Brian Deegan

Quick Facts

Name Brian Deegan
Birth Place Omaha, Nebraska
Birth Date May 9, 1974
Nick Name Underflip
Age 48 years old
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Education $10 million
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name John Deegan
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Yes (2)
Height 5’9 ″ (1.75 m)
Weight 70kg (154lbs)
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Body Measurement Unknown
Martial Status Married
Wife Marissa Deegan
Kids Yes
Profession Motorcycle Racer, Race Car Driver & Businessman
Affiliation Chip Ganassi Racing, Olsbergs MSE
Net Worth $10 Million
Merch T-Shirt
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Last Update July, 2022

Do you know what double thrill means? I just came up with it for Brian Deegan. The American is not only a race car driver but also a professional motocross rider.

In addition, he is the owner of the Metal Mulisha clothing line.

Double danger, twice adrenaline, and double the fun are what I mean when I say “double thrill.” Brian is the absolute best at what he does and lives for the rush of excitement.

Despite this, Deegan’s daughter Hailie pursues a career in stock car racing, continuing her father’s legacy in the sport.

In a similar vein, she drives full-time in the ARCA Menards Series.

But enough about Hailie; we’ll cover her in greater detail in the following issue. But for the time being, let’s concentrate on Brian Deegan as a person.We’ll find out about his background in racing, wealth, and personal life! So, dear readers, stay tuned!

Early Life & Driving with Brian Deegan

In Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States, Brian Deegan was born on May 9, 1974. Additionally, the media is not made aware of his parents’ names or whereabouts.

For someone as well-known as Brian, it’s surprising that not much is known about his early years.

Early Brian Deegan

Only the information that Deegan left his home at the age of 17 after being declared legally independent is disclosed to the wider public. He also had a pickup, a dirt bike, and a credit card.

Even if this doesn’t say much, we can infer how diligently the driver worked to become the best in the world.

The essay will provide a wealth of information about Deegan’s rise to prominence even though only rallycross and motocross enthusiasts are aware of how important he is.

Brian Deegan | Height, Age, & Other Statistics

An aspiring racer was born in 1974. This racer, who is now 48 years old, is just as active in the sporting world as he was when he was a teenager.

The rider is between 65 and 70 kgs in weight and stands at a modest height of 5’9″ (1.75 m).

Additionally, as evidenced by some of the Nebraskan’s Instagram photos, he has a rather athletic build.Physical fitness is crucial to success in any activity, however it doesn’t exclude a larger guy from being a driver.

A rider needs to be flexible and observant whether they are competing in car or motorbike racing.

Deegan, in particular, is a workaholic and is extremely concerned with taking care of his physique; as a result, even at the age of 48, the man is still grinding as if he were a 20-year-old.

Career of Brian Deegan

Absolute beast and master of his craft, Brian Deegan is. People often aspire to achieve in all areas of their lives, but how much better is it when your passion becomes your job

As a result, the Nebraskan relishes each and every race. His two children inherit his enthusiasm and drive to enjoy life to the fullest, and they also aspire to greatness like their father Deegan did.

Brian started living his ambition at the age of 17, as was previously reported. The American had established himself as a professional for Team Moto XXX by the time he was 18 years old.

Posing with his truck is Brian Deegan.

At the same time, Deegan made history by landing the 360 Mulisha Twist at the X Games as the youngest and first professional rider ever.

While this might be the case, the pinnacle of Brian’s professional career was when he ghosted to the finish line at the LA Coliseum in 1997.

The motocross rider, however, was due for a severe reality check as Deegan shattered both his femur and wrists before becoming the first professional to perform a 360 at the Winter Games. It sounds painful, doesn’t it?


At the Rallycross X Games, Brian Deegan was the driver.

Failure is just a roadblock on the way to achievement, someone once said. The rider felt compelled to switch to driving after finishing fourth in the 2004 Summer X Games.

So, in 2009, Brian began competing in off-road races for the Unlimited Lites Division, defeating several professionals in the process.

Also at the LA Memorial Coliseum, Deegan finished behind Tanner Foust in second place in the Rally Car Racing competition.

Similar to this, in a Rally Car Super Rally, the American had to settle for second place once more after coming up short against Tanner Foust.

Nevertheless, Brian’s performance at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway earned him the World Championship title as well as a comfortable first-place result. It was staged in 2011 by the Traxxas TORC Series.

Similar to this, the Nebraskan was successful in taking first place in the Pro Lite Unlimited and Pro 2 classes in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

More about Brian Career

Brian, on the other hand, took up the challenge of operating a Metal Mulisha Monster Truck.

Sadly, Deegan suffered an injury during practise, and Todd LeDuc took his place to make the monster truck premiere at Houston, Texas’s Reliant Stadium.

The Nebraskan won the Pro 2 Off-Road Series’ second place award that same year.

As a Ford Fiesta driver in the Global RallyCross Championship, the former motocross rider has joined the OlsbergMSE squad.

In 2012, 2013, and 2014, Deegan finished fourth with the team, 12th overall, and second runner-up.

Brian’s contract to race was also extended in 2013. He consented to participate as a driver in the Pro Light Unlimited and Pro 2 series of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

Deegan secured a contract with Chip Ganassi in 2015 to participate in Global Rallycross. Alongside veteran motocross racer Jeff Ward, they were partners in the venture.

In contrast, Brian’s career as a businessman, media personality, and off-road racer is his primary focus.

In relation to that, Deegan has created a film, played a playable role in a video game, and participated in a number of MTV shows.

Career Successes

  1. 1997: First place in the Los Angeles Supercross
  2. Freestyle world champion; 1999 Gravity Games Silver
  3. Gravity Games Gold: Year 2000
  4. Air MX Champion (2000)
  5. FMX Champion for the Bluetorch Ride and Slide in 2000
  6. Bronze medalist in 2001 for Moto x Big Air
  7. Silver: 2002 Winter X Games
  8. Tony Hawk tour featured rider from 2003
  9. Gold Medal Summer X-Games 2003
  10. Nominee for 2003 EXPN Rider of the Year
  11. First to execute a 360
  12. 2004 nominated for an ESPY
  13. Medals won at FMX X Games most in history (total 10 medals)
  14. 2004 ESPN top 100 athletes across all sports
  15. Gold medalist at the 2005 Winter X Games
  16. Disposable Hero took home the prize in the 2007 Best Biography, Dance, or Action Sports Film Festival.
  17. The 2009 Las Vegas Transworld Motocross Awards Lifetime Achievement Award
  18. Five medals and one gold in the X Games rally events
  19. 2nd in the 2012 World RallyCross Championship
  20. RallyCross World Championship: 2013 (4th place)
  21. 2009, 2011, and 2013 saw the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series’ Pro-Lite Unlimited champion.
  22. 2011–2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Pro 2 Unlimited champion
  23. 2011 Pro Light truck class world championship race winner

Net worth, salary, and income of Brian Deegan

The contender for the ESPY Award enjoys a staggering net worth of $10 million. Given that Deegan’s income isn’t public knowledge, it’s safe to assume that it’s high, based on his extravagant lifestyle.

Overall, Americans reported making $18 million in revenue in 2013. Additionally, Brian earns a respectable $2 million a year, if not more.

Fortune also brings a taste for luxury and a desire for collecting. The result is that Nebraskan has a wide range of automobiles and motorcycles, including the 2007 Range Rover, 2007 4 x 4 Chevy, 2007 CLS55 AMG, and 2007 Escalade.


Temecula Mansion of Brian Deegan

Similar to this, the driver easily spent over $1 million on a sizable mansion in Temecula, California.

Deegan, however, isn’t just wasteful with his money despite all the costs; he has also planned a means to make money.In other words, the Nebraskan is a television personality who uses a variety of risky pranks, from small-scale to outrageous, as a marketing strategy.

Brian also owns Metal Mulisha Inc., a lifestyle clothing company that is well-known among both enthusiasts and the general public.

Currency-based Estimates of Brian Deegan Net Worth

The net worth of Brian Deegan is shown below in various currencies, including BitCoin.

Euro €8,426,730

£7,191,659 in British pounds

A$13,614,700 in Australian currency

12 477 350 Canadian dollars

743,793,000 Indian Rupees

BitCoin ฿240

Wife and children of Brian Deegan

Brian Deegan has a successful marriage. According to study, a woman’s unwavering effort is what makes a man successful.

Most likely, Brian’s life is nothing short of an adventure and fulfilment now that he is married to Marissa.The matrimonial’s time and place, however, are kept private. In contrast, the couple has two sons and a daughter from their marriage, who are all stunning.

The oldest, Hailie, is an 18-year-old stock car racer who competes in NASCAR.

Brian together with his Family

Brian is incredibly proud of his two youngest children, Hayden and Hudson, who are talented motocross racers despite being under the age of 15.

The father and son team practise on a dirt bike track in their backyard during free time, and it’s safe to say Haiden won’t take long to catch up to his father.The Deegan family has a lavish lifestyle. Being professionals themselves, the kids are independent of their father.

Nevertheless, receiving a surprise gift is always enjoyable. Brian just presented Hailie with a hand-painted Ford Mustang.

Presence in social media

Instagram has one million users.

74,5k followers on Twitter

1.3 million users follow on Facebook

Several FAQs

What Has Brian Been Through?

2017 saw an accident with a motorcycle. After losing control of his motorcycle, Brian plunged 40 feet to the ice. His wrists and leg were broken in the collision.

Is Deegan covered in tattoos?

His lower back, left upper arm, left lower arm, and left back are all covered in tattoos. On his left arm, he has a dragon tattoo. He has a tattoo of a skull on his back as well.

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