Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes is a former American football player who exemplified the sport’s virtues. When it comes to football, he defends his linebacker abilities. His name became well-known as a result of the manner he dealt with opponents.

He was one of the defendant team’s worst nightmares. His mere presence elevated the match he was participating in.

However, he retired early due to his career’s ups and downs. Despite this, Spikes was regarded as the best football player in the United States. His ability astounded the audience every time he performed.

Brandon Spikes had a very traumatic childhood. He was raised by his brother, who was later imprisoned for the charge of first-degree murder.

After a while, we will be discussing every controversy and tragedy of his life, so stick with us to know everything about Brandon Spikes.

Quick Facts

Full Name Brandon Spikes
Nickname Brandon, Brandon Spikes, Spikes
Father’s Name Not Mentioned
Mother’s Name Sherry Allen
Birth Date 3 September 1987
Age 34 years old
Birth Place Shelby, North Carolina, US
School Crest High School
University University of Florida
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Religion Not available
Weight Unavailable
Height 6’2″
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Not mentioned
Profession NFL player
  • Crest High School
  • University of Florida
Position Linebacker
Net Worth Approx. $9 million
Current Team Retired
Active Since 2010 – 2016
Siblings Brother – Breyon Middlebrooks
Spouse Lela Woods
Children Daughter – Name not mentioned
Agent Not mentioned
NFL Debut 2010
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Football Card, Autographed Photo
Last Update July 2022

Education and Early Life | Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes was born in Shelby, North Carolina, on September 3, 1987. It’s difficult to sum up his childhood in a single sentence.

While his mother, Sherry Allen, worked 12 hours a day at a fiberglass firm, Breyon Middlebrooks reared him.

Spikes is also recognized as the younger cousin of Takeo Spikes, a former NFL linebacker. Only seven linebackers in the NFL’s history had more than 200 career starts, including Takeo.

Brandon finished high school and received his diploma from Crest High School. After graduating from high school, the linebacker chose University of Florida over multiple other schools because it offered an athletic scholarship.

Bio of Brandon Spikes

Poor people make up Brandon’s family. Though he became well-known because of his talent and determination.

His career appears to be fairly identical to every other player that started out in school. Nevertheless, Spikes had a few unique characteristics.

For the Crest Chargers at Crest High School in Shelby, he was an outstanding high school football player. Coming out of high school, Spikes was thought to be one of the best linebacker prospects in the nation.

Later, Brandon was granted admission to the University of Florida on an athletic scholarship. From 2006 through 2009, he even participated in football games for Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer.

His professional career was then launched by the New England Patriots, who selected him in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Spikes joined the Patriots on a four-year deal and started at inside linebacker. Spikes got a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills after leaving the Patriots, although he was later fined $8,268 for a late hit on the Chicago Bears.

He was set to rejoin the Patriots for a single season, but a police probe led to his dismissal. To understand more about this police investigation, keep reading this article.

Following Patriot, Brandon once more agreed to a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills on August 7, 2016.

Right now, Brandon’s life takes place away from the football field. On the other hand, he regularly updates news on the clubs he has previously played for via his social media profiles.

Salary & Net Worth for Brandon Spikes

Because of his talent and success, many organizations were keen to sign Brandon.

His estimated net worth is $9 million US dollars, which is a significant sum. This amount of money enables him to maintain his opulent way of living.

Categorically, his net worth can be estimated through his career earnings;

Year Team Earnings
2010 New England Patriots $1,204,705
2011 New England Patriots $450,000
2012 New England Patriots $540.000
2013 New England Patriots $630,000
2014 Buffalo Bills $3,250,000
2015 New England Patriots $25,000
2016 Buffalo Bills $760,000

He played a total of 7 seasons combining both the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. He earned $2,849,705 from New England Patriots and $4,010,000 from Buffalo Bills.

Suspensions & Controversies

The real purpose and joy of life come from overcoming adversity. Spikes was suspended and implicated in scandals as well.

Brandon lived life to the fullest. He put in a lot of effort, proven himself, lived like a lion, and retired earlier than anticipated to spend time with his friends and family and unwind from his hectic working life.

Dispute Regarding His Brother

About his parents and personal life, Brandon Spikes has not made many disclosures. However, it is clear that he has a sibling by the name of Breyon Middlebrooks.

When his brother was found guilty, tragedy struck. Middlebrooks was convicted of first-degree murder and given a life term in prison in 2003 as a result of a narcotics deal that occurred in 2001.

Even though he was confined to the Laurinburg, North Carolina, bar, Scotland Correctional Institute, Middlebrooks used to watch his brother play every game. He used to correspond everyday with his brother.

Breyon may have committed a crime, yet he might still be seen as a good parent who supported his brother through difficult circumstances.

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Suspension and controversies

2012 saw Brandon write a tweet that, despite his clarification that it was a joke, quickly became the talk of the town.

I’m homophobic, just like I’m arachnophobic, he tweeted. Although I have nothing against homosexuals or spiders, if I discovered one in my bathtub, I would scream!

Spikes also shown his brash demeanor when he used an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit to attack quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. He was charged with carrying out an illegal hit.

Spikes received a $21,000 fine for the offense. Spikes was pursuing another player when his shoulder brushed Scott Chandler’s chin from the opposing squad. I don’t think I’ve done anything criminal, Spikes assured the reporters.

He and his girlfriend were once more entangled in a problem. The NFL launched an investigation after seeing Spikes’ 2010 Chatroulette video in which he and his partner engaged in sexual activity, which forced his agency to issue an apology.

Brandon Spikes received a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy. While Spikes excelled at playing football, many news reporters and players felt that he lacked some other attributes.

Police Charge and Investigation

Three people were hurt when the Patriots linebacker’s automobile, which had been hit from behind, was found abandoned in a highway median in 2015.

Although it was unclear who was driving, the driver of Spikes’ 2011 Mercedes Maybach claimed hitting a deer using the vehicle’s On-Star navigation system, according to a statement from Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio.

The Patriots declined to sign Spikes as a result of the event. The Buffalo Bills decided to sign him for a year as a result. He was then fired by the Patriots a year later.

Brandon Spikes: Spouse & Children

His professional careers are widely visible on Brandon’s social media. His family hasn’t received much attention from him.

Spikes wed his lover Lela Woods, and the two now have a loving, contented family. They have a daughter as well. Along with Aaron Hernandez, a teammate from Florida, the couple participated on an Oxygen show.

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Awards and Successes

His astounding performance never ceased to astound his fans. Spikes received fair compensation for his work, which is a real honor. He was also given many titles and recognized for his performance by numerous institutions and groups.


  • 2 times BCS national champion (2006, 2008)
  • 2 times Consensus All-American (2008, 2009)
  • 3 times First-team All-SEC (2007-2009)

Brandon Spikes | Social Media Presence

Brandon has a large pool of online fans on each media platform.

He has 118.2k followers on one of the most popular platforms, Twitter. His 37.5k tweets demonstrate his active presence on this site, indicating a high level of engagement.

Similarly, Brandon is also an active user of another social media giant Instagram. His id read @bspikes55 and got an amazing 30.5k followers.

Furthermore, his presence may be seen on Facebook as well.

He has a Facebook account with 11,170 followers. He also has a Spikes page where he talks about health and wellbeing.

(Note: Above mentioned data are as of May 2022)

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How many years did Brandon Spikes play in the NFL?

Brandon Spikes was in the NFL for a total of six years. From 2010 to 2013, he was a member of the New England Patriots for four years in a row. Similarly, he spent two seasons with the Buffalo Bills (2014 and 2015).

Are Brandon and Takeo Spikes related?

Brandon and Takeo Spikes are related by blood. Brandon Spikes’ uncle, Takeo Spikes, was also a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. Takeo complimented his cousin saying, “He’s a good football player.”