Brandon Perea

Quick Facts

Real Name Brandon Perea.
In Limelight Nope (2022).
Profession Actor.
Age 27 Years old.
Birth Date May 25, 1995.
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Lives in Los Angeles.
Gender Male.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Gemini.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: Joe Perea. 

Mother: —

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Love Life
Marital Status Not married.
Single | Engaged Engaged.
Girlfriend BKLYNN.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 62.4. 

Pounds: 137.5 lbs.

Height feet: 5′ 8″. 

centimeters: 172.7 cm.

meters: 1.72 m.

Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.
Television The OA (2016–2019). 

Doom Patrol (2020).

Movies Dance Camp (2016). 

How Far (2019).

Oh, Sorry (2020).

Delivery (2021).

American Insurrection (2021).

Nope (2022).

Net worth $653k.
Athletics BMX. 

Roller Skating.

Dance Breakdance.

Brandon Perea is a competitive BMX rider and actor from Chicago, Illinois, who was born on May 25, 1995. He had no formal training prior to starting his career in acting. He simply followed the flow and put on fantastic performances. In films like “Delivery” and “American Insurrection,” Perea has appeared. He also appeared in the 2016 smash television program “The OA.”

Know Brandon Perea, the “Nope” actor

After playing the title role of Angel Torres in the sci-fi horror film “Nope” in 2022, Brandon gained notoriety. On July 22, the movie was released in theaters to enthusiastic reviews. This play’s narrative revolves around some locals in a distant Californian village who uncover something strange and uncanny.

Where is Brandon Perea from?

Brandon Perea, now 27 years old, was born at his parents’ home in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, on May 25, 1995. We were able to learn that Joe, Brandon’s father, is Puerto Rican and his mother is Filipino through our reliable sources. The actor said that his father introduced him to cinema in a recent interview. They used to frequent movie theaters frequently and view a lot of movies.

Brandon Perea(Source: Insider)

He developed a fondness for skating and became proficient at BMX tricks as he grew older. Perea stated during an interview that his mother has always been a huge supporter of his career decisions. Then took him to buy a skateboard when he told her he wanted to become a skateboarder, and she went him to get skates when he said he wanted to learn to skate. She never wavered in her commitment to her son.

Height & weight

He is a well-known and accomplished American actor. He started working when he was very young. There is no information about his weight or height on this page. His hair and eyes are both gorgeous. Every Fan Follow this post to learn all the information about Brandon Which is provided on this website.

Who is dating Brandon Perea?

We discovered that he is dating a stunning brunette through his Instagram handle. BKLYNN is the name of Perea’s girlfriend, and she is the creator of the company “Out Of Pocket Projects.” The young lady even goes to movie events with Brandon.

Brandon Perea and his girlfriend(Source: Instagram)

His girlfriend enjoys adventure just as much as Perea does. She enjoys engaging in hobbies like skydiving, hiking, and rock climbing. By typing “bklynn_” into the Instagram search bar, you can access her account.

Professional Life

Brandon traveled to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting gigs after developing a solid career and making good money from roller skating. Even though he was only fifteen years old, he had the bravery to take a risk.

He discovered that acting hopefuls were in severe competition in LA. Before getting the part of Alfonso “French” Sosa in “The OA,” he had to endure thousands of “Nos.” He also made an appearance on “Dance Camp” that year.

In addition to films and television series, Brandon worked on the 2018 music video “Logic.” Additionally, he produced a few short films, such as “How Far,” “Delivery,” and “Oh, Sorry.”

Net worth & Source of Income

IL actor Brandon Perea is well known. Estimated net worth for Brandon Perea ranges from $653k USD.

We can see that he leads a lavish lifestyle and travels the world through his daily updates on social media posts and stories. He also owns a large bungalow and a personal luxury car. Actor is how Brandon Perea makes his money. His monthly salary is reportedly between 72K and 82K USD.

How Did Brandon Perea Get His “Nope” Role?

Perea explained in an interview how he got the part in “Nope.” “I remember getting an email indicating I had an audition for an untitled Jordan Peele movie,” he recalled. And when you see that, you start to feel a little anxious and think, “I want to do well.” I want to give this the greatest effort I can muster.

Because the screenplay I was given for the audition was only three pages long and rather straightforward—just a young person working at a store who seemed kind and asked, “Hey, how are you doing up?”—we prepared for the part differently. But I just increased the stakes because I wanted to go with a more authentic sense.

Me and my buddy came up with a notion of like, okay, what if they’re conversing in secret code and operating a covert Bitcoin operation that distributes drugs,” he continued. And because this is Jordan, let’s boost the stakes. He has an intricate mind. Let’s add complexity to this audition by going beyond what is written on the page. And I believe that’s what initially drew Jordan’s attention.

Brandon’s improvements to the character so impressed Peele that he revised the entire script and hired him to portray the part.

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How old is Brandon Perea?

27 (as of 2022).

When was Brandon Perea born?

the 25th of May, 1995.

What is the username for Brandon Perea’s Instagram account?

Brandon Perea.

Who portrayed Angel Torres in the movie “Nope”?

Brandon Perea, of course.

Who is Brandon Perea’s girlfriend’s name?


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