Chad Hedrick

In the world of ice speed skating, Chad Hedrick is a household name. His unique technique, called DP or Double push, has revolutionized the inline speed skating world. 

During his entire career, Hedrick has won 50 world championships and 93 national championships. Additionally, he has a brand of inline skating wheels, which is named after him. 

His legacy in the Olympics remains undisputed as he won a pair of silver & bronze (Olympic medals) in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. 

With these, the American-born has a total of five Olympic medals under his name.

Additionally, none of the skaters in history have accumulated a comparable collection of podium appearances.

Thus, Chad is considered to be one of the most excellent all-around skaters in history. 

Quick Facts

Name Chad Hedrick
Nickname The Exception/ The Paris Hilton of Speedskating
Birthdate April 17, 1977
Age 45 years old
Birthplace Spring, Texas, USA
Parents Paul Hedrick & Wanda Hedrick
Sibling Natalie Hedrick
Height 5’10″/1.78 m
Weight  78 kg/172 lb
Body type Athletic
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Black
Skin Fair
Education Brill, Strack, and Klein High
Profession Speed skater
Figure skater
Current status Retired
Olympic accomplishments 3 medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
Skill Double push
Relationship status Married
Wife Lynsey Elizabeth Adams
Marriage Date June 7, 2008.
Wedding location Houston, Texas
Featured TV show “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway”
Children Hadley, Harper, and Hogan
Social Media Instagram
Brand DP52 Racing
Net Worth $18 million
Merch  Olympic Cut Signature, Autographed FDC
Last Update July, 2022

had Hedrick | Background & Early Years

On April 17, 1977, Chad, an inline speed skater, was born. He was conceived by his parents, Paul Hedrick and Wanda Hedrick.

He grew up in the Texas city of Spring with his sister, Natalie. Hedrick has been interested in skating since he was two years old, too.

He soon began to play with his sated at his parents’ ice skating rink.

Additionally, Chad won a national championship at the young age of eight. Since then, he has had rapid growth; at the age of 16, he won the world championship.

Additionally, the term “double push” began to be used to describe the method he frequently utilized. Then, it became the norm for professional skaters all over the world to exhibit their talent and technique.

Chad Hedrick | Wife, Children, and Marriage

Chad has a loving and supportive family and is a contentedly married man. On June 7, 2008, he married his longtime partner, Elizabeth Adams.

In Houston, Texas, their wedding ceremony was held in front of a small group of guests in a private setting.

Additionally, “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway,” a Style Network reality series, covered their wedding.

The couple also welcomed their first kid in 2009, just a short time after getting married. Hadley, their oldest child, was born in March 2009.

Additionally, Harper, their second daughter, was born in December 2010. After that, in 2014, the couple gave birth to their third child, a son they called Hogan.

Inline speed skating career of Chad Hedrick

Derek Parra, a former inline skater turned ice skater, served as an inspiration to Chad. After Derek won the gold medal at the 2002 Olympics, he was awestruck.

As a result, Chad Hedrick decided to switch to the Ice. Chad won the World All-round Speed Skating Championships in February 2004 after only a year of ice training.

Chad even managed to lower the world record score throughout the competition, bringing it down to 150.478.

In addition, he became the first man to skate 6.2 miles (10,000 meters) in less than 13 minutes, setting six world records.

Additionally, on March 12, 2004, Chad lived up to his reputation by taking home the gold medal in the 5,000-meter race. In Seoul, South Korea, the World Single Distance Championships were held.

Hedrick also successfully defended his 5,000-meter world championship at Inzell, Germany, the same year. But Shani Davis defeated him to win the 2005 World All-Round Speed Skating Championships.

Hedrick, called The Exception, however maintained his notoriety as he is currently ranked third in the world.

The Powerful Ice Man

Because of his prowess and brilliance on the ice, Chad Hedrick, sometimes known as the “Iceman,” garnered the affection of his adoring fans.

Despite having less experience, Chad did not disappoint and continued to get better. In addition, in 2004, only a few years after his debut, he received the Oscar Mathisen Statuette.

In a same vein, the prize is only granted to the world’s best speed skater that particular year.

Hedrick also made a name for himself as one of the world’s top long-distance skaters. He established world records in the 10,000, 5,000, and 1,500 between November and December of 2005, so demonstrating his value.

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Chad Hedrick: Career in the Olympics

Chad made the decision to travel to the Winter Olympics in 2006 in order to win the three main competitions. Hedrick also anticipated that he would surpass Eric Heiden’s record of five gold medals.

As he won the gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games in 2006, his legacy was preserved (5,000m event). Chad defeated the leading candidate, Dutchman Sven Kramer, to win the prestigious honor.

However, Shani Davis and Chad got into a fight during the team chase. When Shani decided not to compete because it would interfere with his 1,000-meter event, the incident started.

Hedrick felt, though, that Davis ought to have entered the race to improve their roster.

Eric Heiden, a five-time gold medalist and medic for the Olympic team, added that Shani made the right choice by forgoing the team pursuit.

Additionally, it would have prevented Davis from winning the gold medal, which he did. As a result of Shani Davis’ absence, the US pursuit team struggled and finished in sixth place.

Nevertheless, Chad took home three medals from the Olympics. He also became the third American to take home three medals in a row in skating at the same Olympics.

Additionally, Chad kept up his speed skating career internationally, placing fourth in the 2008 World All-around competition.

a tradition left behind.

At the age of 17 months, Chad Hedrick, one of the most accomplished ice speed skaters, tripped over a pair of inline skaters.

After that crucial second, Chad focused on reaching greatness. He won nine straight World Overall Championships in addition to 52 World Championship titles.

He also changed to ice skating in 2002, and in less than two years, he won the world all-around championship.

All good things must come to an end, and Chad abruptly announced his retirement in 2010, when he was 33 years old.

The talented skater currently spends his time around the USA giving inspirational talks. Chad also spends his time to the “Double Push” ministry.

He discusses with the audience how his faith was a key factor in his success in the initiative.

Along with these endeavors, he also founded the speed skating equipment business “DP52 Racing.”

Additionally, he founded the “Chad Hedrick Foundation,” which has helped the Special Olympics generate thousands of dollars.

Hedrick, Chad Age, height, and weight | Height

Chad, a former ice speed skater, is 45 years old and still maintains an athletic body. He is a perfect illustration of the adage “age is just a number” because he periodically shows off his talent on Ice.

He also maintains top physical condition through daily exercise and a tight diet.

Hedrick is a tall, strong man who stands at 5 feet 10 inches. He also has a weight of about 78 kg.

Despite his enormous size, Chad is incredibly light on the ice. Additionally, his flexibility has enabled him to precisely execute quick tactics.

Chad Hedrick | U.S. and World Roller Speed Skating Records

  • (3,000m relay race) National roller skating record in 1993 
  • (5,000m relay race) National inline skating record in 1998 
  • (1,000 and 1,500m race) The National outdoor track record in 1998 and 1999
  • (3,000m-male-female relay race) National inline skating record in 1998
  • (15,000m race) National outdoor track record in 1998 
  • (1,500m race) National inline skating record in 1996
  • (500 and 1,000m) National outdoor road record in 2001 
  • (1,500m race) National outdoor road record in 1998
  • (10,000m race) National outdoor road record in 2001
  • (1,500m race) World outdoor road record in 1999 
  • (10,000m race) World outdoor road record in 1996 
  • (15,000 m race) World outdoor road record in 2000 

Chad Hedrick | Athletic accomplishments, Awards & Honors

Hedrick is a six-time World Record Holder

  • All-round samalog-150.478 (Hamar, Norway, February 8, 2004)
  • 5000 m, 6.09,68 (Calgary, Canada, November 13, 2005)
  • 10000 m, 12.55,11 (Salt Lake City, USA, December 31, 2005)
  • 3000 m, 3.39,02 (Calgary, Canada, March 10, 2005)
  • All-round samalog, 148.799 (Calgary, Canada, January 22, 2006)
  • 1500 m, 1.42,78 (Salt Lake City, USA, November 18, 2005)

Awards and Honors

Chad is one of the most excellent speed skaters in history. His exceptional skill and abilities on the Ice have earned him an appropriate nickname, “The Exception.” 

Chad has amassed numerous medals, awards, and honors throughout his career through inline and Ice competitions. 

Chad Hedrick | Net Worth and Salary

Through his career in speed skating and ice skating career, Chad has earned himself a fortune. 

Currently, Chad Hedrick is a licensed realtor who works for eXp Realty, going From Gold to Sold. 

His estimated net worth stands at the value of $18 Million.

Chad Hedrick | Social Media Presence

Chad Hedrick is a public figure on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

On his Twitter account, Chad has accumulated a massive 14.5k followers. You can keep in touch up with his professional and personal life through his Twitter account.

On the other hand, he’s pretty active on Instagram as well. He has over 11.5k followers on Instagram.

Chad Hedrick | FAQs

Is there bad blood between Chad and Shani Davis?

No, the controversy between the duo was because of professional reasons. So, no bad blood at the moment.

Is Chad Hedrick a real estate agent?

Yes, the renowned Olympian has also dipped his toes in the real estate waters. He specializes in Buyer’s Agents, Listing agents, Commercial Real Estate, Luxury Listing specialists, Luxury Home Marketing, and so on.

You can find more about his real estate journey on Compass.

Is Chad Hedrick active?

Chad is active in other activities, such as handling his brand and traveling across the country, giving motivational speeches based on faith.