Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a true source of inspiration for many people. An example who has rocked his presence by playing magnificent games.

He breaks his own records and sets a completely new one, which is hardly breakable.

This excellent and hard-working player inspires many with his beautiful sayings. One of his sayings goes on,

“No matter what you can, always give effort, show some energy and enthusiasm, and have a positive attitude.”

What is the reason why he has such a positive attitude and playing a remarkable game despite the tremendous pressure?

Keep up with the article to ponder and dive into the real journey of Cam Newton.

Before we begin, let’s have a look at some quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Cameron Jerrell Newton
Birth Date 1989, May 11
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Nick Name Super Cam
Religion Christianity/ Baptist (Likely)
Nationality African American
Ethnicity Black
Education The University Of Florida, Auburn Tigers Football
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Cecil Newton Senior
Mother’s Name Jackie Newton
Siblings 2; Cecil Newton, Kellyanne newton
Age 33 Years Old
Height 1.96 m, 6 feet, and 4 inches
Weight 111 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession Football Player
Position Quaterback
NFL draft 2011 (Round: 1 / Pick: 1)
Jersey number #1 (New England Patriots), #1 (Carolina Panthers)
Team Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced from Kia, Recent Girlfriend(Instagram model)
Ex-Wife Kia Proctor
Kids Four
Net Worth $45 million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
Merch Books, Jersey & Autographed Items
Last Update July, 2022

Early Life, Education, and Family of Cam Newton

On a beautiful day in May 1989, Cam was born in Atlanta. He is Jackie and Cecil Newton Srmiddle .’s child. Cecil, Cam’s father, played safety for the well-known football clubs Buffalo Bills in 1984 and Dallas Cowboys in 1983.

Cecil Newton, Cam’s younger sibling, plays football professionally for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is renowned for his vigor and power.

In addition, Caylin Newton, the youngest brother of Cam’s father, was a well-liked quarterback for the Howard Bison in the middle of the 2010s.

It has always been exciting for Newton to see his father and brothers. He never mastered the art of giving up on a passion. He continues to pursue his aspirations as a result.

Cam used to be a gifted basketball and baseball player, but as he got older, he started to fear getting hit by a pitch.

He was unable to even avoid foul trouble on the basketball floor as a result of this.

Upper School

At the young age of fourteen, Newton completely stopped playing baseball, and he also stopped playing basketball shortly after beginning his high school career.

Later in 2015, he earned a distinguished sociology degree from Auburn University.

Newton participated in the high school football squad at Atlanta’s Westlake High School.

He ran for 638 yards and nine touchdowns as a junior in high school at the age of 16, which caught the attention of major college teams. He passed for 2,500 yards and 23 touchdowns. has rated Newton as a five-star prospect for his senior year, ranking him as the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the country, the 14th quarterback, and the 28th player overall.

Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech all extended scholarship offers to him.

At the start of his senior year, he decided to attend the University of Florida, joining the nation’s top recruiting class for 2007.

collegiate and university

Cam started his studies at the University of Florida, where he played football for the Florida Gators in 2007 and 2008.

When Tim Tebow, a likely Heisman Trophy winner, was a rookie in 2007, Newton defeated fellow freshman John Brantley to become Tebow’s backup.

Cam worked in a total of five games, completing five of ten passes for 40 yards while rushing 16 times for 103 yards and three goals.

Newton participated in the season opener versus Hawaii in 2008 while still a sophomore, but due to an ankle injury, he had to sit out the rest of the year.

After Newton completed a pre-trial diversion program with the approval of the court, all accusations against him were withdrawn.

According to Thayer Evans of Fox Sports, in November 2010, Newton might have been expelled from the University of Florida for three instances of academic dishonesty before moving.

Newton moved to Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, in 2009 to play for head coach Brad Franchione, the well-known son of Dennis Franchione.

He guided his team to the 2009 NJCAA National Football Championship that fall, rushing for 655 yards and throwing for 2,833 yards and 22 touchdowns.

He was the most sought-after Juco quarterback in the nation and was named a Juco All-America honorable mention.

The sole five-star recruit was Newton, who ranked as the best quarterback from either high school or junior college.

Oklahoma, Mississippi State, and Auburn were Newton’s three top choices when he was being recruited. He ultimately decided to sign with the Auburn Tigers.


Kia Proctor, Cam Newton’s stunning wife, and he were once a happy couple, but they subsequently divorced. He is blessed with four children: Camidas Saint Newton, Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, Cashmere Saint Newton, and Chosen Sebastian Newton.

Cam Newton | Career in College

On September 4, 2010, Newton opened the opening contest of Auburn University’s 2010 campaign, a victory over Arkansas State at home.

186 throwing yards, 171 rushing yards, and five total offensive touchdowns were all accounted for by Newton. He was honored for his performance in the 52-26 triumph by being awarded SEC Offensive Player of the Week.

Three weeks later, Newton had another outstanding performance against the South Carolina Gamecocks, winning 35-27 with 158 passing yards, 176 rushing yards, and five total touchdowns.

Newton coached Auburn to a 52-3 victory over Louisiana-Monroe on October 2. Three of his touchdown passes were completed, with one going to Emory Blake for 94 yards.

The offensive play and touchdown pass were both the longest in Auburn football history. Newton guided Auburn to a 37-34 victory over Kentucky on October 9th.

He carried for 198 yards and gained four running touchdowns while passing for 210 yards.

In the 65-43 victory over Arkansas on October 16, Newton ran for 188 rushing yards, scored three rushing touchdowns, and completed one touchdown pass.

After these performances, the media started to identify Newton as one of the top five Heisman Trophy contenders to keep an eye on.

The Professional Career of Cam Newton
Panthers of Carolina

Newton began working out in San Diego with George Whitfield Jr. in 2011. Whitfield has worked for a lot of well-known quarterbacks.

Later, the Carolina Panthers selected Newton with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He was one of the first Heisman Trophy winners since Carson Palmer to finish first overall. After Audrey Bruce, Bo Jackson, and Tucker Frederickson, Cam was Auburn’s fourth No. 1 pick.

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Panthers owner Jerry Richardson advised Newton to keep up his sharp appearance before the selection.

Richardson was informed by Newton that he had no tattoos or body piercings and that he was considering growing out his hair.

Richardson argued about this because other team members weren’t following these rules correctly.

Massachusetts Patriots

For over three months, Cam first worked as a free agent. Later, in early July 2020, he signed with the New England Patriots. He recently inked a $1.05 million contract.

Based on their experience, each player was assigned a minimum compensation of $1.05 million and a maximum salary of $7.5 million.

The media portrays Cam as a prospective player who is eligible for anything he desires. Similar to how he desired to play for the Patriots, he demonstrated that he was present.

Patriots’ sense of self

Cam was regarded as a starting quarterback or an initial quarterback. Later, he was given the honor of leading his squad as captain.

He grew to be regarded as the Patriots’ team captain. In the first game of his career, he defeated a team by a score of 20–11.

He set a good example for many individuals and demanded a lot of the team and the audience. The group became increasingly determined and ambitious.

Soon after the game finishes, Newton engages in combat with nose tackle Raekwon Davis and defensive lineman Christian Wilkins of the Dolphins.

The teammates violently try to take a chain from Newton’s neck that was causing Cam, a young player, problems.

Newton gave this careful thought and later got into a battle with the Dolphins because it was a foul.

Speaking of the second week, Newton concluded with 397 passing yards and 47 rushing yards against the Seattle Seahawks on a Thursday Night Football.

He also completed two rushing touchdowns, an interception, and one passing touchdown perfectly.

Newton raced towards the end zone from the one-yard line with the Patriots behind 30-35 at the end of the game, but he stopped short as the team stopped him, resulting in a loss for them.

The club was scheduled to meet the Chiefs in a game during week 4, however the game was ultimately postponed after Newton tested positive for COVID-19.

The only team members to test positive were Newton and Stephon Gilmore. The team and the supporters were saddened by the news.

Cam Newton | Career highlights, Awards & Summary Career Stats

  • 2010: Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, Davey O’Brien Award, AP College Football Player of the Year, Consensus All-American, SEC Offensive Player of the Year, First-team All-SEC
  • 2011: PFWA All-Rookie Team, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Pro Bowl, Bert Bell Award
  • 2013: Pro Bowl
  • 2015: NFL Most Valuable Player, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, Pro Bowl, First-team All-Pro

Summary Carrer Stats

SUMMARY G AV QBrec Cmp% Yds Y/A TD Int FantPt
Career 140 138 75-63-1 60.1 31698 7.3 190 118 2740.7

Cam Newton and Bill Belichick

“Bill is a cool dude who understands the game. He’s like a historian of the game. And for you to just sit down and chat with him, it’s like ‘Damn!’ He’s going back, and he’s got film, literally teaching the game.”

As far as it may seem, the coach Bill Belichick and Cam Newton seem to have a great pairing and relationship between them.

Just with the start of a new year, in February 2021, Newton had stood for Bill, stating he was not a cold person.

During Newton’s tenure in Brandon Marshall’s ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast, he openly stated Bill to be misunderstood by most people.

In fact, he had all the good words and praise for the coach. As of now, Cam Newton is in an abyss, and due to his last season’s injury list due to COVID, he is low with his stats.

Thus, it was still a concern whether he would be traded or extended for a year more.

Even Cam Newton had stated,

 “I’m getting tired of changing, bro. I’m getting to a point in my career where I know way more than I knew last year.”

According to Boston Globe’s Jim McBride, the Patriots might be extending Cam Newton’s contract for a year more.

Apart from it, Denver Broncos had also urged to sign Cam Newton while keeping Justin Fields in the draft. It’s not the first time Justin Fields has been named and compared with Newton.

As of now, Netwon has re-signed with the Patriots on a one-year deal worth up to $13.6 million. Also, the deal has up to $6 million tied up in the incentives.

Cam Newton | Blamed for theft

Once in 2008, Newton was arrested on offense charges of theft, larceny, and barrier of justice on an accusation that he stole a laptop computer from another University of Florida student one night.

He was afterward omitted from the team. Campus police traced the stolen laptop to the athlete.

Newton hurled the computer out his dorm window in a comically ill-advised effort to hide it from cops.

All charges versus Newton were taken down after he completed a court-approved pre-trial diversion program.

He said that he believes that a person should not be thought of as a bad person because of some silly blunders.

He said this in 2010 and added saying that he thinks every person should have a second chance. If they blow that second chance, be it for them and let them get the required punishment.

Cam Newton | Criticisms

Criticism by Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin and Cam were former teammates once. But once Newton was traded into a different team, the friendship of these teammates developed a barrier.

Kelvin made a really negative comment on Cam. He didn’t even think twice before critically commenting on his former teammate.

He said that any quarterback he played with would be better than Cam. Benjamin further adds that he wishes he had never been to Carolina. This was indirectly indicating Cam.

Cam was the one who praised his former teammate after being traded. But, sadly, his teammate probably bashed Cam.

Kelvin said that his former teammate targeted him 51 times in eight games. This comment shocked many, including Cam.

Reply to Kelvin

Newton didn’t take a dig. He instead praised Benjamin. He said he isn’t interested in going back and forth; all he wants to do is work and focus on his game.

Later he added a story on his Instagram, which later went viral all over Twitter. Here’s the video he added to his story.

Criticized for sexist comment

Newton made an open comment on a female NFL reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue. Cam said that it is funny for a female reporter to talk about making routes.

This statement right here made a huge fuss. His own fans got mad at him for being a guy with such a sick mentality.

However, Cam later cleared up and said that the statement he made wasn’t meant for being sexist. He said that he was just casual.

The critics didn’t stop; it later developed into a huge issue because it was still harsh on a few of the audience. Soon, the criticism eloped.

Cam Newton | Net Worth

Newton is a successful player who has nailed his career with brilliant comebacks and records. According to the reports,

“Cam holds a net worth of approx $45 million”

Newton owns an insane 24-karat gold-plated 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass. He has incredible rides and has customed his car to make it look more elegant and luxurious.

Newton owned a $2.9 million mansion named Uptown condo. It is on sale right now. This mansion probably hit the market after he kept it on for sale.

He kept this mansion on sale because he wished for an even more luxurious one that would later become his own.

Endorsements and Charity

Furthermore, Newton earns millions from his endorsement deals as well. Initially, he came into the limelight for the advertisers after Super Bowl 50.

Also, he has a shoe brand deal with Under Armour. Besides, Newton endorses other brands as Gatorade, Danon, Beats, Belk, and Electronic Arts.

Alongside his earnings, Cam Newton also indulges himself in charity works.

To elaborate, he founded the Cam Newton Foundation, which looks after the educational, physical, and social needs of children.

Dressing Style

Cam Newton is never behind his fashion style. Indeed, he has turned the heads of many with his avant-garde fashion.

From a whole yellow look to head scarfs and baggy looks, Newton flexes all of them in style. But, of course, Newton is more into the phrase “Dress to impress.”

Additionally, Newton has always been giving bold looks and avatars, whether it be his preseason games or MetGala looks.


Alongside his fashion style, Cam Newton is obsessed with the hats. Actually, his obsession started after watching Alberto Hernandez’s unique style and attention to detail in his custom-made hats.

As Newton explains, Alberto’s work got him started, and they have worked together to try on multiple new designs. While Alberto brings his creativeness to life, Newton flaunts it on every occasion.

“Cam Newton is definitely my wildest client. He wears a hat every day no matter what; if I want to put a horn on it, he’s okay with it.”
-Alberto Hernandez

Social Media Presence:

This incredible football player is a massive social media influencer too. As a result, he holds massive followers on all his social media handles.

Instagram: 4.9 million followers 

Facebook: 1.9 million likes 

Twitter: 1.2 million followers

Youtube: 501k subscribers

Some FAQs:

Is Cam Newton a free agent?

Yes, Cam Newton is currently a free agent.

What is Cam Newton’s salary?

Sadly, Cam Newton’s salary isn’t public because he has recently signed a $1.5 million petition for a complete year.

Are Newton and Benjamin still friends?

These two teammates aren’t grooming together since Newton is in a different team. On top of that, Benjamin had made a critical comment about Newton, and as a result, the bond thrashed even more.

Which coach is Newton more familiar with?

Newton is a dear player of coach Belichick. Belichick has praised Newton a lot. Either it is in terms of his playing skills or the amount of dedication and labor he put in his work.

Newton is usually a part of appreciation from Belichick.

Is Newton still married to Kia?

Cam Newton and Kia recently split up their relationship. It is just a rumor that Cam is responsible for their split.

Is Cam Newton in the Hall of Fame, and what is his jersey number?

No, Cam Newton featuring in jersey number 1 for the New England Patriots is not in the Hall of Fame.

Did Cam Newton sign with Bishop Sycamore?

According to sources, Cam Newton agreed to a 2-year deal with Bishop Sycamore. However, nothing is confirmed from Cam Newton’s side.

Why is Cam Newton little brother?

Caylin Newton is the younger brother of Cam Newton.

How much is Cam Newton’s football rookie card worth?

Cam Newton football rookie card price ranges from $1.88-$8.12.

How many rushing yards does Cam Newton have?

Cam Newton has achieved 5,398 rushing yards in total in his professional football career.

Did Cam Newton and Julian Edleman play together?

Yes, Cam Newton and Julian Edelman played together for the professional football team New England Patriots. However, later Julian Edelman left the team due to an injury.

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