Caleb Wilding

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1983
Full Name Caleb Wilding
Birth Name Caleb Wilding
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Father Name Christopher Edward Wilding
Father Profession actor
Mother Name Aileen Getty
Mother Profession founder and president of the Aileen Getty Foundation
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Sibilings Andrew Wilding, Lowell Wilding

It’s hard to get your hands on fame. But if you are related to a well-known family, you could be famous at a young age, like Caleb Wilding. He is the first kid of American actor Christopher Edward Wilding and his first wife, Aileen Getty. However, he is the adopted son of his parents after his mother Aileen’s several miscarriages.

Celebrity kid Caleb Wilding was born in 1983. His grandparents are Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding, whereas his maternal grandparents are John Paul Getty Jr. and Abigail Harris. Regarding Caleb’s siblings, he has a brother Andrew Wilding, born in 1985, and a half-brother, Lowell Wilding, born in 1991. Let’s take a look in detail at his family and personal life in the section below.

Failure of Caleb Wilding’s parents’ marriage

The wedding vows between Christopher Edward Wilding and Aileen Getty were exchanged on August 26, 1981, at a chapel on Sunset Strip. Their family, friends, and family members all attended their beautiful wedding ceremony.

On August 26, 1981, Christopher Edward Wilding and Aileen Getty, Caleb Wilding’s parents, got married.
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Caleb Wilding and Andrew Wilding were two sons they shared as husband and wife. The couple enjoyed several years of happy marriage. Later, in 1987, after Getty’s HIV diagnosis as a result of an adulterous affair, Edward filed for divorce and split from his wife Aileen.

Later, following his parent’s divorce, his father wed Margaret Carlton; they had a son together, Lowell Wilding, in 1992. The couple is currently enjoying a happy marriage.

In contrast to his mother, Getty’s marriage to Scott Padilla in 1990 ended in divorce after a few months. In November 2004, she and Bartolomeo Ruspoli re-exchanged their vows, and today they enjoy a happy marriage. They have children together.

Does Caleb Wilding have a wife?

Caleb Wilding, the granddaughter of Elizabeth Taylor, has not yet wed as of 2021. He appears to be one of the Wilding family’s more eligible bachelors. He hasn’t discussed his love life or relationship on social media, though, as he prefers to keep her private life out of the public light.


Image of Caleb Wilding from then and today.
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He is currently more concerned with building his job than with his romantic life. Or perhaps he is looking for the right mate. He prefers to maintain a low profile despite being the son of a famous person. Additionally, he does not use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What is the Net wealth of Caleb Wilding as of  2022?

Caleb Wilding, the son of one of the richest celebrities, attracted attention since he was the son of Christopher Edward Wilding. Caleb’s occupation is currently unknown. He currently enjoys a good existence thanks to his parents’ fortune.

The half-brother of Liza Todd, Christopher Edward Wilding, is his father and has a sizable fortune. He has not revealed his actual net worth, but it is assumed to be $9 million.

The mother of Caleb Wilding is a member of the 56th-richest family in the country.
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His mother Aileen Getty’s family, on the other hand, is the 56th wealthiest in the country with a net worth of $5.4 billion. She also serves as the chairman of the Aileen Getty Foundation in addition to being the CEO of the Sprout restaurant chain in Los Angeles.

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Caleb Wilding Relationship Status

As of 2021, Caleb Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson, has yet to marry. He appears to be one of the most eligible bachelors in the Wilding family. And He, on the other hand, prefers to keep her personal life private, thus he has avoided revealing his love life and relationship on social media.

He is currently more concerned with his professional life than with his personal life. Or he could be on the lookout for the perfect partner. As the son of a celebrity, he tries to keep a low profile. He also doesn’t use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.