Caroline Edwards

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Caroline Edwards
Nickname Caroline
Popular for Getting injured during January 6 Capitol Riots
Language English
School Name Local High School.
University University of Georgia
Education Graduate in Honors
Profession Capitol Police Officer
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Net worth $350k USD
Age (as of 2022) 31 years old.
Date of Birth In 1992
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Current Residence Atlanta, Georgia
Height 5 feet 5 inches

Caroline Edwards (born in 1991, age: 31 years) is a prominent Police officer from America. She become renowned following the 6th January 2021 Capitol Attack. She was the one who got harmed in the incident. Along with her many normal people got injured and 137 other police officers.

She faced a brain damage from which she came out almost after a year. She went in court and talked in front of the Investigating committee in the month of June 2022. Also she reported the complete scenario of the January 6, 2021 attack.


Telling people about this intelligent and pretty smart police officer from Capitol, US then let us bring to light that Caroline Edwards is only 31 years old. She was born and reared in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended to the University of Georgia. Also She holds a graduation degree in honors. She joined the law enforcement service in 2017. She was doing a private job before joining the forces.

Family & Parents

As Caroline Edwards is not a popular celebrity or social media personality. She is only a duty officer who was serving during the Capitol attack on 6th January. Before it, she was leading a typical life like any police officer used to. She never appeared in front of the Camera prior. No information about her family ever appeared in the media until the 6th January attack.

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And now during Caroline Edwards’s testification in court non of her family member seemed to talk about the attack with any press. Caroline shared in front of the US House Committee during testification that the scene of the January 6 attack was no less than a combat scenario.

“It was something like I had seen out of the movies,” she said. “I could not believe my eyes. There were officers on the ground. They were bleeding. They were throwing up. I saw friends with blood all over their faces. I was slipping in people’s blood. Was catching people as they fell. It was carnage. It was chaos.”

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Relationship Status

Looking a the personality of Caroline Edwards then the officer seems to be a married one. Since her appearance in the Court in June 2022 it has not been proven that she is genuinely married and who is her husband.

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Being a police officer she very well knows how to shield her personal life information from the media. She doesn’t like to discuss her love life because she does not want to be famous like many other American police officers.

Professional life

Talking about her job then Caroline Edwards boosted her experience working in Public Relations before joining law enforcement in 2017. She was conducting her job as a Police officer for 4 years when she met an attack during a 6th January Capital Riot.

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She was the first police officer that got injured in the incident. A video of her in which she can be seen halting the rioters was also aired inside in front of the investigating committee.

Inside the video one can see Caroline clinging onto a bike rack as one Rioter began pushing her. Rioters push her to the concrete steps of the Capitol where got slammed to the ground and subsequently lost her consciousness.

Later she gets back her consciousness and begins helping her fellow police officers.

“All of a sudden, I see movement to the left of me. I turned, and it was Officer Sicknick with his head in his hands and he was ghostly pale, which I figured at that point, he had been sprayed and I was concerned,” she said. “My cop alarm bells went off. Because if you get sprayed with pepper spray, you’re going to turn red. He turned just about as pale as this sheet of paper.”

Almost a year later after suffering a traumatic brain Injury Caroline returned back to her job as Capitol Police Officer.

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Net worth & Source of Income

Almost every police officer in Capitol gets an average pay of 50k USD yearly. And Caroline Edwards has been working on this piece for the last 5 years. As of today by her descent earnings, she would have raised a net worth of $350k USD


“I don’t believe the future is female. I believe the present is female.”

Some Interesting Facts

  • Caroline is having blue color eyes.
  • When she appeared in front of the Committee she was wearing a Black Coat and Whit pearl earnings.
  • In July 2022 she gave her speech at US Capitol Police Officer 2022 Honoree.
  • She was praised after she got testified in front of the Committee.
  • Many fellow police officers of her praise her a lot for the bravery that she showed on January 6.


Who is Caroline Edwards?

She is a Capitol police officer who has been testified separately in the month of June 2022 as she was on duty during the January 6 Capitol attack.

Is Caroline Edwards married?

It seems that police officer Caroline is married however no reports have confirmed it.

Is Caroline Edwards back on her duty as a Police officer?

It is stated that she will join her duty at the end of 2022.

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