Ceci Truman

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Ceci Truman
Nickname Ceci
Age (as of 2022) 51 years old
Popular as Politician and Businesswoman
Profession Politics and Business
Date of Birth In 1971
Place of Birth Menifee City in California (Not Confirmed)
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Education Graduate
School Homeschooled
Alma Mater State University
Net worth $750k USD (approx.)
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Languages English
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Ceci Truman (born in 1971, age: 51 years) is a politician and businesswoman from America. She is a woman with a strong political background. Ceci is a member of Republican Party. She runs campaigns for congress. Previously she has competed twice in different elections in California’s 25th District. Recently she lost her election to California’s 25th Congressional District against several other opponents.

Who is Ceci Truman?

She is a politician from America who is going trending in the month of July 2022 owing to her controversial statement. Ceci shared on her social media on 22nd July 2022 a video in which she was discussing anything relating to conventional marriage and also declared when she would win the election or gets voted into Congress she will only vote, stand and support the traditional marriage of a man and woman.

Truman said that she will not support same-sex marriage as everyone needs to clarify what is true conservativism. She revealed that some democratic principles have crept over into the conservative movement. She mentioned in her video that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve which is why she will support the only traditional marriage of man and woman. Since she issued this statement she has become a part of the discussion over the Internet.


Ceci Truman a businesswoman and a politician is not available on the Wikipedia platform. Her actual date of birth is not given by her even during her involvement in past elections. But based on our investigation we determined that she was born in 1971 and now passed from her 51 years of age.

23 years old Ceci(Source: Instagram)

She appears to be a well-educated person with a lot of expertise in numerous disciplines. It is said that she lives in Menifee City in California, maybe she was also born there. However it is not confirmed from our side. Previously she stated on her Instagram that she remained homeschooled for 15 years.

Family & Parents

Ceci Truman looks to be a part of a well-reputed family in America. Once she posted her image with her 7 younger siblings and father. She was born as the eldest kid of her father 8 kids. Her father use to be a pool dealer. When Ceci was 8 years old she use to travel with her father and 7 siblings to her father’s pool where he use to work.

Ceci (R) with her father and with her 7 young siblings(Source: Instagram)

Ceci has mentioned on her Instagram that her grandfather Gordon Johnson served in US Army during World War II in the Pacific Ocean. He was appointed to US Air Force during the Vietnam War. Her brother Gregory Johnson has also served in US Army as an MP (Military police) and Security during Iraq War. She believes that family is the foundation of a strong nation. She is proud that her family has fought and served in the armed services since World War II.

Relationship Status

Ceci Truman with her husband and sons(Source: Instagram)

Ceci Truman recently stated on her social media that she is married for the previous 29 years. She also mentioned that she is a mother of three little sons. She also mentioned that she is delighted that she made her three sons graduate citizens. On her Instagram, she has published her picture with her husband and three sons.

Professional life

Whenever people enquire about Ceci Truman’s career then she has described herself as a Business Owner and Politician. According to us, she is active in politics since 2020. She has revealed that while residing in Menifee city she has worked in real estate and operated a business. Working as a businesswoman she has learned how to prioritize and manage finances, and administrative accounts.

Ceci has also learned to create commercial partnerships and serve clients with excellence. She believes in minimal taxation. But it is not mentioned by Ceci which business she is currently holding along functioning as a politician. Working as a politician she has committed to keep the neighborhood secure, remains economically conservative, and decided to work for school and to encourage small businesses.

In 2020 her name was declared as the seventh and final contender for the vacancy on the Menifee City Council (General Municipal Election). She garnered 2162 votes at this election. Again in 2022, she stood for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 25th Congressional District. But she lost when the results were declared on June 7, 2022. She earned 1844 votes alone.

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Net worth & Source of Income

Ceci Truman’s net wealth seems admirable. Looking at her way of live it appears that she would be having an estimated net worth of $750k USD.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Ceci Truman is active on her Instagram since May 17, 2021.
  • She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
  • Ceci has backed Donald Trump during his 2020-2021 Presidential Campaigns.
  • She has met several close people of Donald Trump.
  • Previously she wished Donald Trump a Happy Birthday on her 2021 birthday.
  • Ceci has 1049 followers on her Instagram.
  • She has followed several prominent celebs on her Instagram.
  • She learnt to swim when she was just 8 years old.

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