Charlie Austin Cryer

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 27,2000
Full Name Charlie Austin Cryer
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Birth City Los Angeles, California
Birth Country United States
Father Name Jon Cryer
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Sarah Trigger
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Single
Sibilings Daisy (born on 11th August 2009)
Religion Christian

Popular celebrity child, Charlie Austin Cryer is famous for being the son of Jon Cryer, an American actor, notable for his role in the romantic comedy film, No Small Affair. His father won two Primetime Emmy Award and became a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his performance on the CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men.

Born to celebrity family on 27th June 2000, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Charlie’s sun sign is Cancer. He belongs to North America ethnicity race and holds an American nationality. Let’s take a glimpse of Charlie Austin Cryer’s personal life.

What is the Relationship Status of Charlie?

Charlie Austin Cryer, a famous teen, is supposedly single as of 2019. Additionally, he leads a private life and hasn’t had any relationships or extramarital encounters as of now.

Photo: Jon Cryer and Charlie Austin Cryer strolling. from Pinterest

Despite becoming famous as a celebrity child, Cryer maintains as much privacy as possible in his personal life, just as Maceo Robert and Alma Versano. He may be single at the moment since he is concentrating on his education.

The Marital Life of Jon and Sarah, Charlie’s Parents

On January 22, 2000, British actress Sarah Trigger and actor Jon Cryer became the parents of Charlie Austin Cryer. The “The Cutting Room” location in New York City, New York, served as the location for their wedding ceremony.

They were married for four years before filing for divorce in 2004 due to certain miscommunications. Later, in late 2004, the court issued a decree of divorce.

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How many kids do they have together?

Charlie is the only child Jon and his wife have together. He was welcomed on June 27, 2000.

In addition to Charlie, Sarah is the mother of a son named Alex. Together with her ex-husband David Dickey, she welcomes the child. Jon and his new girlfriend also have a child in common.

Who took Charlie’s custody?

Charlie’s parents divorced, and as per the court’s ruling, he began living with his mother. Jon first refused to pay, but eventually the court ordered him to pay. Charlie began living with his father, nevertheless, after Sarah was accused of felony child endangerment.

Sarah, Charlie’s mom, was detained for felony child endangerment.
Back in 2009, Sarah was charged with hurting her kid. She was taken into custody by police early one morning at her Hersoma Beach, California, residence.

When the event occurred, Jon called the police to report that their two-year-old son had been hurt. According to the report, Charlie had rope or cable marks in his neck.

After the incident, the court granted Charlie Jon’s parents custody so they could raise him in “a good and safe environment.” She was eventually granted $100,000 bail by the court.

Mother of Charlie attempted to murder father

According to court documents, Cryer’s mother wanted to see his father dead and had plans to murder him with her ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez. They unfortunately weren’t successful. Trigger, in addition to Jon, was charged with attempting to murder her ex-husband David Dickey.

Eddie, Sarah’s ex-partner, denied making the statement while she was being accused, but he said she was the one who frequently contacted him. She wanted to see Cryer and Dickey murdered, he said, even asking Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the two or not and asking if she might speak with Mr. Sanchez’s father about the matter.”

Following that incident, Cryer’s father asked the producers of Two and a Half Men to add more protection to the set. Charlie Sheen, Jon’s co-star. Additionally, he insisted that they stop filming in front of live viewers.

Vicki Greene, Trigger’s attorney, on the other hand, claimed that Sarah didn’t threaten any of her ex-husband. Vicki said, “Those are debunked claims, and she has proof that Mr. Sanchez has already retracted those claims to her.”

Relationship between Cryer Father’s Second Wife Lisa Joyner

Dad of Charlie Austin Cryer is currently wed to Lisa Joyner, an entertainment reporter. On June 16, 2007, the two were legally recognized as husband and wife in Mexico.

Picture: Charlie Austin Cryer’s father is holding Daisy, their daughter. Internet Worth Q

The married couple revealed their intention to adopt a girl on September 29, 2009. They soon welcomed a lovely kid, a daughter named Daisy, who was born on August 11, 2009. They are currently parenting their child.

What is the Net Worth of Charlie?

Charlie Austin Cryer has a privileged lifestyle thanks to his parents’ money. So, as of 2019, his father still has a respectable net worth of $65 million. In a similar vein, he receives a $620,000 yearly pay as a Two and a Half Men cast member.

Picture: The father of Charlie Austin Cryer recently purchased a Tesla Model 3.
Source: @jon cryer officer on Instagram

Additionally, Charlie’s dad bought a Tesla Model 3, a brand-new automobile. On April 12, 2019, he is shown standing next to his car with a friend in one of his Instagram posts. The price of this model currently ranges from $35,000 to $124,000 due to previous tax breaks for electric vehicles.

The father of the famous youngster purchased a home in Los Angeles, California. His house, which has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,556 square feet, is priced at about $1.6 million.

$8000 in Alimony for Divorce Recovered by Sarah After Sarah hurt their infant, Jon Cryer’s father thought the scenario was a little too harsh. Consequently, he made the choice to care for his son.

He was granted responsibility for the child’s welfare in the previous court’s appeal and made his ex-spouse pay child support of $8,000 per month.

In essence, Trigger stated that she wanted her kid to enjoy trampolines at his birthday celebration with his classmates, just like any other wealthy Charlie’s peers. In her court pleadings, she also expressed a wish for Charlie to take luxurious holidays to Thailand and Europe. She therefore grew confident that his father is able to care for their child.

Additionally, Jon sent Trigger’s petition for child support legal documentation. He presented his income declaration in court, including his costs for entertainment ($7,700), transportation ($3,800), groceries ($1,000), childcare ($3,300), and tuition ($4,000).