Chris Paul II

Quick Facts

Birth Date May 23,2009
Full Name Christopher Paul II
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Chris Paul
Father Profession Basketball Player
Mother Name Jada Crawley
Mother Profession Philanthropist, social worker
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Gemini
Sibilings Camryn Alexis Paul
Insta Link Insta Link

With an Instagram account at his name, Chris Paul II has achieved fame quite earlier than the rest of the celebrity kids. He is the son of NBA player Chris Paul who has embraced two Olympic gold medals and is NBA All-Starr Game’s Most Valuable Player.

Christopher Emmanuel Paul II was born on May 23, 2009, to Chris and his wife Jada Crawley. But he is not the only kid in the family. Chris junior has a younger sister Camryn Alexis Paul born on August 16, 2012.

Popularity And Personal Life Of Chris Paul II

Chris Paul has started playing sports and is a member of the varsity basketball squad at his school. Christina Schwarzenegger, a junior, achieved notoriety for the same reasons that Chris did.

Looking through his Instagram, Chris junior appears to have developed a strong friendship with his classmates. Additionally, he frequently goes to sporting events with his closest buddies. Chris has what it takes to be famous and well-liked, unlike the majority of young schoolboys his age. Chris enjoys spending time with his pet animals in addition to going to sporting events with his father. He is still a teenager, and there has been no indication of his romantic status to date.

Was Chris Born Before the marriage of his parents?

At the Wake Forest University basketball tournament, Chris’ parents first got to know one another. They were said to have a 2003 formal birthdate. The couple has been by one other’s side ever since. When they received Chris junior as their first child in 2009, their joy knew no bounds.

Chris Paul II with his parents and sister Camryn are shown in the picture.
Houston Chronicle, as a source

Chris Junior’s parents made the decision to get married after he became two years old. They wed on September 10, 2011, in a secret ceremony. Family and close friends of the couple were present to see the marriage take place. Jada gave birth to Camryn, their second daughter, just a year later.

Chris’s Luxurious Living

Chris presumably had a privileged upbringing as the son of the highest-paid NBA player. His father has a large $120 million net worth. It’s well known that Chris’s father earns $24 million annually. Chris Junior and his sister Camryn consequently lead opulent lives.

Chris Paul II grew up in the Bel Air house owned by his parents.
Paul Argeta as the source

Chris once shared a home in Bel Air with his parents that his father had acquired from Canadian pop artist Avril Lavigne in 2012 for $8.495 million. The house featured a pool and a sizable lawn space all around it. Furthermore, it was surrounded by lush shrubbery for privacy. The home was sold by Chris’s parents in 2017 for $8.7 million.

Check out some of Chris Paul II’s funniest interactions with his father:

A Mediterranean mansion in Houston was purchased by Chris and Jada for $6.9 million a year later. The 10,000 square foot home is constructed with clay roof tiles imported from France. It has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and it is situated next to the pool with a limestone edge.

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There are individual terraces in each bedroom. The opulent home also features a theater, study, game area, and library. Sulayman Chapelle, another famous child, too has an opulent life similar to Chris junior.

Picture: The Staples Center crowd is shown in mural paints in Chris junior’s bedroom.
the L Star Murals website

The NBA player just put his Houston home on the market for an astounding $8.3 million. The couple takes particular care to decorate the bedrooms of their children.

Camryn the child may have a nice bedroom on her own, but Chris the younger has more. His bedroom has a mural artwork on one wall that shows people in the Staples Center.