Cat Stevens

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name: Cat Stevens
Real Name/Full Name: Steven Demetre Georgiou
Gender: Male
Age: 74 years old
Birth Date: 21 July 1948
Birth Place: Marylebone, London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 74 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Fauzia Mubarak Ali (m. 1979)
Children: Yes (Yoriyos, Hasanah Islam, Maymanah Islam, Abd al-Ahad Islam, Asmaa Islam, Aminah Islam)
Profession: Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Net Worth in 2022: $25 million
Last Updated: July 2022
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Being successful as a solo artist in the music business will never be easy. Either a group may find success, or an individual could mix and match their way to their own sounds. Solo performers are also subject to trial and error, but they must stand out from the rest of the pack. When Cat Stevens came, the ideal sonic environment was being created by the fusion of folk, rock, and acoustic guitars. This artist made the conscious decision to steal the show because to his extraordinary talent and versatility on numerous instruments.


On July 21, 1948, a family with Greek ancestry gave birth to Cat Stevens. His father was of Greek descent but was born in Cyprus. Mother of Stevens was of Swedish descent. The Moulin Rouge restaurant that Cat Stevens and his five-person family (his parents actually had two additional children) ran was eerily identical to most other tales of immigration.

Cat Stevens with his family(Source:

The French eatery doubled as their residence. The whole household moved to London, England. When Stevens was younger than ten years old, his parents separated (his original name was Steven Georgiou). However, they cohabited and managed the home together in order to maintain the family and their business.

While Cat Stevens’ mother followed the Baptist path, his father was an orthodox member of Greek society. Despite this, Stevens had gone to a local Roman Catholic school. Stevens learned all of the various chord shapes on the piano by himself and started playing at a young age. This was due to the lack of musical knowledge among other family members.

The Beatles’ music gave Cat Stevens the motivation to pick up a guitar and start practicing. He frequently went up to the rooftops to listen to music that was being beamed through from Denmark Street, the closest street, in order to escape his difficulties. The hub of the young British music business at the time was Denmark Street.

Height & Weight

As of today, July 29, 2022, Cat Stevens, who was born on July 21, 1948, is 74 years old. He has a height of 1.78 meters. I am 74 kg tall and weigh.

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Professional Life

Cat Stevens made the decision to pursue a career in music and started playing in London’s taverns and clubs. His initial thought was to use his skills to start a band. He immediately gave up on the concept though, as his imagination was being repressed. He made the decision to alter his name to Cat Stevens because he believed that his birth name would not be recognized by fans. At the age of 18, he attracted the attention of the appropriate individuals and recorded his debut demo. His career was born as a result, and he quickly started traveling the globe with artists like Jimi Hendrix.

Image Source: The Washington Post

At the time, only Europe had heard of him. However, he was hardly known in the Americas. After he secured a record deal with Island Records in 1970, this changed. His appeal and the idea that we can change the world for the better spread across the Americas. He gained a lot of popularity as a result of this.


Since his early years as a singer and songwriter, Cat Stevens has proven his artistic prowess by earning ASCAP honors as a songwriter. In the US, his debut album sold over a million copies, and the vast majority of his songs peaked at number one on the Billboard charts.

Net worth & Source of Income

By July 2022, his fame and talent will guarantee a net worth of $25 million.

No matter how many difficulties one encounters in life, Cat Stevens shows that passion can be an effective instrument for achievement.

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