Casey Coates

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1938
Full Name Casey Coates
Birth Name Cassandra Coates Casey
Profession Actress
Nationality american
Birth City Long Island
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Ted Danson (1977-1993)
No Of Children 2
Height 172 cm
Weight 58 kg

Casey Coates is an American Interior Designer, Environment activist, and a talented movie producer. In addition to that, Casey is famous for her marriage to American actor and producer who played the lead character Sam Malone on the NBC sitcom Cheers, Ted Danson.

Casey Coates was born as Cassandra Coates Casey in 1938, at Long Island, New York. She completed her High school from a reputed school located in New York. However, she graduated from Environmental Design in the year 1975. Casey came to limelight after her marriage so, much about her early life is still a topic of debate to the media.

Casey Coates Age

Coates was brought into the world in 1938, she is around 81 years old starting at 2018

Casey Coates’s marital status

Casey Coates is currently single and residing with her kids and grandchildren. She did, however, have a well-known relationship in her early years. On December 24, 1977, Casey and Ted Danson were united in marriage.

Picture of Casey and Ted Danson
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Two children were raised by Casey and Ted. In December 1979, they welcomed Kate Dawson into the world. Casey had a deadly stroke while Casey was giving birth to Kate. Ted left his acting career to care for his wife and daughter when she was a baby.

After some time, in 1985, the couple adopted Alexis Danson as their second child. After some time, there was a widespread notion that Ted had an extramarital relationship. Casey soon after made a divorce application.

One of the Most Expensive Divorce

The divorce was finalized quickly after the lawsuit was filed in 1993, according to a blog post by The Richest. The separation remained one of the priciest splits at the time. Ted has spent more than $30 million on the split.

According to media accounts, the two were believed to have broken up because Danson was having an affair with Whoopi Goldberg, an actress. With a divorce settlement of $170 million, Juanita Vanoy, the ex-wife of Michael Jordan, is regarded as having had the most costly celebrity split.

History of Casey’s Relationships with Her Ex-Husband

Even though Casey had only ever been married once, Ted had numerous well-known relationships both before and after the marriage. Ted previously wed Randy Danson, an actress who was his college love, before getting hitched to Casey. In the 1970s, the pair got hitched.

Picture of Ted Danson and his wife
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However, for unknown reasons, their partnership came to a stop in 1975. There were no children born to the marriage. Following the split, he wed Casey.

Ted’s second marriage disintegrated as well, and on October 7, 1995, he married Mary Steenburgen, his third wife. The pair is currently enjoying a wonderful life in California.

How wealthy is Casey Coates, the interior designer?

Casey Coates and Lisa Hintelmann both have net worths of over $20 million. Through her dedication and hard work, she has amassed a sizeable sum of money. She moved to the west coast following her divorce and worked as an interior designer and environmentalist.

Image: Ted Danson and Casey Coates’s family portrait
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Ted Danson, Casey’s ex-husband, also has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Ted played a major role on the CBS show CSI from 2011 to 2015. He made $250,000 per episode of CSI.

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Where does Cassandra Coates live?

Casey Coates lives on the West Coast.

Is Cassandra Coates dead or alive?

Casey Coates is still alive and in good health.

Where is Cassandra Coates now?

Casey Coates now educates people about the environment, particularly the disastrous global effects of climate change on the West Coast.