Carter Sharer

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 23,1993
Full Name Carter Sharer
Birth Name Carter Sharer
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Relation
Height 178 cm
Networth 2.6
Sibilings 2
Religion Christian
Facebook Link Facebook Link
Twitter Link Twitter Link
Insta Link Insta Link

As we all know, YouTube is a perfect platform to showcase talent. Today we are going to talk about a similar star who is a content creator on the YouTube channel under his name. The Celebrity is none other than Carter Sharer. He works along with his brother Stephen Sharer on YouTube while experimenting with DIY concepts.

Carter Sharer was born on October 23, 1993, in the United States. Sharer went to Oakton High School and graduated in 2012 from there. After graduating from high school, he studied automation engineering, mechatronics, and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. He grew up with his sister Grace Sharer and his brother Stephen Sharer who frequently appears in his videos.


Carter Sharer was born on October 23, 1993, in USA. He is from Oakton, Virginia. He has a sister named Grace and a brother named Stephen, both of whom often appear in his videos. At the age of 11, Carter Sharer got a welder as his birthday gift. He went on to become a self-trained welder and made many engine-powered devices such as a hover craft and go-carts.

Sharer studied at Oakton High School and graduated from there in 2012. He later attended Carnegie Mellon University where he studied robotics, automation engineering, and mechatronics. Currently, he is in a relationship with fellow YouTube personality Elizabeth Chang aka Lizzy Sharer. Carter Sharer has a pet dog named Baby Otter Sharer. The dog has his own YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Carter Sharer Personal Life: Girlfriend

Yes, 29-year-old YouTuber Carter Sharer and fellow YouTuber Lizzy Sharer were romantically involved. Both were great friends with one another before to starting a relationship and dating.

In a video that Lizzy posted to her YouTube account in November 2018, Sharer proposed to her with a red rose, and she accepted. On her official channel, you can find the 22-minute video.

Photo: Lizzy Sharer is being courted by Carter Sharer (left) (right).
Website: YouTube

Since then, the couple has been enjoying a wonderful life. Along with that, they frequently feature in each other’s YouTube videos and post pictures of one another on Instagram. Carter also has a pet dog named Otter Sharer that he keeps as a pet. Nevertheless, their love partnership also ended.

Sharer dated Renata Erickson, 25, before starting a relationship with Lizzy. From early 2017 through late 2018, they were dating. They both posted numerous pictures of one another on social media, showing how much they liked one another.

After dating for more than a year, the famous couple split up amicably. Sharer formally declared that he is no longer dating Renata in July 2018.

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Rise to Stardom

Carter Sharer launched his channel on September 24, 2009. His first video was ‘My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer)’ in which he introduced himself to the audience. This was followed by a science experiment video titled ‘Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test’ in which Sharer and his brother exploded soda bottles by dropping them on Ninja Weapons. This video was a hit and was soon followed by more experiment videos. After a period of time, the YouTuber began to post general vlogs while simultaneously continuing with his experiment videos.

His channel’s popularity reached newer heights when the video ‘RC Car Drives on Pool’ came out. This video was posted on December 21, 2017 and featured Sharer driving his RC car into the pool. The vlog became an epic hit and managed to earn millions of views. Currently, it has over 12 million views (As of October 2018). Most of the videos which were posted after this one also managed to garner millions of views along with thousands of likes.

Today, Carter Sharer’s channel is followed by more than 2.5 million people. Also, the channel has got more than 386 million collective views. One of this channel’s most viewed videos, ‘Scuba Diving in Pond for Treasure’, with over 12 million views, is definitely worth a watch!

How much is Assets & Net Worth of Carter Sharer?

Carter Sharer has a successful profession and generates a respectable income from his self-titled YouTube channel. As of 2019, Carter has a $2.6 million net worth.

Additionally, Carter started working aggressively on his channel on September 24, 2009, and has done so ever since. In a similar vein, Sharer’s channel has 5.1 Million subscribers. He earns between $195,900 and $3.1 million annually and between $16,300 and $261,300 every month.

Carter Sharer’s Jeep, in picture.
Website: YouTube

Additionally, Speiser launched his second YouTube channel with the same name on May 10, 2014, and he is still active there. The channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers. He earns a yearly salary of $758 to $12,100 and monthly profits of $63 to $1,000.

Carter displaying his sports automobile in the frame.
Source: @cartersharer on Instagram

Similar to how Carter’s item sales, which include sweatshirts and t-shirts, bring in a suitable sum of money for Sharer. Additionally, he receives compensation for endorsements and deals.

Speaking of automobiles, Sharer also has a green Lamborghini, a Hummer jeep, and a dune buggy. MattyBRaps, a rapper and vocalist who is also a YouTube star, with a net worth of about $2 million. Gracie Haschak, another popular YouTuber, also has a sizable worth of $2 million.

What is Carter Sharer’s age and physical stature (Height & Weight)?

Carter Sharer is 29 years old as of the year 2022. Sharer is similar in height to Nancy O’Dell at 5 feet 10 inches. Carter also has blonde hair and hazel eyes. About his weight and bodily measurements, nothing further is known.

Social Media

We can tell that Carter is a social media nut because his job revolves around it. On Instagram, he is the lone user with about 836k followers. Similar to that, he has roughly 5,000 followers on Twitter.