Casey Beane

Billy Beane, a retired baseball player who served as the executive vice president of the Oakland Athletics, is best known as the father of Casey Beane. Even non-baseball fans who saw the movie Moneyball based on his life knew how great her father, a legendary figure in baseball, was.

Casey’s character also appeared in the film Moneyball, which is how Casey Beane ended up in a rumor that spread quickly. Some people believed she was a singer in real life because of how well-liked the song her character sung in the movie. She isn’t a professional vocalist, despite the expectations and hopes of many.

Quick Facts

Full Name Casey Beane
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth Country USA
Father Name Billy Beane
Father Profession Retired Baseball Player
Mother Name Cathy Sturdivant
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Single
Height 172.72 cm
Net worth 1000000
Siblings Brayden Beane, Tinsley Beane
Education Studied at Kenyon College

Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant’s daughter Casey Beane

The parents of Casey Beane are Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant. The first spouse of Billy is Sturdivant. On February 1, 1986, the pair exchanged their wedding vows. They seemed to have the perfect love story, so it’s a bad they aren’t still together.

Casey Beane’s mother, Cathy Sturdivant (Source: Yawam)

Billy, Casey’s father, and Sturdivant had been friends since they were little. It is still unknown when and how old they were when they initially started dating. But the length of time he remained devoted to her in spite of all the cash and celebrity suggests that Casey’s parents had a true affection for one another.

What Is Billy Beane’s Daughter’s Net Worth?

Casey Beane, the daughter of Billy Beane, is thought to be worth $1 million. She is not a famous person like her father, and she also does not work in the entertainment industry. She is employed in finance, which is thought to involve investments.

Billy Beane, Casey’s father, has a $20 million net worth that he gained during his prosperous baseball career. Due to his role as Executive Vice President at the same team, the former Oakland Athletics outfielder is still earning a fortune. His yearly compensation is reportedly $3 million. If he had agreed to the infamous $12.5 million Red Sox agreement in 2002, he would now be significantly wealthier.

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Moneyball Story & Song by Casey Beane, Daughter of Billy Beane

The Moneyball song by Casey Beane, daughter of Billy Beane, became so well-known that some people began to think she composed it. The song included in the movie, however, was not composed by her; rather, it was done by an Australian artist by the name of Lenka, and it wasn’t done specifically for the movie.

The famous scene from Moneyball where Casey Beane sings the song (Source: Jawad Khan YouTube Channel @jawddd)

There is a scene in the movie Moneyball, which is based on her father’s life, where Casey’s character, who plays the guitar, performs a song for her father. People were curious to learn more about this lovely experience because it had touched their hearts.

The Michael Lewis book of the same name served as the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated movie Moneyball. Kerris Dorsey played Casey, while Brad Pitt, Shilon Joile-father, Pitt’s played Casey’s father, Billy.

Relationship Status

Casey Beane is now single and entirely committed on advancing her career. Additionally, she is a private person who avoids the media, making it difficult to learn about her private life.

Billy, Casey’s father, is likewise not on social media, so there is no potential for him to learn more about his daughter there either. She hasn’t given the public any information on her single status.

The Red Sox’s Offer For Billy Beane’s Daughter was Rejected

Yes, Casey Beane’s trade to the Red Sox was vetoed by baseball great Billy Beane. Billy turned down a $12 million offer from the Sox in 2002, which is regarded as one of the most surprising events in American baseball history. He turned down such a sizable offer and opted to remain in Oakland in order to spend more time with his kid.

Casey Beane’s father, Billy Beane, during his playing days for Oakland Athletics. (Source: The New York Times)

Billy may have lost out on the opportunity to make a lot of money, but for his loyalty and for putting his family before himself, he won the admiration of baseball fans. He discussed it with NBC Sports and claimed he doesn’t regret making this choice. Long after his tenure as the team’s Executive Vice President came to an end, he is still associated with the Oakland Athletics.

Education Background

Casey attended Kenyon College, however it’s unclear what she actually studied there. We can only presume that since she had a career in finance, her degree may have been in the same field.

Casey had the opportunity to use her father’s popularity to her advantage and launch a successful career. But she made the admirable decision to stand on her own two feet. Billy made the proper decision in turning down the Red Sox offer to remain with his daughter because she has been well-raised.

Casey’s father had children from a second marriage

From her father’s second marriage to Tara Beane, Casey has step-siblings. Billy’s first marriage produced just her; however, he and his wife Tara had twins. Brayden Beane is Casey’s stepbrother, while Tinsley Beane is her stepsister.

Casey Beane with her father, Billy Beane, and her stepmother, Tara Beane, at the Oscars (Source: Gadgetswright)

On January 4, 2008, Brayden and Tinsley, twins, were born. Billy and Tara, who were married in 1999, took their time before deciding to start a family. Like Casey, her siblings have avoided the spotlight, and neither have their parents, who have kept their children’s identities a secret.

Grandfather Casey served in the military

Bill Beane, Casey’s grandfather, was a member of the military and held the position of lieutenant commander in the Navy. He was a strict man who played a significant part in shaping his son Billy into the man he is today. Bill’s father also has the same name as his son, making a total of three people with the same name.

In an interview with Cohn Zohn for The Press Democrat, Casey’s father identified himself as Bill III, his father II, and his grandfather I. In addition to serving his country, he assisted with San Diego’s computer network setup.

Billy’s introduction to baseball was made by Casey’s grandpa. Bill played a significant role in encouraging his kid to play baseball. Because of Casey’s granddad, Casey’s father fell in love with the sport, and the rest is history.

How did Billy impact baseball in the long run?

Billy is credited for transforming baseball forever in 2002 when he joined the Oakland Athletics. It was then that he made his impact on the game. With a weak team compared to the other teams and a tight budget, they were headed for a disastrous season.

That is, until Billy came up with a fresh strategy for finding players. He identified undervalued players using math and statistics. After that, he chose to sign them rather than pursue established major names in the industry, who would have come at a high cost.

As a result, the Oakland Athletics offered baseball fans one of the game’s most memorable seasons. With 20 straight victories, they even broke a record as they won 103 games. This team was revered by opponent supporters as well.

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