Carmen Dominicci

Facts of Carmen Dominicci

Full Name Carmen Dominicci
Height 168cm
Nationality Puerto Rico
Date of Birth 1966/7/15
Birth Country Puerto Rico
Birth Place Ponce
Horoscope Cancer

Carmen Dominicci is a critically-acclaimed travel blogger who has been listed in the list of 50 Most Beautiful girls in Espanol Magazine in 2010. Besides, she has also made an appearance as a news anchor at Tele-once and WAPA-TV.

Dominicci was born on the 15th of July, 1966 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She spent most childhood in her hometown thinking to be a model after growing up. Also she  attended a local school for primary education and furthermore, went to the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and received a degree in Journalism and Social Communication. She was the recipient of magna cum laude.

Value of Carmen Dominicci

Carmen Dominicci is thought to be worth an astounding $10 million, which she has amassed via her protracted career. On Telemundo and Univision, she has had positions as a news anchor and presenter. Dominicci also makes money from her recently launched travel blog.

She also receives a large income from appearing in magazines like Buena Vida Magazine. Dominicci, who is 50 years old, was pictured in a swimsuit on Buena Vida.

Additionally, Carmen’s first husband Osvaldo Rios owns $1.5 million, while it’s believed that her second spouse owns $1 million. Youu may also like to know about Martin McDonagh.

Associated With Osvaldo Rios

Dominicci was formerly married to two men, despite the fact that she is currently single. In the year 1990, she got hitched to Osvaldo Rios. The two years of their marriage were spent together.

Carmen Dominicci and her first husband Osvaldo Rios
source: Mamaslatinas

They have kept their dating history and the cause of their divorce under wraps. Perhaps the couple hurried to go on in their relationship, which led to an early divorce.

Regarding Osvaldo Rios

A well-known character known for his appearances in soap operas like Abrazame muy Fuerte is Osvaldo. Osvaldo, a Puerto Rican actor, singer, musician, and model, is a pianist as well. Additionally, he is a cast member in over 20 television dramas and series.

In addition to Rauzan, Kassandra, Tres Destinos, and La Viuda de Blanco, he has appeared in a number other series. His book Rauzan did well in Monte Carlo’s early sales for the European market.

Fernando Del Rincon’s wife With Osvaldo Rios Following Divorce

After calling it quits with her ex-husband Osvaldo, Carmen Dominici married Fernando Del Rincon. On August 18, 2007, they exchanged vows in a sacred ceremony in front of their immediate relatives and friends.

Carmen Dominicci and her second husband Fernando Del Rincon
source: people en Espanol

But much like her prior romance, this again came to an abrupt end. On July 24, 2008, the couple separated after one year of marriage.

Concerning Fernando Del Rincon

Like Carmen, Fernando is a news anchor and broadcaster. As the host of Prime-time News, he enjoys a sizable following in Latin America and the Latino community in the United States.

Fernando has worked for Telemundo and Univision, just like his ex-wife. He goes by the name Pretty Boy at work. Del Rincón has consistently been cited as the best Spanish-language news anchor in the United States by People en Espaol. In 2008, he and his ex-wife were sacked from Primer Impacto due to domestic violence.

Fernando has earned several acting accolades as well. He has appeared in movies such as La Verdad de Juan Gabriel from 2002, Conclusion from 2011, and others.

Rincon had his footprints preserved in cement on the Walk of Fame in Mexico City in 2006 as a token of appreciation for his extraordinary feat.

Cause of Divorce

There were many ups and downs in Dominici and Fernando’s relationship. After their marriage, things began to spiral downward and were violent.

Dominici accused Fernando of assaulting her family. She stated in an interview that following their argument in a hotel in the Dominican Republic while intoxicated, her ex-husband shoved her against the wall and began choking and kicking her.

Fernando had previously claimed that Dominicci had turned him into Osvaldo Rios, suggesting that Rios had also physically abused his ex-wife.

Why did Dominicci wait six months after filing for divorce before disclosing the reason for their divorce?
Dominicci avoids discussing her private life and feelings in front of others. However, the lack of backing from the Univision officials was the cause of her quiet over the divorce.

She was not authorized to criticize her coworker, as stated in the contract. She decided to hold her tongue for the time being because her reputation and credibility were also on the line.

Prime Impacto Carmen Dominicci

After leaving Telemundo, Dominicci began her career in Primer Impacto in 2002. The Univision network owns it.

Fernando also worked at Univision, so it’s possible that the former couple ran into one another there and slowly got to know one another. Fernando and Dominicci were fired by Univision after they reported a physical assault.

Are you aware? Myrka Dellanos was employed at Primer Impacto as well.

Dominicci as a Travel Blogger Dominicci enjoys exploring new places and experiencing other cultures while on the road. She just made the decision to start a travel blog so that she could share her travel experiences and provide a list of some of the top activities one can engage in while traveling.

Carmen Dominicci on her Istanbul travel
Source: Instagram @carmendominiccitrotamundos

She posts the contents of her work on a personal website she owns under her name. Dominicci has similarly documented her trip on her Instagram page.

Owns Dominicci, a cat travel blogger, enjoys cats and longs to pet them. She feels affectionate and sympathetic with cats. She always makes a cat her friend, as seen on her Instagram, when she made a cat companion while traveling to Israel.

Cat owned by Carmen Dominiccis

The cat that belongs to Carmen Dominicci Source: Instagram @carmendominiccitrotamundos
In addition, Dominicci has a cat that she called Walkiria. It has long whiskers and is a gorgeous brown and white cat. The travel blogger from Puerto Rico frequently shares images of her cat.

Height of Carmen Dominicci

The distinguished news anchor Dominicci, who has won numerous awards, stands tall at 5 feet, 5 inches, or 167 centimeters. She has kept her weight at about 58 kg (128 lbs). She also has a body stat of 33-24-35 and wears a 38B bra.

As a media figure who is frequently in front of the camera, she constantly seems to keep her physical beauty. Her use of makeup and other beauty products serves to accentuate her lovely face, which also has brown hair, appealing blue eyes, and a slender figure.

Instagram presence

Carmen use social media rather frequently in her roles as a travel blogger and news reporter. She writes on her blog about her travels across the globe. Also she has accounts set up on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

She has amassed more than 153k followers on her Instagram account,  @carmendominiccitrotamundos, where she often posts lovely pictures of various locations. To follow her adventure, visit her Instagram.

Similarly, her Twitter account is @carmendominicci where she has more than 77k followers. She tweets about her professional life on this platform. Likewise, her Facebook account has a whopping 1.2M followers. You may also like to know about Katie Nolan.