I really met Bo through his recovery program. My parents, who frequently worked with those in recovery, used to employ individuals to do odd jobs around the house.

While they were dating and eventually got married, their marriage lasted only about two years before things started to go south.

Galanti’s abuse and drug addiction caused him to get divorced.

After 14 years, Bo, who had previously struggled with addiction, relapsed shortly after getting married. He started using drugs and treated his ex-wife Baby Lyssa horribly.

He allegedly mistreated Chapman on numerous occasions, including on the eve of the 2010 New Year. Soon after, he started using drugs very regularly and started abusing his wife more frequently. Even after Lyssa ejected him from the house, he returned and continued his actions. In response, Chapman stated:

In October, she ejected him from the home, but he returned. He’s been ejected by her several times. Her back was harmed by him. gave her black eye, bruises, and contusions.

Despite her best efforts, Lyssa sought counseling where she was advised to dissolve her marriage because she did not want to involve the authorities in the situation. A couple’s close friend said,

The source claimed that she was perplexed. “But after that, they frequented counseling. Even the therapist advised her to end the marriage.

As a result, in February 2011, Brahman Galanti’s then-wife sought a divorce from him. Later that year, it was put into effect. You may also like to know about meeka leon.

What is Brahman Galanti doing at this time?

Brahman has been leading a respectable life since being released in 2020 after spending four years in jail on a charge. He has regained sobriety and is living a successful life. On rare occasions, he spends time with her and his girls. He has avoided the media and the spotlight, though.

In addition, he currently has his Instagram set to private. He has 76 followers on Twitter, where he is also active.

Why Did Lyssa Chapman, Brahman Galanti’s ex-wife, Divorce Him?

It’s vital to understand a little more about Brahman Galanti’s ex-wife, Lyssa Chapman “Baby Lyssa,” before setting sail to discover why she filed for divorce. We didn’t talk much because their love lives are mostly private, so there wasn’t much to discuss.

Galanti and his ex, Chapman divorce in February 2011.
Photo Source: Answer

Speaking of the reality television personality with whom Brahman shared a trip down the aisle, that occurred on February 20, 2009. In Oahu, Hawaii, they exchanged their vows during a ceremony for their loved ones.

The newlyweds’ relationship first seemed to be going well. Spending some quality time together allowed Brahman and Lyssa to welcome their daughter, Madalynn Grace Galanti, into the world.

Even though things between the ex-lovers appeared to be going well on the surface, they quickly started to unravel. Less than two years have passed since Brahman and Lyssa’s wedding, but their union has already failed. They were experiencing numerous issues.

According to sources, Brahman was the cause. He began acting violently within the home. He actually started behaving abusively against his ex, Lyssa. Although she first kept things private, his ex-wife went public in early 2011 and filed for divorce.

Personal Information for Brahman Galanti: Age, Parents, Siblings, and Education

It is well known how Brahman Galanti became famous. After getting married to former bounty hunter Lyssa Rae Chapman, he gained notoriety. She is the daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman, who starred in the A&E TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Galanti with his ex Lyssa and daughter Madalynn.
Photo Source: Instagram

As soon as news got out that he was dating Lyssa, Brahman’s ex-wife, who was a well-known star in the audience due to her appearance, he too stepped into the spotlight.

Brahman became well-known, but he never revealed his past to his followers; as a result, little is known about his formative years.

On Brahman’s early life, the internet only knows that he was born on July 24, 1973. He was raised by his family in Hawaii, a US state. He also has dual citizenship with the United States and is of mixed ethnicity. His parents and siblings were never revealed to the media, and nothing was written about his siblings either. You may also like to know about Brad Bratcher.

What is the Net Worth of Brahman Galanti?

Lyssa Chapman, Brahman Galanti’s ex-wife, is an adventure-loving fitness instructor. She also became well-known for her role as a bounty hunter on the television program Dog the Bounty Hunter. She engaged in a variety of other activities in the past that contributed to her notoriety.

Brahman was married to reality show star, Lyssa Chapman.
Photo Source: Famous Fix

The ex-wife of Brahman currently has a clothing line of her own. Additionally, she has a tanning shop. However, unlike his ex, Brahman has not yet made his professional life public. It’s difficult to determine his exact financial situation because no one in the media has any information about his job.

The range of Brahman’s estimated net worth is $200,000. Yes, as of 2022, he has a six-figure net worth. But when it comes to Lyssa, his ex-wife, she has an impressive net worth of $500,000.


Who is the ex-spouse of Brahman Galanti?

Lyssa Chapman, popularly known as Baby Lyssa, was the daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of A&E TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter. Brahman Galanti was married to Lyssa.

What is the name of the Galanti Daughter of the Brahman?

The name of Brahman Galanti is Madalynn Grace Galanti.


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